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SolAustralia – next steps Our vision and opportunity.

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1 solAustralia – next steps Our vision and opportunity

2 The vision for sol Australia: Who are we? A network of individuals and network aspiring to change the world, through interconnectedness and working across boundaries, real and virtual We have a firm belief that sustained high performance arises as a consequence of people paying attention to relationships with others, nature and the world We thrive on working through intractable issues, collaboratively with respect for differences solAustralia creates the spaces for communities to learn and to thrive in their diversity and difference Are you interested in participating in a network, being active and making a difference? Do you want to share your knowledge around change and learning and have others share theirs, too? Then solAustralia is the network for you.

3 What are we about? We cross boundaries, geographic, status, culture, work and theory, to: turn the lens on ourselves for personal transformation create space for conversations that would not otherwise occur encourage mastery of diverse practices to promote organisational and individual learning around a common set of principles Activate organisations and individuals through providing opportunity for people to learn without fear. Try and new different ways of thinking about their practices without fear of ridicule or personal/professional retribution. Our key parameter is that you share, you learn and are working to bring about positive change and sustained high performance whereever you are.

4 Our provocative proposition: Achieving audacious goals requires a sustained commitment to bringing out the best in relationships with people and the world.

5 What do we offer? Our experience in shaping innovative networks to activate change Bold audacious conversations that challenge – society, environment, economy, organisations and individuals Workshops that explore difference perspectives on complex issues, and we give people tools to do this.

6 What is the new solAustralia? The magnetic north is shifting, to move beyond this we need to change on a number of levels Agile Floating or distributed core – going to where there is thriving, playing to its strengths An ensemble of wise navigators, a space for dreaming and dreamers Tous assemble – agent provocateur for social change Circulating leadership A network of pragmatic humanists and a network of networks

7 SOLGlobal vision: A community that connects across country/sectors, professions, genders, religion, ages to collectively learn and share our purpose: to energise for action local and global that can heal our home, our world, create sustained high performance. A place where we can explore the possibilities of what we can bring into being when we come together with our highest intent

8 Guiding principles of solAustralia: Drive to Learn – We are born with an innate, lifelong desire and ability to learn, and we need to leverage this for ourselves and others Learning is Social - People learn best from and with one another, and participation in learning communities is vital to our success, the more diverse the group, the greater the learning. Learning can be learned- Organizations and individuals must develop their respective capabilities to understand complex, interdependent issues; engage in reflective, generative conversation; and nurture personal and shared aspirations. Natural systemic interdependency (all things are linked) –organisations and us must evolve in greater harmony with each other and with the natural world. Sustainable high performance is learned – paying attention to who we are, how we are with each other and the world is the key to sustainable high performance

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