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Dan Saunders Holistic Nutrition Workshop Attendees.

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1 Dan Saunders Holistic Nutrition Workshop Attendees

2 Fundamentals of Dieting Metabolic Typing Mistaken Foods and Nutrients Dangers in Food Supplementation

3 Food should be as NATURAL as possible! Our body is not manmade, so how would manmade food support it properly?

4 Natural foods include plant foods Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, etc And animal products Meat, eggs, dairy, etc When these natural foods are chemically altered and heavily processed they become less and less natural and more synthetic

5 General Signs of Synthetic Foods: Usually found in the center isles super markets and not in temperature controlled storage Last months before going bad Long list of ingredients on package Ingredients that are near impossible to pronounce High in sugar or salt

6 Diets should consist mostly of meat and vegetables Vegetables contain many nutrients that meats do not and meats contain many nutrients that vegetables do not The combination of the two provides a very well balanced diet Foundation of the human diet

7 Fruits are a great source of antioxidants but are also high in sugar In contrast to vegetables fruits should be limited Grains, nuts, and legumes are healthy if prepared properly most bread found in supermarkets are not Dairy in it’s raw state is full of nutrients Most of that is depleted when pasteurized Fermented foods provide healthy bacteria which support digestive and immune system processes Fermented (sourdough) bread breaks down the gluten and other anti-nutrientssourdough Other Foods

8 No person is exactly the same as another We all need different levels of nutrients and we all function better on different foods Metabolic typing determines whether people function better on low carb diets or higher carb diets 3 main metabolic types 1. Very low carbs (Atkins diet) 2. Higher carb intake (Majority of diet consists of plant foods) 3. Mixture of both (around 150 grams of carbs per day)

9 Saturated Fat Great source of energy Needed for cell membranes Assists hormone production Resistant to heat and oxidation Faulty research from the 1950’s gave saturated fat its bad name Current research has defied those studies

10 Full of anti-nutrients (lectins, gluten, phytates) Decreased mineral absorption Digestive stress Additional health problems for those with low gluten tolerance Tip: Buy Sprouted or sourdough bread where many of the anti-nutrients are broken down Wheat

11 Cholesterol Cholesterol in the diet is not actually related to cholesterol in the blood stream It is needed for important body functions such as insulating neurons and metabolizing fat soluble vitamins

12 Needed for proper digestion in the stomach Supports hydration Makes vegetables more enjoyable Tip: Use unrefined salt rather than conventional, white powder table salt Salt

13 Foods can have all sorts of dangerous substances in them Some are naturally occurring Free radicals Others are synthesized materials, usually used to increase shelf life or to save money Chemicals Drugs Food can also be genetically altered in a lab, popularly known as GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

14 Free Radicals -these are dangerous food chemicals and there are many Trans fats - Hydrogen is added to unsaturated fats Found in most snack foods Oxidized Oils – oxygen changes the form of fats of they are subject to heat, light, and air. Polyunsaturated fats are most easily oxidized because of their numerous double bonds

15 Free Radicals Acrylamides – created by heating carbs at very high temperatures Examples: potato chips, factory made cookies, pie crust Heterocyclic Amines – created by overcooking meat Well done steak vs. Rare

16 It is most important to have a well balanced diet, full of natural foods, and devoid of harmful chemicals, but for optimum health, supplementation is absolutely necessary.

17 Multivitamin/mineral supplement Gives you what you may have missed from your diet Today’s soil is not as abundant in minerals as it used to be so we need the minerals that a good supplement will provide

18 Fish Oil Omega 3 fatty acids Not found in most foods Make sure it is purified to reduce mercury levels

19 Protein Depending on how much exercise a high quality protein supplement could be beneficial, especially if there is not enough animal products in the diet The harder muscles are worked, the more protein they will need

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