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Original by: Rachel Mano Edited & added by: Holly Hardy.

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1 Original by: Rachel Mano Edited & added by: Holly Hardy

2 Thrive Qualities  No Preservatives  MSG Free  Non GMO Choices  Gluten FREE certified  Organic Options Saves ME Time, Money, Waste And helps me feed my family more Frequent, Healthier meals.


4 No preservatives necessary

5 Trump the Dump

6 Skip the Trip University of Maine Study

7 Prep it Quick

8 Scoop what you Use!

9 THRIVE Q = Week of Groceries! Your Regular Groceries Monthly Q Shipment

10 Stock the Cart Spend $200 in THRIVE and get- 8 ½ lbs. of sausage 18 dozen eggs 36 gallons of milk *2 Flats of Raspberries

11 Start Smart

12 Smart Start $200



15 My Favorites! Thrives Virtual store My Next Delivery

16 Your order today qualifies you for FREE product when you hold your own class! *Smart Start 200 Customers get $60 in Free Product.

17 Build a Business! *Be that go-to person for family or friends, or truly Build a Lifelong Residual Family Business! Fully Stocked Business Kits $199 $289 $579 Q Club membership for FREE Free and Half Off product Monthly Commission Offer best pricing to family/friends Excellent Training *Only 1 Requirement

18 *Chicken Salad (2) *Cornbread (2) *Chipotle Corn Chowder (2) * Fudge Brownies *Sliced Strawberries *Sweet Corn * THRIVE Express pouch: chili lime chicken rice (2) * THRIVE Express pouch: Loaded Scalloped Potatoes (2) * Simply Peach Smoothie (2) * Salsa (2) * Macaroon Cookies (2) * Pineapple Chunks * Mangoes * Strawberry Yogurt Bites * THRIVE Express pouch: Creamy Beef and Noodles (2) * THRIVE Express pouch: Creamy Noodle Soup (2) * Instant Milk * Ground Beef * Shredded Cheddar Cheese * Orchard Apple Drink Mix * 10 Grain Pancake Mix * Banana Slices * Scrambled Egg Mix * Granny Smith Apple Slices *+ an additional 12 Thrive Express Variety pouches (Q party price value: $81.99) Total Value of the FOOD in the Kit: Retail = $475.51 Q Party price = $392.69 Purchasing this kit, YOU SAVE: $186.51 on the FOOD ALONE + You get your consultant membership and lowest pricing guaranteed!!! 26 delicious THRIVE pantry cans + 20 Thrive Express Entrees AND your own THRIVE cookbook, Thrive apron, DVD’s, paperwork PLUS your own Consultant Registration! Now only $289! “Consultant Value Starter Kit”: Now only $289! (Retail value over $475 in food alone!) HomeStore Starter Kit!!

19 GET STARTED TONIGHT! 1. Choose your Budget & Ship Date 2. Schedule your own Home Class! 3. Order your HomeStore Starter Kit & Own your own Business!

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