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Doing creative and original research Dr Edgar A. Whitley, ISIG, Department of Management.

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1 Doing creative and original research Dr Edgar A. Whitley, ISIG, Department of Management



4 Why worry about originality?

5 Thesis requirements (LSE) The scope of the thesis will be what might reasonably be expected after three or at most four years of full-time study. The thesis will: – form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality by the discovery of new facts and / or by the exercise of independent critical power;

6 Strategizing for Compelling and Significant Research Industry competitors Intensity of rivalry New entrants BuyersSubstitutesSuppliers

7 Blue ocean versus red ocean strategies Compete in existing marketplace Beat the competition Exploit existing demand Create uncontested marketspace Make the competition irrelevant Capture and create new demand

8 What does it mean to be original in a PhD?

9 Original questions and answers QuestionAnswer

10 QuestionAnswer

11 Question Answer

12 Where does originality come from?

13 Your perspective on a problem Highlights some things over others Based on detailed immersion in the situation – More experience means more focussed perspective – Become socialised into the norms and expectations of the academic community Awareness of anomalies

14 But Perspective might be limiting Consider destabilizing your views

15 How to be creative?

16 Be creative!

17 The best way to get a good idea …

18 … is to get a lot of ideas … Linus Pauling

19 … and throw away the bad ones

20 Some strategies for originality Strive for failure Achieve collaborative inimicability

21 Experimentation Thrive on gradual breakthroughs Practice unskilled learning

22 Practical steps Take advantage of interactions at LSE and beyond Jot down the ideas Write them out Seek positive criticism – Not “This is rubbish because …” but “In what ways might we …”

23 Remember Idea generation and sifting are different tasks Have fallback strategies

24 An example

25 EnCoRe Making giving consent as reliable and easy as turning on a tap and revoking that consent as reliable and easy as turning it off again.

26 Arose from a facilitated, ideas generating ‘sandpit’ workshop “The environment will encourage free and open-minded thinking” – The ability to develop new, adventurous and highly original research ideas – The potential to contribute to research at the interface between disciplines – The ability to work in a team – The ability to explain research to non experts

27 The EnCoRe team – Legal scholars in medical ethics – Secure computing specialists – Defence contractors with expertise in compliance – Research officers from some of the smallest and largest IT firms in the UK – Business and management expertise from LSE

28 References / followups Blue ocean strategy: W Chan Kim and Renee Mauborne, Blue ocean strategy, Harvard Business School Press, 2005 Strategizing for compelling and significant research, Allen S Lee, Editor’s comments, MIS Quarterly, 1999, 23(2) 2/edstat.html 2/edstat.html Ciborra CU (1991) From thinking to tinkering: The grassroots of strategic information systems. ICIS, 283-291.

29 About me

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