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Born in Azerbaijan, in northern Persia, probably in the seventh century BC.

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3 Born in Azerbaijan, in northern Persia, probably in the seventh century BC

4 Wife: Hvovi Children:3 sons 3 daughters

5 He was very curious and wanted to find out about things. He spend a long time outdoors, contemplating nature and the questions of life.

6 Received a vision from Ahura Mazda, the Wise Lord, who appointed him to preach the truth.

7 Ahura means The Lord, and Mazda means Supremely Wise. This was the name by which Zoraster addressed his God.

8 He proclaimed that there is only one God, who is the singular creative and sustaining force of the Universe. Zoraster was the first Prophet who brought a non-dualism religion.


10 1. The face resembles its connection to mankind.

11 2. There are two wings in two sides of the picture, which have three layers. These layers indicate three symbols of “good reflection,” “good words,” and “good deed,” which are at the same time the motive of flight and advancement.

12 3. The lower part consists of three layers, representing “bad reflection,” “bad words,” and “bad deed” which causes misery and misfortune for human beings.

13 There are two loops, which represent “Sepanta Minu,”(positive force) and “Ankareh Minu.”(negative force) The former is directed toward the face and the latter is located at the back. This indicates that we have to proceed toward the good and turn away from bad.

14 . 5. There is a circle in the middle of the Faravahar's trunk. This symbol indicates that our spirit is immortal, having neither a beginning, nor an end

15 6. One hand of the Faravahar, points upwards, showing that we have to struggle to thrive.

16 7. The other hand holds a ring. It is considered as the ring of covenant, representing loyalty and faithfulness which is the basis of Zorastra's philosophy.

17 Everybody should try to promote his/her Sepanta Minu (positive force) and overcome his/her Ankareh Minu (negative force).

18 As a result of such a spiritual struggle toward goodness and avoiding evil, everybody will be able to thrive in all the walks of his/her life.

19 Convinced that all events of the world are based on cause and effects. He has, therefore, based his teachings on three principles: good reflection, good word, and good deed.

20 Human beings are based on action and reaction.

21 In this regard, if a person robs another one, he should not be surprised when some day he will be robbed as well.

22 Purpose in Life To be among those who renew the world… to make the world progress towards perfection.

23 Happiness is for those who work for the happiness of others. “service to mankind is service to god” Copyrights-Dinesh Parakash,

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