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FastStats Marketing data analysis software. Do you know the value of your costumer data? Companies nowadays hold enormous quantities of customer data,

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1 FastStats Marketing data analysis software

2 Do you know the value of your costumer data? Companies nowadays hold enormous quantities of customer data, their purchasing habits, transactional data, preference data … Most often the data is being captured, and yet are not used for supporting marketing, sales and business decisions Challenge: how to transform your data into comparative advantage

3 Key for all CRM activities: quality marketing database CRM is a process of organising business resources with a view of improving and personalizing every single contact with a consumer as a part of a long term strategy of profitable retention. Introducing CRM is becoming more and more important strategy in companies that wish to be customer oriented and have a comparative advantage … Understanding costumer behaviour: data mining and marketing research

4 We are offering you software FastStats Improve understanding of your costumers’ behaviour Marketing data analysis – market research, data mining, predictive analysis More efficient and effective direct marketing

5 FastStats... Enabling you to understand your customers better Intuitive “drag and drop” approach Offer functionality and usability that marketers need and architecture that is easy for IT to manage it and provides the accessibility marketing staff need Support with business and marketing decision-making Provides fast, visual and truly easy to use data analysis Wizards that lead you through complex analysis Can handle massive databases with all the data for modern direct and digital marketing FastStats is proven with 250 installations with thousands of users worldwide.

6 FastStats = marketing data analysis software FastStats Designer™ FastStats Discoverer™ Base Module FastStats Discoverer Optional Modules Loading FastStats system – data preparation FastStats Modelling™ FastStats Cascade™ FastStats Mapping™ FastStats Excelsior™ Marketing Database Costumer analysis – understanding costumer behaviour Campaign Planning for DM Geomarketing (at this moment only for GB) Adapted reporting for marketing data Analyse massive data and visualisation

7 FastStats Designer™ → Building FastStats databases Graphical Extract, Transform and Load tool for configuring and loading FastStats systems. You can build FastStats system with just a few mouse clicks OR we can help you to structure your marketing databases into FastStats system. It could connect to all standard data sources. It connects into your business data resources to create FastStats databases that are optimised for high performance marketing data analysis. Can be scheduled to refresh FastStats databases entirely automatically. Designer automatically checks data for validity and consistency ensuring accurate results for marketing team.

8 → Data Exploration and visualisation The main product inside FastStats software. Provides powerful, interactive marketing analysis and understanding costumers behaviour. Using FastStats Discoverer you can: –Target markets with easy data selections –Analyse massive data volumes interactively –Create segments for your costumers and market places –Produce stunning graphics & Venn diagram analysis –View and sort sample data on grids –Export data in a wide variety of formats –Identify common data patterns –Perform basket and transaction analysis –View reports on the success of your campaigns –And much more … FastStats Discoverer™

9 Selection and Segmentation (RFV, Top N, N Per Level) Various selections on your database with millions of records and thousand variables could be done in a few seconds. This enables you precisely and timely costumer behaviour understanding. Based on rules Easy to use for direct marketers FastStats Discoverer™

10 Tools and visualisation (Cubes, Charts, Trees, Venn Diagrams, Data grids, Report, Expressions, Virtual Variable Wizards, including Aggregation, Numeric/Date Banding and Expressions) Discoverer offers easy to prepare multi-dimensional pivot tables with powerful numeric functions and thematic shading for easy interpretation. FastStats Discoverer™

11 → Customer analysis - understanding your customers Uses market penetration, customer profiling, patented Predictive weight of evidence (PWE) scoring and decision trees to help inform your targeting decisions. Using FastStats Modelling module you can: –Make informed targeting decisions –Discover the key characteristics of your customers –Increase response rates by targeting more effectively –Predict the behaviour of prospects and customers –Use your customer profile to find more of the same for prospecting –Cross & up sell to the most responsive existing customers –Focus on markets and sectors with high potential –Recognise those customers who are likely to lapse in the future –And much more … FastStats Modelling™

12 Profiling, modelling and “scoring” → understanding costumers characteristics Use Predictive Weight of Evidence model and apply “propensity scores” on your data bases with purpose to priority the your high value prospects. Prediction Use for marketing campaigns FastStats Modelling™

13 → Campaign management Optimising direct marketing planning Highly targeted segments that have been created using FastStats can now be used to plan, budget and analyse your next DM campaign in a seamless and measurable fashion. Using FastStats Cascade you can: –Co-ordinate direct marketing campaigns –Upload data for direct marketing campaigns –Set budgets –Cascade makes even the most complex DM strategies simple to implement –Limit to one person per household –Measure uplift using control groups –Calculate ROI –Co-ordinate campaigns across marketing departments –Deduplicate across promotions –Schedule promotions to run on a specific date, time or frequency FastStats Cascade™

14 → Customised reporting of marketing data Combines the analytical power of FastStats with the flexibility of Microsoft Excel to present data driven results. Even non technical users can refresh the report with a single click. Using FastStats Excelsior you can: –Customise reports precisely to your requirements –Refresh reports with up to date FastStats data at the touch of a button –Enable others to refresh existing reports from their own PC –FastStats results can be combined with external data to produce integrated reports customised to suit an organisation’s unique reporting requirements –Incorporate external data with FastStats data in a single report –Produce more powerful reports than either FastStats or Excel can create alone –And much more... FastStats Excelsior™


16 Analysis supporting DM… Pareto principle – centiles, deciles analysis Selection and Sampling Segmentation Profiling Modelling LTV = Lifetime Value “Basket” and “Transaction” analysis Decision Trees RFV = Recency Frequency Value method DM lists

17 FastStats Applicability Identifying costumers for “cross-” and “up-selling” Retention analysis Analysis of new potential customers Analysis of purchase habits Predicting lapsed costumers Identifying the most profitable customers Analysis of your best and worst customers Targeted and personalised DM programmes Customised offers according to customer preferences

18 Key FastStats benefits Easy to use Extremely quick data processing (even with data in mio) Powerful data visualisation Analysis to support business and marketing decisions Exporting data into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS Constant tool improvements Possibility of customising reports to various employee levels Tool which is specially adapted to support DM activities

19 With FastStats you can... Gain insight into customer behaviour Co-ordinate your direct marketing campaigns Increase response rates by targeting more effectively Measure marketing results more accurately Increase ROI Make informed decisions based on facts Understand your costumer behaviour Perform intelligent direct marketing programs Gain more high value costumers

20 Who can help you to understand your costumers better with using marketing data analysis software FastStats?

21 Experts in: Direct marketing Database management, relationship marketing programmes, loyalty programmes, CRM... Marketing research and data mining We are an Apteco approved Partner and FastStats resellers for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria markets. Experts in marketing analysis and data mining solutions (Great Britain) Developers of data modelling and profiling techniques One of the fastest developing companies in Great Britain in the field of IT and marketing research ( Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards in 2004, 2005 & 2006) Winners on DM Business / IDMF awards into “Best New Product in the Database Solution” category: –FastStats Discoverer Winner 2005 –FastStats Decision Tree Winner 2006

22 What do successful companies below have in common?

23 They all use marketing data analysis software FastStats Join them...

24 Co-operation possibilities

25 AT THE BEGINNING… Before the start of our co-operation we take your existing database, your objectives, your wishes, talk with you and prepare a situational analysis. Situational analysis consists of database analysis and recommendations for future marketing analysis and data mining which are in line with your marketing communications objectives and strategies and will support marketing communications.

26 LOCAL LICENCE What do you get? Local licence for FastStats Designer, Discoverer, Excelsior on a single computer installed locally for one year. FastStats User & Technical Guides Bi-monthly software updates (free of charge) Installation & Consultancy & Support services

27 ENTERPRISE LICENCE What do you get? Licence for FastStats Designer, Discoverer, Excelsior for one year A possibility to upgrade with a Cascade Module – to co-ordinate and manage direct marketing campaigns Possibility to have more active (Excelsior Developer - analyst) and passive (Excelsior Viewer - can only read reports) users connected through WebService FastStats User & Technical Guides Bi-monthly software updates (free of charge) Installation & Consultancy & Support services

28 OUTSOURCING What do you get? Predefined analysis of your data We offer you two routes: 1.Ad hoc project analysis Project analysis of your database or part of your database for a certain purpose 2.Regular monthly analysis Regular monthly predefined analysis of your database or part of your database

29 is a brand within → bureau for direct marketing → Understanding your costumers – marketing research, data mining → Database management (Database structure planning, Database developing, Database implementation) → Data capture, consolidation, updating, cleaning, enrichment → Loyalty programmes → Forming and management costumers programmes → Retention programmes → Acquisition programmes

30 Contact us Ana Praprotnik, MA managing director e.: t.: +386 1 500 88 95 Anja Pajtler market researcher e.: t.: +386 1 500 88 93

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