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Unit 1 Wild Calling! Emergency Communications As A Profession.

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1 Unit 1 Wild Calling! Emergency Communications As A Profession

2 Wild Calling!

3 History The first Communications people? The first call – February 10, 1968 Halleyville, Alabama The first center here in this state – April 1, 1970 Odessa, Texas Our Legislation

4 Emergency Number Systems England and 112 – world’s oldest emergency call service June 30, 1937 Europe - EU Mexico Canada – 98% United States – 95% of E911 agencies must be in Phase II, III in the US by 2005

5 Professionalism Why is the work of Emergency Communications called the VITAL LINK?

6 The Broken Link? Why would or could it be called the BROKEN LINK? Caller to Call Taker to Dispatcher to responders to scene. Where can the link be weak or broken? Communication Activity

7 What is the Product? Every work has a ‘product’ or ‘service’ What is the product of a Firefighter? Medic? Crisis Clinic? Dentist? What is the ‘product’ of Emergency communications

8 Types of Agencies? Who is the work of serving? What type of citizens call 911? Public Safety and others in emergency services – how do they view 9-1-1?

9 What Are The Tools? What is needed and used to perform the daily tasks and do the work of answering emergency calls for police, fire and EMS? Daily Activity: List 10 tools used in a Comm Center environment.

10 Positions and Duties? Daily Activity: Choose a state and research the following for a dispatcher in that state. Pay Hours Benefits Min Qualifications Testing Required

11 Places You Could Work? Global States County Agencies City Agencies in the area

12 Types of Comm Centers? City, County, State, private Consolidated Combined Direct Dispatch Relay Service Support Agency

13 Once You Are Hired? Orientation Training Probation Observation Certification EMD Ongoing Training Drills

14 Current Technology? Enhanced 911 Wireless Phones Global Positioning GIS / Location Technology Computer Aided Dispatch Next Generation NG911- text, video, photos

15 Work Realities? Types of calls Hours of work Work atmosphere Overtime Holidays Benefits Stress Negativity

16 Work Rewards? Types of calls Hours of work Work atmosphere Overtime Pay Longevity Security Emotional Rewards

17 Physical Requirements? What physical demands are in this type of work? …sitting? …lifting? …keyboarding?

18 Survive and Thrive? What does it take to do this work and thrive in it? Emotional maturity Ability to think quickly Customer service Sense of balance

19 The Future? Technology Certification College Training Funding

20 Emergency Communications APCO – Association of Public Safety Communications Officials NENA – National Emergency Number Association State Organizations Local Organizations Unions Jobs –Types of Agencies

21 How To Have Success Training is an ongoing process Self directed learning is a must Communicate well to everyone Pay attention to your needs

22 A Rewarding Career in Career advancement Career ladder Visionary leaders Opportunities

23 911 Calls: Average Day Destructive Son Joke Leave Me Alone Little Old Lady

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