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Words for Production 1. predict [ prI`dIkt ] vt. to say that something will happen before it happens 預測 Scientists still cannot predict when earthquakes.

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3 Words for Production 1. predict [ prI`dIkt ] vt. to say that something will happen before it happens 預測 Scientists still cannot predict when earthquakes will happen. Would you like to know more...

4 prediction [ prI`dIkS1n ] n. [C][U] 預言 The prediction she made about the accident has come true.

5 predictable [ prI`dIkt1bL ] adj. 可預測的 It is predictable that the cost of living in Taiwan will continue to rise.

6 Words for Production 2. dominant [ `dAm1n1nt ] adj. the most important 最重要的,主要的 English is the dominant language in world trade. Would you like to know more...

7 dominate [ `dAm1&net ] vt.; vi. 處於最重要的地位;支配 Sports seem to dominate learning in that school. His desire to dominate has caused trouble in his office.

8 Words for Production 3. replace [ rI`ples ] vt. to take the place of 取代 Robots are replacing human workers in some dangerous jobs.

9 Words for Production 4. remain [ rI`men ] vi. to continue to be in an unchanged state 保持,仍是 After the storm, the old tree in front of our house remained standing.

10 Words for Production 5. steadily [ `stEdIlI ] adv. in a continuous and gradual way 持續 地,穩定地 The doctor asked his patient to relax as much as possible and keep breathing steadily. Would you like to know more...

11 steady [ `stEdI ] adj. 持續的,穩定的 With the teacher’s help, there has been steady improvement in Judy’s schoolwork.

12 Words for Production 6. worldwide [ `w3ld`waId ] adv. in or over all the world 全世界地 Interest in learning Mandarin has spread worldwide. Would you like to know more...

13 worldwide [ `w3ld`waId ] adj. 世界性的 Environmental pollution is a worldwide problem.

14 Words for Production 7. elsewhere [ `Els&hwEr ] adv. in or to another place; somewhere else 在別處,向別處 Our favorite restaurant was full, so we had to go elsewhere.

15 Words for Production 8. thrive [ TraIv ] vi. to develop well or be healthy; to be successful 興盛;茁壯 Her business thrived mainly because she had good connections.

16 Words for Production 9. regional [ `ridZ1nL ] adj. of a particular area of a country or the world 地區的 The man spoke with a regional accent; that’s why I knew he was not a native. Would you like to know more...

17 region [ `ridZ1n ] n. 地區 Different regions of the country have their own customs and characteristics.

18 Words for Production 10. factor [ `f8kt2 ] n. one of several things that influence or cause a situation 因素 His good attitude is an important factor in his rapid success.

19 Words for Production 11. trade [ tred ] n. the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods 貿易 Taiwan has a lot of trade with countries all over the world. Would you like to know more...

20 trade [ tred ] vi.; vt. 做買賣;交換 We never trade with that company because they are not honest. The little boy traded his toy for candy with his classmate.

21 Words for Production 12. international [ &Int2`n8S1nL ] adj. relating to more than one nation 國際 的 English is an international language, and it will play a key role in the world in the future.

22 Words for Production 13. isolate [ `aIsL&et ] vt. to keep apart or separate from others 孤立,隔絕 Some villages in the mountains were isolated by the snowstorm. Would you like to know more...

23 isolated [ `aIsL&etId ] adj. 孤立的,隔絕的 The man had led an isolated life for thirty years.

24 isolation [ &aIs1`leS1n ] n. 孤立,隔絕 After many years’ isolation from the outside world, the man completely forgot how to communicate with others.

25 Words for Production 14. prosper [ `prAsp2 ] vi. to become successful, especially financially ( 指經濟上的 ) 繁榮,成功 The fishing village began to prosper when people came to watch the whales nearby. Would you like to know more...

26 prosperity [ prAs`pEr1tI ] n. [U] 繁榮,成功 The new university has brought prosperity to this small town.

27 prosperous [ `prAsp1r1s ] adj. 繁榮的,成功的 It’s hard to believe that hunger is still a serious problem in this prosperous country.

28 Words for Production 15. essential [ 1`sEnS1l ] adj. necessary and important 必要且極為 重要的,不可或缺的 Water is essential to the growth of crops.

29 Words for Production 16. failure [ `felj2 ] n. [U] lack of success 失敗 All his plans ended in failure, but he was never disappointed. Instead, he tried again. Would you like to know more...

30 fail [ fel ] vi. 失敗 He had failed several times, but he never gave up.

31 Words for Production 17. simply [ `sImplI ] adv. really; completely 簡直,完全地 ( 用 以強調否定 ) Don’t believe him. What he said simply isn’t true.

32 Words for Production 18. media [ `midI1 ] n. pl. the means of mass communication such as television, radio, and newspapers 傳播媒體 The media provide information, amuse people, and teach them.

33 Words for Production 19. benefit [ `bEn1fIt ] n. [C][U] (an) advantage 利益,好處 For the benefit of those people who arrived late, I’ll just go over the plan again. Would you like to know more...

34 benefit [ `bEn1fIt ] vi.; vt. 受益於... ;嘉惠 School children will benefit from the educational reform. The new hospital will benefit the whole community.

35 Words for Production 20. struggle [ `str^GL ] vi. to try to overcome difficulty; to make great effort 奮鬥,努力 The doctor struggled to keep his patient alive. Would you like to know more...

36 struggle [ `str^GL ] n. [C] 奮鬥,努力 The people of this island will continue their struggle for independence.

37 Words for Production 21. foundation [ fa5n`deS1n ] n. [C][U] that on which a belief, custom, or way of life, etc., is based; the act of starting some kind of organization, or starting the building or planning something large 基礎;建立,創辦 PS. The example sentences are on the next page.

38 Words for Production 21. foundation A good education gives a person a good foundation for life. Since its foundation in 1860, the library has served the community. Would you like to know more...

39 found [ fa5nd ] vt. 以... 基礎;建立,創辦 The story of the movie is founded upon fact. It’s quite realistic. The Republic of China was founded on the 10 th of October in 1911.

40 Words for Production 22. trust [ tr^st ] n. [U] firm belief that one can rely on someone else 信任 It took the teacher a long time to gain the children’s trust. Would you like to know more...

41 trust [ tr^st ] vt. 信任 Trust me, and I’ll take care of everything.

42 Words for Production 23. faraway [ `fAr1`we ] adj. distant 遙遠的 These travelers have just returned from faraway places with wonderful stories to tell.

43 Words for Production 24. option [ `ApS1n ] n. [C] something chosen or offered for choice ( 供 ) 選擇的事物 The students have two options: give an oral report or take a written test. Would you like to know more...

44 optional [ `ApS1nL ] adj. 可選擇的,非強制性的 Learning to use a computer is hard for young kids, and therefore it should remain optional.

45 Words for Production 25. enrich [ In`rItS ] vt. to improve the quality of something by adding something else to it 使豐富 Traveling around the world can enrich one’s life.

46 Words for Production 26. aboriginal [ &8b1`rIdZ1nL ] adj. relating to the people of a group, tribe, etc., that have lived in a place from the earliest times 原住民的 We should cherish the aboriginal cultures of Taiwan, or someday they may die out. Would you like to know more...

47 aborigine [ &8b1`rIdZ1ni ] n. [C] 原住民 Many aborigines in Taiwan are talented singers and dancers.

48 Words for Production 27. disease [ dI`ziz ] n. [U][C] (an) illness 疾病 My grandpa died of heart disease at the age of 80.

49 Words for Production 28. valuable [ `v8lj1bL ] adj. very useful and helpful 珍貴的,有用 的 The experience of elders is usually valuable to the young. Would you like to know more...

50 value [ `v8lj5 ] vt.; n. [U] 重視;價值 The father valued his children’s ideas. That’s why they all respected him. His research was of great value to doctors working with this disease.

51 Words for Production 29. wisdom [ `wIzd1m ] n. [U] knowledge gained through learning or experience 智慧 The old man showed wisdom in his decision. Would you like to know more...

52 wise [ waIz ] adj. 聰明的,明智的 It seems that it is going to rain. I think it would be wise of you to take an umbrella when you go out.

53 1. Mandarin [ `m8nd1rIn ] n. [U] the official standard spoken language of China 標準中國話 Words for Recognition

54 2. Swahili [ swA`hilI ] n. [U] the language spoken in eastern and central Africa, and used as a lingua franca 史瓦希里語 ( 東部、中部非洲的 共同語言 ) Words for Recognition

55 3. South America [ sa5T 1`mEr1k1 ] n. [U] the fourth-largest of the continents, linked to North America, lying between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans 南美洲 Words for Recognition

56 4. Hindi [ `hIndI ] n. [U] one of the official languages of India, spoken especially in north India 印地 語 ( 印度北部的語言,為印度共和國官 方語言之一 ) Words for Recognition

57 1. express oneself to speak or write what one thinks or feels 表達自己的思想或心情 My English is still not good enough to express myself clearly. Idioms and Phrases

58 2. right now at this moment; at the present time; exactly now 現在 We will be late for school; we must leave right now. Idioms and Phrases

59 3. be to blame to be responsible for something bad 是... 的原因,該受責備的 The police are trying to find out which driver is to blame for the accident. Idioms and Phrases

60 4. such as like 諸如... ,像 … Young kids love fast food such as hamburgers and French fries. Idioms and Phrases

61 5. when it comes to (doing) something when talking about 談起 … When it comes to (writing) humorous stories, I think Mark Twain was an expert. Idioms and Phrases

62 6. common ground the same idea 共識,共同看法 We couldn’t find any common ground in our discussion. Idioms and Phrases

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