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Tel:1-800-268-7061 416-966-3424

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1 Tel:1-800-268-7061 416-966-3424

2 What it’s all about: You Us Them

3 You As teacher candidates enrolled in an Ontario faculty of education, you automatically become “associate members” of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF). Once employed in the publicly-funded school system, you automatically become full members of OTF and of one of its Affiliates.

4 Us The Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) is a statutory body, created by the Ontario Government in 1944 under the Teaching Profession Act (TPA), as the professional organization for teachers in Ontario.

5 Us: Aims & Objectives To promote and advance the cause of education; To raise the status of the teaching profession; To promote and advance the interests of teachers and to secure conditions that will make possible the best professional service;

6 Us: Aims & Objectives To arouse and increase public interest in educational affairs; To cooperate with other teachers’ organizations throughout the world having the same or like objects; To represent all members of the Teachers’ Pension Plan in the administration and management of the pension fund.

7 Us: Who are our members? Full-time teachers Part-time teachers Occasional teachers Student teachers (Associate Members) All elementary & secondary school teachers in Ontario’s publicly-funded school system

8 Us: Structure ONTARIO TEACHERS’ FEDERATION Approximately 144,000 members Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association Approximately 34,000 members Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation Approximately 50,000 members Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Approximately 65,000 members L’Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco- ontariens Approximately 7,500 members

9 Us: A world view EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL Over 23 million members 279 teacher organizations in 148 countries CANADIAN TEACHERS’ FEDERATION Approximately 243,000 members ONTARIO TEACHERS’ FEDERATION Approximately 144,000 members

10 Us: OTF’s major spheres of influence Political Representation –Curriculum, Legislation, Meetings with Ministry Liaison with Faculties of Education –Pre-service, In-service, Federation Days, Deans Liaison with College of Teachers Co-management of Teachers’ Pension Plan –Pension partnership

11 Us: Major roles of our Affiliates Negotiations Protection Counselling Professional Development

12 Them Now about those blueberries….

13 Us & You: What OTF does for our Associate Members OTF is the vehicle by which student teachers receive information about their rights and responsibilities as future members of the teaching profession.

14 Us & You: What OTF does for our Associate Members OTF works with the faculties of education to ensure that pre- service programmes adequately equip students to become competent educators.

15 Us & You: What OTF does for our Associate Members OTF liaises with government and others to safeguard that changing economic and political conditions do not jeopardize the integrity of the teaching profession.

16 Us & You: What OTF does for our Associate Members OTF helps to educate student teachers about the benefits – both philosophical and tangible – of membership in the Federation and its Affiliates.

17 You, Us & Them: Responsibilities of Associate Members As associate members, you are subject to the same responsibilities as full members: –“A member shall strive at all times to achieve and maintain the highest degree of professional competence and to uphold the honour, dignity, and ethical standards of the teaching profession.”

18 You, Us & Them: Responsibilities of Associate Members Members have duties to: –their pupils; –the public; –educational authorities; –Federation; –fellow members.

19 You, Us & Them: Responsibilities of Associate Members Strikes and practicum placements: –During teacher strikes: No practicum in schools affected by strike; No reassignment in striking Board; No reassignment in other Boards. –During strikes at a Faculty of Education: Practicum suspended.

20 You, Us & Them: So you’re looking for a job… OTF and the Affiliates have resources to help you. –Publications –Web sites –Personnel

21 You, Us & Them: Communications OTF web site: –Interaction on line –We the Teachers of Ontario –Links to Affiliate web sites Survive & Thrive –Online conference and resource centre for beginning teachers

22 You, Us & Them: Survive & Thrive Literacy Working with parents & families Professional issues Classroom management Special education Assessment & reporting Managing stress

23 You, Us & Them: A profession that lets you touch the future.

24 Tel:1-800-268-7061 416-966-3424

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