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Generation Flux Secrets to survival and even success in the Digital Age.

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1 Generation Flux Secrets to survival and even success in the Digital Age

2 The irony: The pace of change, driven by the global adoption of social, mobile, & other new technologies, has created… Less visibility than ever in modern history about where we are headed!

3 The New Reality Uncertainty becoming the norm in boardrooms Key questions: Which competitive advantages have staying power? What skills matter most? How can you weigh risk & opportunity when the fundamentals of your business can change overnight?

4 Case Study: Cell Phone Market 5 years ago, 3 cell phone companies controlled 65% of the market; Nokia, RIM, & Motorola The iPhone…a single product…changed everything Today, Apple & Samsung dominate the market Unprecedented disruption in a global, multi-billion dollar market

5 Consider: Disruption of advertising & publishing The collapse of traditional print media Online education are eroding all of our assumptions about higher learning Twitter & social media tools are changing politics Cars are now rolling, talking, multi-media hubs A worlds where impoverished refugees would rather go without food than cell phones Where every form of media (music, TV, movies) are being reconsidered, remade, and threatened every day

6 Make No Mistake. This New Economy is for REAL! Despite global recession, currency crisis, & financial instability…the pace of disruption is roaring ahead A new approach will be required So who will thrive & prosper?

7 Generation Flux YOU! The first true digital generation (homo digi-sapien) The keys? A mind-set that embraces instability Tolerates (enjoys) the regular recalibration of careers Expects business models and assumptions to change constantly

8 New Principles to Thrive You don’t know what you don’t know Be Not Afraid Nuke Nostalgia There are no perfect role models

9 Lessons of Flux Institutions are increasingly out of date Long careers are dead The quest for business rules is dead Don’t count on established business models or a corporate ladder to point the way Silos between industries are breaking down

10 Industrial revolution gave way to global war, economic & political upheaval, “ism’s”, and cultural anxiety Not all change will be good; optimists will react one way & pessimists another “It’s not the strongest species that survives, or even the most intelligent. It is always the one adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

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