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Aroma and Flavor Food Chemistry. Who studies Flavor Chemistry?

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1 Aroma and Flavor Food Chemistry

2 Who studies Flavor Chemistry?

3 Chemistry of Aroma Chemicals that are smelly….do you know the synonym? What can you tell me about the intermolecular forces and the vapor pressure of a chemical that has aroma? VAPOR FOOD

4 Alton Brown and Aroma Receptors Click Me!

5 Taste and Smell are Linked 80-90% of the flavor of a food comes from its smell. LOOook at the article on smell and taste…what kinds of chemicals make up the ingredients in the strawberry milkshake?

6 Esters Some esters are added to food to make them smell better Made via organic esterification process. We are about to make Oil of Wintergreen using salicylic acid and methanol

7 Methyl salicylate Synthesis Mix 1 mL of methanol and 1 drop of sulfuric acid Put on hotplate set to low (about 90- 95 degrees) Quickly stir in 0.5 g of salicylic acid. Pour into about 25 mL of water and sniff carefully.

8 15 point lab report… Write an equation the esterification of methyl salicylate (5 points) This reaction eventually comes to equilibrium. Write the equilibrium expression for the equation. (5 points) Successfully made the ester(5 points)

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