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Achieving Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence Program Overview 2008-2010.

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1 Achieving Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence Program Overview 2008-2010

2 2 The Yves Landry Foundation The Foundation was born out of the vision, principles, energy and hopes of the late Yves Landry, Chairman, President and CEO of Chrysler Canada Ltd. Yves Landry’s vision was: The Founder To forge an enlightened partnership between industry and education, train a world-class pool of skilled manufacturing workers, technicians, technologists and engineers, and secure technological advantage in a rapidly changing world.

3 3 The Yves Landry Foundation  Established by leaders in Canada’s manufacturing and business sectors in 1998, to advance technological education and skills training to resolve the skilled labour and technical professional shortages facing Canadian industry.  The Foundation is governed by a board of directors comprised of senior leaders from industry, education and the NGO sectors. The Foundation

4 4 Program Background Disciplined Profitable Growth Ontario Manufacturing The Chaotic Majority The Innovators The Lean and the Masterful Closure Strong C$$ Advanced Technologies Emerging Skill Sets Emerging Opportunities Ontario Manufacturing Survival Strategy Rising Commodity Prices Global Growth Of LCCs Global Liquidity Crisis The key focus of this program is to provide training that would help Ontario’s manufacturers to be more innovative

5 5 Essential Business Plan Purpose An Initiative that will support Ontario’s manufacturer’s efforts to Achieve Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence. This will allow Ontario Manufacturers to achieve disciplined, profitable growth in order to survive and more importantly, thrive.

6 6 Program Objectives Provide funding for the retraining of existing personnel to support major innovation at a manufacturing location in Ontario Objective 1: Develop and enhance skilled employees via funding of training programs in critical areas of innovation critical to the company’s future success Objective 2:

7 7 Objective #1 Retraining for Innovation  Retraining of personnel to support workplace innovation in product, process, or any other area that will support manufacturing growth and development  Training can occur at plant location or at an offsite location  Area of innovation can be internally or externally developed

8 8 Objective #2 Developing Skilled People to Support Innovation  Funding to support training and development of skilled personnel in any area that will enhance innovation within a manufacturing company  Innovation can be in any area that helps the company to be more competitive – product, process, engineering etc.  Training can occur onsite or offsite

9 9 Program Parameters  Funding up to a maximum of $50,000 per company during the program (2008/2010)  Funding covers 100% of direct training costs and up to 50% of indirect costs  Process requires a preliminary application form followed by submission of application proposal  Funding paid at the completion of the training and the satisfactory submission of the required training report  Application process outlined in “Request for Proposal” Document covering the Funding Application Process| (available on YLF website)

10 10 Typical Program Process  Company submits preliminary application concept  Within 8 working days YLF responds with evaluation of concept and provides any suggestions to enhance program approval  Company submits formal application proposal  Within 20 working days YLF responds with program evaluation  Company training initiative is undertaken and completed  Upon completion of the training and submission of summary report, cheque issued to participating company

11 11 Examples of Innovation Initiatives Following are seven examples of innovation initiatives that may meet the requirements of the AIME initiative and may be eligible for financial support:

12 12 Example One:  The company is currently using software in the engineering design and development process and in the Product Development Phase (PDP). The company recognizes, however, that they are not utilizing all of the capabilities of the software or that if the software were graded, additional capabilities would be available.  YLF would support the up-skilling or retraining of employees in order to utilize the new or more advanced software.

13 13 Example Two:  The company is using a material or process that if modified or replaced with a new material or process could result in reduced costs, better product quality or enhanced product features.  YLF can fund the training to better equip company employees to investigate the use of alternative materials or processes or to advance the use of new materials.  Once a new process or material has been established YLF can fund the training of all employees including production staff, quality inspectors and others associated with the product or process to implement the new process in the manufacturing facility.

14 14 Example Three:  The company is implementing new safety procedures of new safety equipment that makes the manufacturing process safer and more robust.  YLF can fund the training for all employees associated with the implementation of the new safety procedures or equipment.

15 15 Example Four:  The company is installing new equipment including manufacturing equipment, test equipment automation or mistake proofing processes that will support the implementation of an innovative new product, to make an existing process more efficient or to provide the company with new products and capabilities to support business growth.  YLF can fund the training associated with all employees that must be retrained to use the new equipment or process.

16 16 Example Five:  The company is developing new packaging materials (dunnage), implementing returnable containers or adapting advanced delivery features such as RFID devices and needs to retrain employees in these new processes.  Training to support this improvement may be eligible.

17 17 Example Six:  The company needs to develop specifically skilled people to support innovation in the company’s products, in the company’s process area or in any other area that will make the manufacturing company more competitive and profitable, in the business environment.  YLF can fund the training associated with the development of such highly qualified personnel.

18 18 Example Seven:  The company is adapting a new innovation in a product or process and needs to retrain employees associated with this new innovation or process.  YLF can fund the training for all employees associated with the implementation of this new innovation as long as it clearly demonstrates that the employee training will improve productivity and/or profitability due to improving or introducing the innovation.

19 19 Program Information For the complete “Request for Proposal Information” documents go to: For further information contact: Yves Landry Foundation 10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 801 Toronto, ON M9B 6H7 Phone: 416-620-5464 Fax: 416-620-9730

20 20 Conclusion  The goal is to achieve real, perceptible and measurable improvement in innovation capabilities within Ontario based manufacturing companies  Establish innovation as an essential cornerstone for success  Establish training as an essential component for successful innovation  Innovative and creative companies can survive and thrive in Ontario

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