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Advanced Technology Center Where Innovation, Education, & Business Thrive…

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1 Advanced Technology Center Where Innovation, Education, & Business Thrive…

2 Losing Our Ability to Make Things…?

3 To thrive in the new economy, we must connect education programs to entrepreneurial creativity. This is the very core of the mission of GCSC’s Advanced Technology Center.

4 Evolving Workforce Enabling the formation and expansion of high-skill, high-wage jobs across the technology sectors, leading to an increased quality of life throughout our area and beyond Regional Economic Development Leading the high-tech cluster emerging within Northwest Florida, part of the NCATC network Entrepreneurial Culture Connecting venture capital to entrepreneurs, celebrating innovation, embracing new models to create more jobs Innovative Partnerships Breaking boundaries across business, industry, government, and K-20 education Enviromental Leadership Gold LEED Certified, Sustaininable Tech Programs & green roof The ATC “Future Forward“ Philosophy

5 ATC Academic Programs Programs in Active Development : Information Technology Information Assurance Service-Oriented Architecture Emerging Technologies : including but not limited to computer forensics, avionics, nanotechnology, photonics, mechatronics, robotics, simulation technology.  Technology ManagementB.A.S.  Alternative Energy TechnologyCertificate  Green Building Construction TechnologyCertificate  Information Technology o Network Services Technology o Software and Database Development o Database Development Specialist A.S. Certificate  Digital Media o Web Design and Production A.A.S. Certificate  Architecture and Design o ArchitectureA.A. o Drafting and Design (including CAD and fabrication) A.A.S o Building ConstructionA.S. o Sustainable Design/BuildingCertificate  Electronics/Computer EngineeringA.S.  Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)A.A.S.  Business Entrepreneurship o Entrepreneurship Operations A.S. Certificate  Logistics and Transportation SpecialistCertificate  Civil Engineering TechnologiesA.A.S. Existing programs

6 ATC & Economic Development = credit + noncredit + community Small Business Development Growth Company Development Helping Existing Bus & Ind Expand Market Prospecting & Bus Analysis Workforce Development Training Existing Workforce & Creating K-20 CTE Talent Pipelines Small Business Development SBDC & Services Housed Within Growing Entrepreneurs ”Idea to Market” and Mining ”latent” Intellectual Property Workforce Entrepreneurs Growth Company Development

7 Proven Models for Entrepreneurialism A. Advantage West (NC) BRAIN Fund: raising $5 million, pilot led to over $6 million in venture/angel capital (Roan State Community College partnership for certification of entrepreneurial communities ) B. JumpStart Inc in Ohio: built portfolio of 56 companies in 4 years, attracted $237 M in risk capital, now “evergreens” from a $21 M fund dedicated to start-ups C. Maryland Technology Transfer and Commercialization Fund. Funds up to $75,000 are available to defray a company’s direct cost of developing early stage technology. D. Innovation Discovery Event: 34 NSWC Crane employees have presented a total of 20 projects, leading to 88 potential disclosures and 282 potential commercialization ideas. To date, the events have produced 20 formal disclosures and 11 filed patent applications.

8 GCSC Advanced Technology Center Economic Development Corridor Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (2 staff) A “JumpStart Certified Affiliate” Institute serving as a “core” starting point for regional “idea-to-market” initiatives & events, commercialization mining, aspiring & existing entrepreneurial support, live and virtual workshops and conferences, and JumpStart crowd-sourced area capital and evergreen fund. Embedded credit and non-credit training in entrepreneurialism to include Associate in Science in Business Entrepreneurship (ENT-AS) and technical certifications in Business Entrepreneurship (ENT-CCC) and Entrepreneurship Operations (EOC-CT). Small Business Development Center (SBDC)Small Business Development Center (SBDC) (6 staff) A part of the Florida Small Business Development Center, committed to helping businesses, start, grow and profit with one- on-one counseling via Certified Business Analysts. Offering resources to serve the community, organizations, and businesses in conducting market analysis, patent research, loan packaging and procurement, technology assistance, and second-stage business development. Veteran’s Business Outreach Center (VBOC) (4 staff) Provides entrepreneurial development services such as training through workshops and the internet, counseling, technical assistance, and resource utilization to Veterans, Reservists, National Guard Members, and Active Duty business owners in the Southeast Region of the USA (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky). This program is funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration to serve as a clearinghouse of business and technical assistance for those veterans interested in starting or expanding a business. EDO Office Suites (8 offices, 2 conference rooms, 2 seminar rooms, 1 board room) Works directly with local and regional economic development organizations such as area alliances and municipal chambers to provide long-term and short-term representative office spaces to include high-speed Internet connectivity, technology support, custodial services, and ample access to flexible ATC spaces for scheduled meetings of EDOs, clients, and associated events.

9 GCSC Advanced Technology Center Economic Development Corridor & Assets Technology Transfer & Military to Market Office (2 staff) Provides “inception stage” analysis of potential military & supply chain technologies for commercialization, intellectual property and patent portfolio mining of defense contractors & associated labs, training & seminars on legal resources for technology transfer (NDAs, MOUs, MRCAs, Licensing, etc.), and host regional technology transfer events in conjunction with national & regional organizations. Prototyping, Fabrication, and Design Suite ( faculty hybrid model release & student support) Offers idea and product life-cycle support to include, 3-D modeling software & design system training and access, rapid prototyping resources (3 & 4-axis CNC machines, 3-D printers, etc.), post-prototype mass manufacturing and automation consultation, and logistics, procurement, and supply chain consultation. Global Conferencing and Business Training Suite Provides space for the hands-on training of business and technology related programs, continuing education certifications, and special short duration industry and business customized training sessions. This flexible space will also be used by students working on group projects with community sponsors and partners, and by the community partners in joint economic development efforts between the College and business and industry partners. This space is capable of combining area with the Corporate Board Room as a Business Training Suite for global conferencing and large scale meetings and training activities. The adjacent roof area also seats over 100 clients/students and includes a small performance stage and demonstration kitchen for roof-top events. Learning Convergence Zones, Smart Classrooms, & Digital Studios Dispersed throughout the facility are a range of “learning convergence zones” varying in size from 2 seats to 40 seats. Each space will be equipped with interactive touch screens in table and wall form factors. These “breakout” areas are intended to facilitate collaboration for both business & industry gatherings and encourage increased interactivity among students. Smart Classrooms where each room is equipped for two-way interactive broadcasting and Web-casting of activities held within instructional spaces will be available to business & industry as well as a high-end digital media production studio and private editing booths.

10 Entrepreneurial Development Idea to Market & Commercialization Alternative Energy Technology Transfer

11 Robotics & Manufacturing SBDC & Pre-incubation Workforce Development Growth Company Development Prototyping & Fabrication

12 Business Attraction & Recruitment Workforce Development

13 First Floor Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Robotics & Mechatronics Sustainable Technology Prototyping, Design, Fabrication SBDC EDO/Community Suites Technology Transfer VBOC

14 Economic Development Corridor Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship SBDC & VBOC EDO/Community Offices Technology Transfer

15 Second Floor Digital Media Networking & Information Security Center for Teaching & Learning Information Technology

16 Third Floor Demo Kitchen & Rooftop Seating Global Conferencing & Workforce Training Green Roof Drafting & Design

17 GAP FUNDING ATC: Tech Transfer & The Gap Proof of Concept Idea/Latent IP TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER SUPPORT SBDC Prototyping

18 Military Labs & Innovators (Latent Intellectual Property) INCEPTION Proof of Concept Commercialization Technology Transfer START-UP PROJECT TEAM EXPANSION PROJECT TEAM CROWD SOURCE CAPITAL INCEPTION $ FUND $ Project Selection Board Independent Entrepreneur CLUSTER EXPERT CLUSTER EXPERT Independent Entrepreneur Technology Inception SBDC, Incubator, Workforce, EDA, Chambers

19 Technology Inception Funding Reduce the risk of early stage innovation and filling the gap of risk-averse VCs 1.Bring ideas through the “valley of death” 2.Create local jobs & investment-friendly region 3.Foster and sustain entrepreneurial ecosystem Based on our area’s strategic advantage and ability to tap/develop ecosystem ATC initial focus will be on Alternative Energy, IT Security, Logistics & Distribution and the Commercialization of Military Technology and Supply Chain (Technology Transfer) 4. Evergreen revenue to next start-ups and fund STEM-related equipment and projects

20 Projects Underway 1. Fall of 2011 GCSC signed NDA and MOU with Cubic Global Tracking Systems providing $250K equipment to GCSC and Mesh Network installation on main campus –Faculty working on integrating Mesh Network into IT programs and certificates and Students will begin designing commercial software applications/interfaces for Mesh Networks 2. Currently under NDA where GCSC faculty and students are prototyping an alternative energy patented device 3. In active partnership SunCoast Electro conducting applied research on a variety of intellectual property across alternative energy and related markets


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