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Plate Presentation. Is it Important?? WHY? Eating with your eyes Appearance Freshness.

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1 Plate Presentation

2 Is it Important??

3 WHY? Eating with your eyes Appearance Freshness

4 What to look for? S hape C olor H eight I tems F lavor T exture

5 S.C.H.I.F.T.  Shape: Different shapes shows various knife skillsand keep your guest wondering how it ismade. Color: Color gives your plate a sense offreshness. It also indicates that you cancontrol changes through heat (cookingtechniques). Height: Incorporate the natural shape of food toprovide varied, but not extreme, heights.This enhances the flow of food on theplate. Height creates a focal point onthe plate.

6 S.C.H.I.F.T.(cont.)  Items: Choose food items based onpracticality, portion size, number of otheritems on the plate. Flavor: This is the single most important factor. Use only fresh, compatible flavors, toenhance your presentation naturally. Texture: To achieve a variety of textures, varyyour cooking methods and applydifferent cuts to your vegetables tocreate variation.

7 Functional Garnishes Use functional garnishes that make sense. Add texture or taste to the food Serves a purpose, such as to add crispness for a contrasting texture. Harmonizes yet doesn’t distract from the focal point of plate.

8 Functional versus Non Functional

9 serviceability

10 Harmony  The ease with which guests can serve themselves from the plate or the platter.  The layout on the plate should work as a cohesive unit. They should be unity among all the food being served.  They should be harmony of ingredients and items on the plate.

11 Focal point  Contemporary approach to plating features the main item as the focal point, in the center, with the other items underneath or around it or scattered on the plate.  Do not overcrowded the plate, empty space will reinforce the focal point.

12 Conclusion  Good food, whether hot or cold, is a combination of fresh ingredients prepared in the proper way with simple layers of harmonizing flavors.  Solid understanding of how to build flavor profile in order to present them with style is a must.  Two great words from Master Chef Edward G. Leonard regarding plate presentation: SIMPLE AND ELEGANT

13 Who Said:  “It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate- You know someone’s fingers have been all over it!”

14 Julia Child !!!!

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