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Happy Tuesday!. Objectives Create and revise our thesis statements.

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1 Happy Tuesday!

2 Objectives Create and revise our thesis statements

3 The question. Is Cultural Relativism the correct philosophy to guide the interactions among individuals and cultures? Either defend that philosophy or define and defend a philosophy of your own. What are the universal truths?

4 Model/possible response ProCon - Encourages us to be open- minded: focus on difference, not judgment - Denies that there are actually some universal morals: some things really are right/wrong Note: this is ONE possible response. You might also choose to focus on other problems with CR, or you might choose to completely support the theory.

5 A model Cultural relativism is a theory that argues that if we are open- minded about cultural differences and strive to fully understand other cultures, we will not judge other cultures and instead, only see differences. While this is admirable in theory, cultural relativism is flawed because it fails to acknowledge that in order for a society to thrive, its citizens need to have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 1. In your own words, what is this author’s argument? 2. What do you notice about the structure of this thesis?

6 A model Sentence Frame (optional!): Cultural Relativism is a theory asserting that ___________________. Although/while/even though ________________, _____________ because ____________. Word Bank Valid/invalid FaultyAdmirable Useful TheoreticallyFlawedThrive Successful NecessaryEvidence Opponents/Advocates/Supporters MisleadingOutweigh Entirely/Completely

7 Feedback Does this thesis respond to the theory of CR? Is the thesis clear, or are there words that are still vague?

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