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Empowering Women researchers: IFUW Fellowships Istanbul August 2013 Professor Cynthia Burek (Convenor: Committee for International Fellowships)

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1 Empowering Women researchers: IFUW Fellowships Istanbul August 2013 Professor Cynthia Burek (Convenor: Committee for International Fellowships)

2  Hegg Hoffet  International Fellowships and Grants  1919 – IFUW pledge to use education and friendship to combat violence IFUW grant giving committees

3 Achievements of the Committee  Processing 113 applications and awarding 11 IFUW Fellowship grants  Changing the criteria for awarding grants  Conducting a survey to establish how much money IFUW and NFAs give towards female education per annum  Contributing to the process of the Conchita Poncini Jimenez International Human Rights Fellowship award

4 Origin of award holders: 2011 & 2008

5 Destinations of award winners

6 Discipline areas

7  Thank you for your support from all those who have benefited in the past and will in the future  Please look at the leaflet in your pack which highlights further stories from past winners  Now for some case studies… From the Fellowship Committee

8 CFUW Vibert Douglas Fellowship (C$12,000)  From Albania a PhD anthropology student at University of Montreal, Canada  Title: Roma women in Eastern Europe: between ostracism and racism  Studying: How violence affects the status and health of Roma women in Albania and Kosovo  Has been offered a position at European University of Tirana when completed (Feb 2012) 2010-11 IFUW Fellow and grant holder Ms Enkelejda RAXHIMI

9  British Federation Crosby Hall Fellowship (£2500)  from Romania a Social Policy PhD student at University of Oxford, UK  Studying: Childcare arrangements in Romania and the role of childcare policies  ‘Ideally in 10 years time I will be informing Romanian policy making with direct relevance for childcare in an advisory capacity’ 2010-11 IFUW Fellow and grant holder Miss Borbala KOVACS

10  Ida Smedley Maclean Fellowship (8,500 CHF)  From Nigeria now a Computer Science PhD student at Graduate University Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China  Studying : The integration of non-functional requirements engineering techniques and risk analysis for a cost effective and trustworthy information system  Modelling different categories of threats for safety and security of information systems  Successfully defended her PhD in May 2012. Graduated in July 2012 2010-11 IFUW Fellow and grant holder Oluwasefunmi Tale AROGUNDADE

11  Winifred Cullis Grant (4,000 CHF)  From China now a PhD student in Law at Queen Mary, University of London, UK  Studying : Developing a regional convention on educational rights in Asia  Using China as the case study as qualified there already as a lawyer, using other countries as comparison 2010-11 IFUW Fellow and grant holder Wenxi LI

12  Ida Smedley Maclean Fellowship (8,500 CHF)  From Eritrea now an African Studies student at University of Vienna, Austria  Studying : Gender equality and the political participation of women in Eritrea She wants to raise political awareness of women in Eritrea Featured in your leaflet as she has now completed her doctorate 2010-11 IFUW Fellow and grant holder Tirhas HABTU

13  Daphne Purves (NZFGW) Grant (4,000 CHF)  From Ecuador now researching marine ecology for a PhD at Brown University, USA  Studying : To what extent are species unique in the Galápagos Marine Reserve? An examination of functional redundancy across conservation management zones and seasons She will be the first female PhD marine biologist in Ecuador when she returns home. She wants to act as a role model to others for more equity in scientific arena. 2010-11 IFUW Fellow and grant holder Ligia Margarita BRANDT

14 2010-11 IFUW Fellow and grant holder Jummai Othniel YILA Dorothy Leet Grant (4,000 CHF)  From Nigeria researching for PhD at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand  Title : Gender-based analysis of vulnerability and adaptability to climate change among smallholder farmers in the semi-arid Nguru District, Northeastern Nigeria  Studying: Gender and Development  Hopes to serve as a role model for other women from disadvantaged backgrounds

15  Winifred Cullis Grant 4,000 CHF  From California, USA now studying in education in Oxford University, UK  Title: Education and modernisation in Bhutan: understanding lower secondary level curriculum reform  Studying: Education, tradition and modernization in Bhutan looking at how the government balances cultural tradition with national development  Is the first person in her family to study for a doctorate. From a Hispanic and Yaqui Indian descent. Has been at the US Institute of Peace 2010-11 IFUW Fellow and grant holder Chelsea ROBLES

16 2010-11 IFUW Recognition Awards (1000 CHF) Danika KLEIBER (Canada) Peace MEDIE (Ghana) Fabiola MIERES (Argentina) Resource Management and Environmental Studies – Gender and community conservation in the central Philippines: Marine protected areas effects on the “invisible fisher folk” - women The University of British Columbia, Canada International Development Policy, Foreign and Security Policy, African Studies – Theorizing policy implementation: enforcing anti-gender-based violence laws in post-conflict Liberia. University of Pittsburgh, USA International Labour Migration and Development – Private labour contractors in the global political economy of migration (Mexico and Philippines) University of Manchester, UK

17  The deadline for application is to be confirmed  Each NFA can propose up to 3 candidates  More information and instructions : On IFUW web site  Please advertise this to your members and universities  It is an excellent opportunity to forge links, especially with younger potential members Next Competition: 2014-2015

18 1. Thank you  I hope these women have inspired you as they did us  May they inspire others as leaders and role models  We wish them well for their future studies and lives…

19  The IFUW Awards committee will restrict fellowships to  Women enrolled on a PhD programme and completed their first year of research  Why?  To aid and speed up selection process  To open ‘closed’ doors for girls and women  To provide role models for the future  A title (Dr.) is a great destructor of barriers 2. Selection criteria changed

20 3. 2011 Survey results

21 2011 Survey results

22  2007 Centenary of BFWG – Manchester 29 th Triennial conference  2019 Centenary of IFUW and CFUW - ?  Centenary fellowship?  Commemorative book on 100 years of scholarship? The Future

23  Join us on the Bosphorus cruise  Buy a prize ticket. We have a table near registration desk.  Donate at the Gala dinner THANK YOU Help us to help them

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