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“Be Sugar Savvy” Part of the Re-Think Your Drink Campaign.

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1 “Be Sugar Savvy” Part of the Re-Think Your Drink Campaign

2 Northcoast Nutrition and Fitness Collaborative (NNFC) is a community-based collaborative providing leadership and coordination in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, and food assistance. Vision = All people in the Northcoast region value and practice healthy lifestyles.

3 Re-Think Your Drink (RYD) Campaign Campaign Goals: –Increase awareness of added sweeteners in drinks –Decrease consumption of sweetened drinks –Increase consumption of healthy drink options: Water Non-fat and low-fat milk 100% Fruit Juice, in limited amounts

4 How much sugar does the average American eat in a year?

5 Almost 100 pounds of sugar a year = a quarter of a pound a day! Quarter of a pound = 28 teaspoons or about 28 cubes of sugar

6 What’s So Bad About Sugar in Drinks?

7 Increased risk for being overweight and obese Adults who drink one sugar sweetened drink per day are at a 27% greater risk for being overweight or obese than someone who doesn’t drink colas or sodas!



10 Drink Trends in the US

11 1999 Daily Calories increase with amount of soda consumed CSFII 1994 Harnack L., 1999 Soda consumption

12 Adding one regular 20-ounce cola a day to your diet every day for a year could lead to a weight gain of 25 extra pounds! To burn off one 20-ounce cola with 240 calories, you would need to walk for 1 hour all because of the empty calories from the added sugar.

13 Rampant Decay

14 Facts About Tooth Decay Caries, also known as cavities or tooth decay, is one of the most common illnesses known to humans. Dental carries is an infectious disease that takes hold by 24-26 months of age. Without fermentable sugars in your diet, you would never get a single cavity!

15 Germs + Carbohydrates = Acid + =

16 Acid + Tooth = Decay + = HELP! I’M MELTING!

17 Strptococcus Mutans Streptococcus mutans- One of the few microorganisms with specific receptors allowing it to adhere to tooth structure and cause dental caries, or dental decay S. mutans metabolizes (eats) sucrose, fructose, glucose and lactose and turns them into lactic acid S. mutans also uses sugar (sucrose) to form a sticky substance called plaque

18 Bad Habits = Bad Teeth Almost everyone who has a lot of cavities has a bad habit that soaks the teeth in sugar many times during the day Drinking your sugar is worse for your teeth than eating your sugar due to the length of time the sugar is on the tooth surface

19 The Power of Advertising



22 Is it really possible that people eat this much sugar? Where is all this sugar coming from? What is the source of all this sugar? Added sugar to drinks and food Soda and sweetened beverages

23 How much sugar is in this drink? About 17 teaspoons of sugar!

24 Start by Reading the Label In one 20-ounce cola drink, there are 65 grams of sugar. Grams of sugar. It’s a bit confusing…..

25 Simple Calculation 4 grams of sugar =one teaspoon 65 grams ÷ 4 = 17 teaspoons

26 What if I don’t drink soda every day? Soda is not the only place we find an abundance of sugar in our diets. Eating large amounts of sugar has become way too easy. Most processed or packaged foods contain some added sugar, and many contain a shocking amount.

27 A Day in the Life… 1 Yoplait Yogurt (99% fat free) = 8 teaspoons 1 Grande Mocha Frappuccino = 12 teaspoons ____________________________________ 20 teaspoons 8 teaspoons left until we reach a quarter pound of sugar!

28 1 Yoplait Yogurt (99% fat free) = 8 teaspoons 1 Grande Mocha Frappuccino = 12 teaspoons ____________________________________________ Breakfast TotalTotal: 20 teaspoons Newman’s Own Low-fat Sesame Ginger Dressing (packet) = 3 teaspoons Vitamin Water = 8 teaspoons ____________________________________________ Lunch TotalTotal: 31 teaspoons of sugar! I just ate more than a quarter pound of sugar! What will happen during dinner or desert!?

29 To have a healthy diet, what can we do instead? #1: Know how to FIND the added sugar in foods and beverages, so we can LIMIT it. some common words for sugar in the Ingredients list: Barley malt High fructose corn syrup Brown sugar Honey Cane juice Maltodextrin Corn syrup Maple syrup Dextrose Molasses Fructose Powdered sugar Glucose Raw Sugar Sucrose

30 Show Me the Sugar INGREDIENTS: Oat bran, rice, corn syrup, sugar, fructose, whole grain rolled oats, dextrose, oat and fruit clusters (toasted oats [rolled oats, sugar, soybean oil, honey, [molasses] sugar, rolled oats, strawberry flavored apples, corn syrup, brown sugar, natural and artificial flavors), high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil, contains 2% or less of potassium chloride, brown sugar, sorbitol, glycerin, malt flavoring, naturLLand artificial flavor, salt, soy, lecithin, niacinamide, nonfat dry milk, whole wheat flour, BHT, vitamin A, B6, rivin, thiamin mononitrate, folic acid, vitamin B12. How many different forms of sugar are in this one product?

31 How many different forms of sugar are in this one product? 12

32 How can we lead a healthier, low-sugar lifestyle? Limit added sugar. It is best to eat fresh, whole foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, and stay away from processed and packaged foods. Drink water instead of sugary drinks. Add a slice of orange, lemon, or cucumber for zero calories and lots of flavor. Get regular physical activity every day — 30 to 60 minutes is best.

33 More Tips: Other healthy drink options are non-fat milk, unsweetened iced tea and 100% fruit juice in limited amounts — not more than half a cup a day. Diet soda doesn ’ t contain the added sugar, but is still not a healthy drink alternative.

34 One small change makes a difference! If the only change you make is drinking one less 20-ounce cola per day for a year, it ’ s possible to lose up to 25 pounds! Save Money!!!

35 Be Sugar Savvy Know how to find it Know how to limit it Know how to replace it with healthy options

36 To find out more about the Re-Think Your Drink Campaign, Please Contact: Network for a Healthy California—Northcoast Region 1101 College Avenue Suite 215 Santa Rosa, California 95404 Telephone: (707) 543-5810

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