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“Release of public sector information creates opportunities for innovative use and reuse of data, and allows the commercial, research, and community sectors.

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2 “Release of public sector information creates opportunities for innovative use and reuse of data, and allows the commercial, research, and community sectors to add value.” Australian Government [2013] “The next generation of innovation in… academic research or public services will be possible because we find new ways to harness and learn from data.” World Economic Forum [December 2013] “ Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.” Barack Obama, President of the United States [January 2009] [2013] “Not only are we making more effective decisions through improved use of data, but also involving communities, making them more informed and empowering them to deal with future challenges.” World Economic Forum [January 2013] “It enables data-driven decision making: parliamentarians, policy makers, civil society organizations and individuals can see progress and make accurate, informed decisions on issues that affect people's lives.” Kenya Open Data Initiative [2013] “It makes the government more accountable to citizens and strengthens our democracy. It brings us better public services and it feeds economic and social growth.” “By opening up more data, and through innovative use of technology, we can crowd- source ideas and co-create applications with the wider community.” Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Singapore Deputy Prime Minister [April 2013] Open Data around the World

3 Life-Saving Information NYC officials could quickly create updated maps of evacuation centers and zones for Hurricane Sandy. Open Data Transforms Public Data Into… Quality of Life Apps Apps provide on-demand info on restaurants, health facilities, jobs, transportation, and more. Economic Prosperity New York was named “The Most Economically Competitive City in the World” by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Vibrant Developer Ecosystem The annual BigApps Developer Contest awards $50,000+ their favorite new apps. Every winner has gone on to launch a successful company.

4 European Public Sector Information Platform Topic Report No. 2013 / 08 Open Data worldwide adoption

5 “Previously, we’d have to provision new servers to deal with an increase in users, but with Windows Azure, capacity is increased to deal with peaks in traffic, and is decreased as user numbers fall.” Ian Blackburn Chief Executive Officer, BBits Microsoft® Azure™ is open, standards-based, and interoperable (with OData protocol one of many published APIs), helping governments: Improve cost-efficiency with cloud-based data management and hosting solutions Provide citizen and developer access to web tools to make data available and actionable Gain access to solution hosting though Microsoft Azure and consulting, deployment, and support services through leading Open Data solution providers Eliminate infrastructure and custom development, save staff time, and increase value provided through a turnkey cloud solution Open Data Platforms on Microsoft Azure

6 Technologies & Solutions

7 Governments can provide cloud-based tools to optimize the data experience for any user context Socrata Open Data Portal: Enables anywhere, anytime access to government data and services Socrata GovStat: Cost-effective, turnkey Performance Management dashboard solution Helps you connect with citizens through community improvement goals Socrata API Foundry: Industrializes API creation for data reuse, at 10% of the cost and time of custom development Helps you deliver developer-ready, open standards based APIs for all your data Socrata

8 CKAN Open Data Solution OKFN is a not-for-profit UK organization that developed the CKAN OSS product, a leading Open Data Catalogue and Indexing content management system running on Linux Ubuntu CKAN Ver. 2 on Windows Azure Released on MS OpenTech VM Depot: herehere Windows Azure release CKAN blog: herehere Windows Azure hosts the CKAN Open Data Web, Catalogue Database Portal VMs and API CKAN Open data site examples: UK government website CKAN integrated with Drupal and Windows Azure DataMarket hosting UK Weather open data dataset USA with Socrata, Drupal OKFN CKAN information: OKFN and CKANOKFN CKAN

9 Windows 8 City Dashboard app Business Intelligence Solution to help local governments Shows 80 city indicators proposed by The World Bank Bigov: business intelligence tool that delivers city indicator information: bism@rt

10 BBits Love Clean Streets: Award-winning service that enables anyone to upload photographs of environmental problems: Encourages engagement & action between citizens and local authorities Gives citizens the power to improve their immediate environment Citizens send in a report using free mobile app, a text or picture message, or via web site Local authorities deal with report and citizens are kept informed of progress

11 Esri Eye on Earth: Global public information network for environmental data: Users create and share environmentally relevant data and information online Interactive map-based visualizations Public-private partnership with European Environment Agency (EEA), Esri, and Microsoft

12 Windows 8 Government Apps Deliver Public Services More Effectively Enable Mobility for Field Inspectors * Accela Inspector Foster Responsible Innovation

13 Solution Business ChallengesCustomer Results / Benefits Moving to the Microsoft Azure platform shortened the distance between Lombardia’s data and the end user. Socrata’s publisher API automates data uploads to the portal, saving Lombardia time. The Regione Lombardia’s site needed to be able to host datasets on a wide variety of topics, such as museum locations for visitors, building energy efficiency ratings, and government spending information. The site needed to host more than 430 datasets and visualizations. More than 430 datasets and visualizations hosted on the portal OpenApp competition attracted 111 app submissions and awarded €60,000 in prizes Socrata’s publisher API automates data uploads to the portal, saving time Lombardia Open Data: Designed for Growth Daniele Crespi, Innovative Services and eID Development Manager at Lombardia Informatica S.p.A. We want to make information on government activities and decisions more open, comprehensive, timely, and freely available to the public. This is one step toward an open government model where we are more accountable and responsive to citizens. Region of Lombardia, Italy

14 Solution Business ChallengesCustomer Results / Benefits The Barcelona Open Data project was developed using Microsoft infrastructure technology and Microsoft Gold Partner Bismart. As part of the project, Bismart developed a Windows 8 City Dashboard app – Bigov Better City Indicators. The City of Barcelona has been using Microsoft technologies for more than 20 years. The city was looking for economic development through Open Data to secure new business within the city and enhance transparency, open government and help the economic point of view. New, faster network Quickly answers critical government questions Delivers public data through an open data database hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud Azure offers access to web services in an easy way City Expedites Service Delivery and Citizen Engagement Llius Sanz, I Marco, Director Información de Base en Institut Municipal d'Informàtica Microsoft has helped to transform data in data services [and] is helping us to improve our network. City of Barcelona

15 Solution Business ChallengesCustomer Results / Benefits BBITS created its free Love Clean Streets solution, available through the Windows 8 Marketplace and the Windows Phone Store. It lets people take pictures of neighborhood blight like vandalized buildings or “fly- tipping” – illegal garbage dumping. Efficiently collecting and responding to complaints about environmental crime is easier said than done. Call centers can be costly to operate, and websites used for reporting can be slow and cumbersome tools for quickly addressing issues. 34 percent aggregate decrease in the use of call centers and less website reporting, and more use of the app. Savings of £125,000 a year 87 percent reduction in the time it takes to process an issued reported, a 73 percent reduction in the amount of graffiti seen on the streets, and less than a day to clean up fly- tipping. Ian Blackburn, Founder, Blackburn IT Services The Windows development tools, the scalability of Windows Azure, and new features like the charms and tiles in Windows 8 give us more options than ever before for acting on our own ideas and those from our customers. LoveCleanStreets

16 Implementing a successful strategy Policy Solution – Portal – Publishing – Visualization tools – Apps


18 Next steps Microsoft on Government Blog: Microsoft Open Technologies: Microsoft Open Government:

19 Kenya Open Data Saudi Open Data 6:11 AM

20 Shoothill FloodAlerts: Real-time flood warning and hydrometric data: Windows Azure, Bing Maps live map showing flood warnings in your Post Code 1st Social Networking UK Government solution via Facebook Shows the locations where Flood Alerts, Flood Warnings or Severe Flood Warnings are in force map is updated with information from our flood warning systems every 15 minutes

21 Solution Business ChallengesCustomer Results / Benefits Shoothill used Bing Maps— the only mapping system that includes Ordnance Survey data—and Windows Azure to create the FloodAlerts map using data from the Environment Agency nationwide network of monitoring stations. he Environment Agency in the United Kingdom wanted to make its flood warning service more accessible to businesses and citizens by offering near real-time updates on areas at risk in England and Wales. More than 5 million people live or work in areas in danger of flooding. Citizens stay one step ahead of floods, with 15.6 million hits in nine days Application wins innovation award Scalable solution proves highly resilient FloodAlerts gains recognition from UK Government UK Environment Agency Uses Cloud Platform to Scale from 1 Million to 15.6 Million Hits Richard Benyon MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Natural Environment, Water, and Rural Affairs This is a fantastic example of private sector involvement in this important area, and shows how social media tools can be used for real-world benefit. FloodAlerts


23 Governments Promoting Open Data Hackathons, dashboards, & publishing data catalogues Hackathon events around the world help drive innovations in Open Data: Citizens gather to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations, and publish analyses using open public data Encourages the adoption of open data policies by the world's local, regional, and national governments Drives innovation across Windows apps and devices

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