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Psychology of Luck Made by: Erika Aidukaitė PSbns1-01 Made by: Erika Aidukaitė PSbns1-01.

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1 Psychology of Luck Made by: Erika Aidukaitė PSbns1-01 Made by: Erika Aidukaitė PSbns1-01

2 Content Introduction The Luck Factor Maximise Chance Opportunities Listening to Lucky Hunches Expect Good Fortune Turn Bad to Good Reasons why people are unlucky Conclusions References

3 Introduction Psychology of luck is very arguable theme nowadays. What luck depends on? It is important to know: –Why some people are called accident-prone and others just lucky guys? –How to create your own luck? Superstitious beliefs – prietarai Accident-prone – traukiantis nelaimes

4 The Luck Factor The four principles to become lucky: –Maximise Chance Opportunities –Listening to Lucky Hunches –Expect Good Fortune –Turn Bad Luck to Good Hunch – nuojauta, įtarimas Richard Wiseman

5 Maximise Chance Opportunities Wiseman’s experiment with people who call themselves lucky and unlucky. Lucky people score higher on the personality factor of extraversion and in openness. Lucky people score lower in neuroticism. Lucky people keep in touch with large groups of friends and acquaintances. acquaintances - pažįstami

6 Listening to Lucky Hunches Effective decisions by listening to intuition and gut feelings. Take steps to boost your intuitive abilities: –Meditate –Clear mind from other thoughts Gut feelings – instinktai Boost – paskatinti

7 Expect Good Fortune Lucky people are certain that the future is going to be full of fortune. Self-fullfilling prophecies by helping lucky people persist in the face of failure. prophecies - pranašystės

8 Turn Bad Luck to Good “Counter-factual” – ability to imagine what might have happened, rather than what actually did happen. Take control of situation. Lucky people employ various psychological techniques to cope with, and often even thrive upon, the ill fortune that comes their way. Thrive upon - apsidžiaugti

9 Reasons why people are unlucky Some personality traits depend on the month of birth. Lack of self-esteem. Superstitious beliefs. Focusing on one subject. Self-esteem – pasitikėjimas savimi Personality traits – asmenybės bruožai Superstitious beliefs - prietarai

10 Conclusions Everyone can create his/her own luck. A person chooses his/her path of life. There are no superstitions working! The only one thing that affects person’s is his/her vision to life.

11 References Literature: (watched 2012.03.03.) (watched 2012.03.03.) (watched 2012.03.03.) Pictures: (watched 2012.03.03) (watched 2012.03.03) (watched 2012.03.03) (watched 2012.03.03) own-good-fortune/ (watched 2012.03.03) own-good-fortune/ (watched 2012.03.03) (watched 2012.03.03) (watched 2012.03.03) according-to (watched 2012.03.03) according-to

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