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BRPID encourages international solidarity and partnerships between IFUW federations and associations.

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2 BRPID encourages international solidarity and partnerships between IFUW federations and associations.

3 Its primary goal is to support projects empowering women and girls through education and leadership development.

4 The programme is named in honour of Dr. Bina Roy (1914-1994), teacher and educational advisor from India, the first Asian President of IFUW, who believed in forging links among IFUW affiliates to encourage projects.

5 Her dream became reality in 1978 with the establishment of this programme. To date nearly 60% of IFUW's national federations and associations have participated.

6 BRPID currently supports projects in 30 developing countries and countries in transition.

7 Projects offer community services, fellowships, organizational development and capacity building, or other innovative programmes for the advancement of women and girls.

8 Projects are evaluated by the IFUW Special Committee on Project Development to ensure viability, cost effectiveness, suitability and development potential. Committee Members assist national affiliates in preparing project proposals and monitoring.

9 Community services

10 Guinea

11 El Salvador

12 Thailand

13 Turkey

14 Other Community Services Projects Costa Rica – Dental health project at the School of Carlos Monge Alfara Mexico – Shelters for victims of family violence

15 Fellowships

16 Sierra Leone

17 Cameroon

18 Other Scholarship Projects Zimbabwe – National Scholarships Project Samoa – Education Scholarships Project Cameroon – (2007) Encouraging motivated women and girls in higher education and sports

19 Capacity Building

20 Armenia

21 Lithuania

22 Skills training

23 Philippines

24 Nigeria

25 Uganda

26 Other Skills Training Projects Pakistan – Training in handicrafts, vocational guidance lectures, and free medical camp Croatia – Croation war refugees handicrafts stocks for landmine war victims Thailand – non-formal education for women’s development in Thailand Georgia – Women for eco art – skills for women with physical disabilities, refugee women and unemployed women

27 Computer training

28 Egypt

29 Estonia

30 Other Computer Training Projects Argentina – Computer initiatives and related abilities Egypt – 2007 – Training with the aim of encouraging young people to choose the path of free enterprise and start up small businesses

31 Literacy

32 Turkey

33 Bangladesh

34 Other Advocacy Projects Advocacy - Kenya – Fight against Child Labour and Education - Uganda – Popularisation and promotion of Science and Mathematics Subjects for Primary and Secondary School in Uganda - India – Implementation of Right to Information Act for women’s empowerment in India - Russia – Organising RFUW National Project and Branch Leadership Training around UNESCO Child Friendly City theme

35 Other Education Projects Education - Nepal - Library for women and girls - Albania – Balkan’s women role, reality and perspective - Bulgaria – Promoting gender equality in secondary and higher education in Central and Eastern Europe - Romania – Total moral quality for young women, girls, parents and boys and communication development in Europe - Slovenia – Harmonisation of the family and women – media campaigns - Tonga – Inputting data on national survey on community attitudes to women

36 Other Projects Estonia – 2007 – Recruiting new Estonian Association of University Women members 2007- 2010 Philippines – 2007 – Computer literacy programs, basic literacy, livelihood projects, food feeding programs, medical and dental mission and sports and physical development program Sri Lanka – Survey of tsunami rehabilitation project and career guidance and training for women undergraduates at universities in Sri Lanka

37 How can IFUW members in other countries participate? IFUW national affiliates, branches and individual members throughout the world can support the BRPID Programme by making a donation.

38 We encourage every IFUW member to support BRPID For project descriptions and contribution forms see: or contact IFUW at: 10 rue du Lac, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland Tel :+41 22 7312380 Fax.+41 22 7380440 E-mail


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