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Hellenic Institute of Metrology PRESENTATION OF THE EUROPEAN PROJECT: «METROLOGY FOR SMART ELECTRICAL GRIDS» Myrto Holiastou, Eirini Flouda, Theodora Todi.

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1 Hellenic Institute of Metrology PRESENTATION OF THE EUROPEAN PROJECT: «METROLOGY FOR SMART ELECTRICAL GRIDS» Myrto Holiastou, Eirini Flouda, Theodora Todi

2 “The research leading to the results described in this paper is part of the European Metrology Research Program (EMRP), which is jointly funded by the EMRP participating countries within EURAMET and the European Union.” ’a smart grid is never smarter than the quality of its measurements’ Courtesy: SP «Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids» ENG04 SmartGrid Program Coordinator Dutch Metrology Institute

3 Partners of the program EMRP ENG04 “Smart grids 18 National metrology institutes 4 Universities- research centers

4 Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia European Commission (EC) Finland France Germany Hungary Italy The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom EMRP Participating Countries

5 Let’s see why we speak of smart grids

6 Centralized Large Power Plants Technology of one century Remote consumers Assymetry problem: production and interconnections with ballkanic countries in the North,… …the largest consumption in the South (Attiki).


8 Future: The grid must accept the decentralized producers (ex. Renewable energy sources), but also cope with the problems of energy quality ex. Harmonics, voltage instability) and also be cost effective. The project deals with all the metrological aspects of the new grids

9 W.P. 1 Phase measurement units (PMUs) W.P.2 Energy Measurement for fair trade W.P.3 Quality of energy in grids W.P.4 Grid design and stability «Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids» ENG04 SmartGrid

10 WP. 1 Phase measurement units (PMUs) Necessary for the knowledge of the system state.

11 Phase measurement units (PMUs) IEEE standard C37.118-2005

12 Sypervision State Estimation Analysis Control Center Instability of Voltage Frequency Phase Protection Algorithms against Hub protection center & Data Concentrator Thus, at every instant we know the phasor of the voltage and current in various positions in the grid.

13 We can foresee grid instabilities, of even failure

14 ΜatlabComputarional platform. IEEEC37.118-2005 Standard (INRIM- Italy) PMU Simulation Manufacture of a standard PMU for the measurement of the phasors in the lab and in the field (LNE-France) PMU Reference standard Manufacture of a standard PMU calibrator and issue of a PMU calibration guide and methodology (METAS-Switzerland, SIQ-Szech Republic) Standard PMU calibrator Use of the standard PMU for in field measurements in the grid in Greece, Roumania, Sweeden (ΕΙΜ-Greece, SP-Sweenedn, ΙΝΜ- Roumania). In Greece: measurements in the Transport Grid. Field measurements W.P. 1 Phase Measurement Units (PMUs)

15 The transmission grid in Greece is in synchronous and parallel operation with ENTSDOE interconnected european system. (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity), ex UCTE (Union pour la Coordination du Transport de l’ Electricité). The parallel operation is succeeded through transmission interconnection lines of 400 and 150 kV with the systems of Albania, Boulgaria and Skopie In addition, the Greek system is connected asynchronoulsly through direct current connection with Italy underwater. The topology of the existing interconnections and interconnections under construction is shown in the next figure, where the existing intrconnections and interconnections under construction are depicted with different colors. Greece is connected with the system of FYROM with one 400 kV line between Thessaloniki and Dubrovo and is also connected with the Bulgarian system through a 400 kV line between Thessaloniki and Blagoevgrad. Source: HELLENIC TRANSMISSION SYSTEM OPERATOR Study of Transport System Development 2010-2014


17 The parallel operation with the System of Albania, Boulgaria and FYROM. is succeeded through interconnection transmission lines 400 and 150 kV Source: HELLENIC TRANSMISSION SYSTEM OPERATOR Study of Transport System Development 2010-2014


19 Domestic load: load separation based on their “signatures” (AUTH- Greece, research grant ) Non intrusive load monitoring On site meter testing in real low voltage installations (MIKES Finland) Energy meter calibration On site measurements in medium voltage grids (36 kV, 1 kA) and high voltage grids (100-400 kV). (VSL-The Netherlands, LCOE- Spain). Technical guide issue (SP-Sweeden) Energy measurements in grids W.P. 2 Energy measurement on the site for faire trade

20 W.P. 3 Tools for the measurement of power quality from a distance Measurement of the power quality of in installations of wind generators (TRESCAL-Denmark) Measurement of flicker in wind generators (NPL-England) Wind generator grids Power quality in high voltage grids (ΙΝRIM-Italy) Renewable sources in the distribution grid (CEM-Spain) Power quality in the Belgic grid. (SMD-Belgium) Distribution grids and rail grids Power quality in medium/high voltage substations (UME-Turkey, ΙΝΜ-Roumania, ΙΝRIM-Italy, VSL-The Neatherlands) Stability of high voltage transmission lines (VSL-The Netherlands) Medium and high voltage substations Measurements of power quality in real grids in various european countries. Quantities: symmetry, energy, power, frequency, harmonics, flicker, etc. Analytical reports of the measurements will be prepared. Final guide for the measurement of power quality in the grids, particularly useful for the manufacturers of energy standards in industry.

21 Development of a grid model and insertion of real data of energy flow (ΡΤΒ-Germany, STRAT-England) Charging of electrical vehicles (TU-BS-Germany) Electrical grid models Application of the model in a low voltage grid in Switzerland that supplies 140 customers (ΡΤΒ-Germany) Application in installed grids Construction of a standard calibrator for current transformers for grids “polluted” with high frequencies (ΡΤΒ-Germany) Transformers Calibration system Analysis of increased requirements for the protection of the multiple data in the smart grids and development of a cryptographic infrastructure (ΡΤΒ-Germany) Cryptographic infrastructure for smart grids W.P.4 System design and stability

22 The collaborators of the ENG04 “Smart grids project

23 Thank you


25 Developement of the non intrusive load monitoring technique for domestic loads. Study of the criteria for the recognition of domestic low voltage loads, like the current at startup and at the steady state, the harmonic content, the active an reactive energy. A software platform was designed that simulates the characteristic of loads and recognizes the devices that are in work. The “signatures” of more than 10 low voltage loads have been identified and the impact that the rest of the grid has on them is investigated. ICIT 2012 Conference, Μay 2012 Signature of Residential Low Voltage Loads A. S. Bouhouras, G. T. Andreou, A. N. Milioudis and D. P. Labridis Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, of,,, and


27 11 October 2011

28  Two options for measurement: 20 kV, 30 kA or 150 kV, 4 kA Conclusion: Efficiency of power plants is directly reflected in the electrical power output

29 WP3, Tools for portable and remote measurement of Power Quality Paul Wright  Remote systems for PQ monitoring.  PQ measurements on installed wind turbines.  Flicker effects of Wind Turbines, verifying IEC Fictitious grid technique.  Rail distribution grid PQ measurements.  Smart Grid Trials – before and after studies.  High voltage transmission line.

30 The aims of this work package is to improve the reliability of the grid, defining the metrological strategy necessary for their observation and control. Development of a smart grid model (STRAT: University of Strathclyde-UK), in which data from real power flow measurements can be inserted. Consequently, investigation of the ability to estimate the condition in positions where there are no metering devices. A sensitive matrix was inserted in the software, with which the minimum set of measurements was specified, which ensures an accurate estimate of the system with the minimum cost. The results of the software were presented in the “Innovative Smart Grid Technology (ISGT)”conference in Μanchester, in December 2011. Development of a second grid model that investigates the topology of the measurement nodes and their number, so that the cost will be diminished. Also, the metering specifications are studied: the common smart meters are not “smart”, while the industrial ones fulfill the scientific requirements, but cannot used in wide scale because of their cost (PTB, Germany). The impact of the charging of electrical vehicles will be investigated (TU-BS Technical Universtityyof Braunschweig, Germany). In this workpackage the increased new requirements for data security and protection will be studied in accordance with the regulatory recommendations Mandate 441 και mandate 490. Following, a cryptographic infrastructure for the smart grids will be proposed based on the above analysis.

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