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Have fun exploring your favorite places in the winter too. Don’t let summer have all the fun! Enjoy the benefits of visiting out of season. Test your.

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2 Have fun exploring your favorite places in the winter too. Don’t let summer have all the fun! Enjoy the benefits of visiting out of season. Test your technical knowledge and ability. And finally, simply because it is beautiful and fun!


4 Winter camping IS different and the right gear makes all of the difference! Clothing Shelter Food Sleeping Special Equipment What might be surprising is how much you may already own!


6 Summer Weight vs. Winter Weight Winter backpacks do weigh more than summer packs. Just as in the summer – weight is important – because YOU carry it!

7 1. Base layer – “Hiker’s Choice” wool, synthetic, silk Long johns, capilene, long underwear, skivvies… *whatever keeps you happy and warm! 2. Mid layer - “Soft and Cozy” Fleece, soft jacket, heavier shirt Fleece pants, hiking pants…. 3. Outer Layer – “Protection from the Elements” **Marmot PreCip !!! Full zip pants $50 - 99

8 sunglasses sunscreen Layering vest Poles Fleece pants Gaitors Winter boots Zip rain/shell pants gloves Microfleece midlayer Backpack and hydration hat

9 Fully Waterproof Winter Boots Solid winter investment Salomon Deemax Dry $139 Outdoor Research Cascadia Gaitor Gloves: Lightweight liner Mid Fleece Heavy Outer Become a balaclava ninja Get a funky new hairstyle. Keep warm with a hat 2 pairs of quality Wool socks

10 * down booties on sale for $20 Mountain Hardwear Down Jacket Phantom - $174 - $250.00 Instead of fleece try the Patagonia down jacket $200


12 * Calories are good! Eat up in the winter. * * Lots of great recipes for DIY and freezer bag cooking. * It takes a lot of calories to keep your body warm. Winter trips make bad times to go on a diet. Fat, calories, carbs… eat all you want and you’ll probably lose weight anyway. Skimp on any of it and you’re likely to have a hard time staying warm no matter how many layers you wear. www.backcountry.comeat * The only water may be snow which will need to be melted and treated.

13 * Liquid Fuel (white gas) work s best in winter. Other stoves may work but not as efficiently. * Plan on 8 ounces of fuel per day per person when you need to boil water from snow. * Think about what to put the stove on – packed snow, shovel blade, rock, stand * Remember it may take longer to boil since it is colder. * Try an MSR whisper lite or multi-fuel stove. $89.99

14 Three Season vs. Four Season Tents already own vs. probably need to buy light weight vs. heavier close/tighten flaps/rainfly vs. can completely seal Not recommended for Everest vs. survive the harshest conditions May have limited vestibule vs. Serious vestibule * Often a three season tent will be ok! * Know the weather conditions in the area you are visiting! * Bring a lightweight shovel to dig or compress a sleeping area.

15 1. Protection from the cold, hard ground: *Full length sleeping pad (thermarest, REI *3/4 length pad plus put your feet on pack *Double up on two light pads Keep your body away from the ground! 2. Sleeping bags * Down works great in dry areas * Look for a bag that is less than 3 pounds * Internet search for ultra lightweight down sleeping bag * I find 0 degrees is good for the winter, but it depends…. * Tip: Put clothes inside your sleeping bag at night. REI trekker $64 2lbs 1 oz Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 2lbs. 6 oz. $454.00 The North Face Superlight 0 Degree Down Bag Long $239.00

16 Don’t Get Lost in the Winter!! Summer trails are typically not visible and lakes may be snowed over…. Which means you can be more creative!

17 * GPS – I think this is useful for non canyon, winter route finding. * Snow shovel Useful for digging a sleeping space Avalanche... Oregon 55t $550 Garmin etrex Venture HC GPS receiver $150.00 Snow Claw Race Backcountry Shovel $19.99 5.75 oz Pieps DSP Avalanche Beacon 7.0 oz $450 Avalanche Airbag

18 * If the snow is too deep to hike in and you posthole (sink in up to knee, thigh) use snowshoes or skis which spread your weight over a larger surface area. Skis are good for gliding. Snowshoes have built in crampons which rock the steep! MSR Lightning Ascent 25 $259.00 MSR Classic Denali $139.00 – able to attach tails to carry a heavier load Pay attention to weight limits on snowshoes to ensure you won’t sink too far in! Cross country skis cost about $200 for skis and boots. I love to ski and will gladly help anyone find gear they like! Check for crampons!

19 Want to save some sleeping bag weight? Go with an under-rated (not warm enough) bag and wear all your layers when you go to bed at night. In addition to saving you several ounces or even pounds, this system also has the added advantage of letting you wake up already dressed in the morning. You’re in your bag and wearing everything you have, but you’re still cold. Boil a bottle of water and put it between your legs against your femoral artery. This warms your blood directly and quickly increases body temperature.bottle Have to go to the bathroom? Don’t hold it. Your body uses a lot of energy to keep all that warm inside you. It’s much better to just get rid of it and use your energy for more important stuff. Bring two pairs of socks on your trip. When you turn in for the night, change into a dry set and put the wet set against your chest under all your layers where they can dry overnight.socks Two pairs of gloves should be considered minimum. Gloves take a long time to dry, and cold hands make you miserable in a hurry.gloves Try a 15 minute walk after dinner to increase circulation and stay warm in the evening

20 Great Basin – Classic Wild Nevada Wilderness and Solitude. * North Rim on the Grand Canyon -rolling hills, aspen, miles of scenery * Yellowstone Classic national park, Less crowds and lots Of beauty! Mt. Charleston – Close to home for day and overnight trips, snowpack all winter. Bryce Canyon – Amazing views! Campgrounds and ski rentals!

21 * President’s Day Weekend February 13 th, 14 th, 15 th -Yellowstone or North Rim anyone? February 27 th and 28 th -Mt. Charleston, Great Basin, North Rim… Look for more details in your email or

22 * Where to Look for Your *Cheap* Gear: * REI Outlet * * Sierra Trading Post * Steep and Cheap * Campsaver * And many, many more....

23 * Backpack * Sleeping Bag * Sleeping Pad * Tent – snow stakes * Stove * Fuel * Pot * Spoon * Food and Snacks * Base Layer * Mid Layer (s) * Down Jacket * Long Sleeve * Rain Pants/Top * *dress to the weather! Headlamp Toilet Paper Bandana Pack Towel Reading Material Camera Map Watch Compass/GPS Knife First Aide/Sunscreen Warm Hats/Gloves Gaitors Water Treatment Water Bottle/extras Waterproof Boots Socks Need something? Try asking on meetup or your organizer!

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