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IdeaTransfer Alan Boal Terry White

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1 IdeaTransfer Alan Boal Terry White

2 2 Business Longevity Works for our clients because we bring them our passion for business and personal growth by applying the five essentials of business longevity. For over thirty years IdeaTransfer has helped clients achieve immediate growth, continuous innovation, and successful ownership transitions—to the advantage of their founders, successors, acquirers, employees, clients and the American economy. Let’s explore how Business Longevity Works for successful people like you.

3 3 Our first IdeaTransfer client said… “Your 10 th Dot Perspective challenged me to get outside the box. You heard my good ideas and best intentions, and turned them into something people want to say yes to.” Our process does more than connect all nine dots. Our core competence is 10 th Dot Perspective – how well we scan, focus and execute on projects together. How can you earn more, keep more and give more back? With IdeaTransfer’s 10 th Dot Perspective and The Five Essentials, Business Longevity Works.

4 4 Story Traction Structure Time Legacy Idea Transfer © 2011 Terry White Alan Boal

5 Story Project Scan – Do your customers and employees appreciate the vision and values that started the firm? Focus – To capture your beliefs and standards to unleash the power of your founder’s Story. Execute – Together we will create a compelling narrative to drive your culture, brand, website, brochures, social media and referrals. 5

6 Traction Project Scan –Are your breakthrough ideas breaking down? What’s the next innovation your business needs? Focus – To control spinning wheels in your idea flow and growth process with more Traction. Execute – Together we will build a track to run on and keep you on track to improve adoption rates, productivity, profits and relationships. 6

7 Structure Project Scan – Do you have the right people in the right roles? And the right tools, rules and resources? Focus – To create harmony among Finders, Minders, Grinders and Binders in your Structure. Execute – Together we will improve the alignment between people, jobs, technology, management, and governance to stay responsive to change. 7

8 Time Project Scan – Are you creating enough time for growth, innovation and successful business transitions? Focus – To invest your Time for the highest return on your people, knowledge and reputation. Execute – For Gutenberg founders and Googleberg successors, we will leverage their time horizons to balance their work, successes and legacies. 8

9 Legacy Project Scan – Do your legacy goals fulfill what matters most to you, your partners, successors and family? Focus – To explore all scenarios and then create an effective Legacy plan and an efficient exit. Execute – Together we will map your journey from “founder to ambassador” to transfer the value of your firm to everyone’s advantage. 9

10 10 Ask yourself: Where do I need to start?... Story Traction Structure Time Legacy Call us or check us out at and let’s start a great Alan Boal 949.291.7688 Terry White 714.614.6838

11 Philosophy When you grow as a person, so does your business. Vision IdeaTransfer is how businesses and people thrive. Mission We unlock and transfer the value of our clients ideas. Strategy The Five Essentials Business Longevity Process 10 th Dot Perspective: Scan – Focus – Execute Deliverables Advice – Solutions – Service – Ideas – Tools – Templates Benefits Immediate Growth – Continuous Innovation – Successful Transitions 11 Alan Boal 949.291.7688 Terry White 714.614.6838 Why IdeaTransfer?

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