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The Berlin Blockade and airlift- what happened?

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1 The Berlin Blockade and airlift- what happened?
Starter The Berlin Blockade and airlift- what happened?

2 THE 1950s: Background factors to the cold war
Y10 GCSE History

3 Lesson Objectives Describe NATO and Warsaw Pacts
Analyse sources about the creation of NATO Evaluate whether the creation of defence treaties only increased tensions between the East and the West

4 Important Events NATO The Korean War The Arms Race

5 What is NATO? The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
After the blockade of Berlin, Western powers met in Washington and signed the North Atlantic treaty on April 4th 1949 The treaty meant that member states would work together on a number of issues The main issue was collective defence- its member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any other nation/s

6 Task Using the sources on P333, answer the following question:
What evidence is there in sources to indicate that NATO was a purely defensive alliance?

7 Interpretations: Source Analysis and Evaluation
Article 3: To achieve the aims of this Treaty, the Parties will keep up their individuals and collective capacity to resist armed attack. Article 5: The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all” Extracts from the NATO charter “The Soviet government did everything it could to prevent the world from being split into two military blocks. The soviet Union issued a special statement analysing the grave consequences of affecting the entire international situation that would follow from the establishment of a military alliance of Western powers. All these warnings failed, however, and the North Atlantic Treaty came into being.” Stalin commenting on the formation of NATO, 1949

8 Source 39

9 Source 40-“Your play, Joe”


11 How did the Soviets and its allies react?
In 1955, The Warsaw Pact was signed by The Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary Poland, Romania and Albania It was a mutual defence treaty-similar to NATO and was operate alongside COMECON But it was seen as being primarily motivated by the Soviets’ desire to maintain control over military forces in Central and Eastern Europe

12 Question Did the establishment of the two treaty organisations in the 1950s only stand to increase tensions between the East and the West? Write one argument FOR and one argument AGAINST

13 The Korean War

14 Lesson Objectives Explain what happened in the Korean War Evaluate the USA’s role in the conflict

15 The Korean War The Korean War
Using information from the video and P338 of the textbook, answer the questions on the worksheet

16 Review 1. How were North and South Korea formed?
2. Why did the conflict start? 3. Why did the USA want to intervene? 4. What role did the United Nations play in the conflict? 5. What other country became involved in this war? 6. How did the war eventually come to an end?

17 Positively Negatively
How well do you think the USA reacted to the war in Korea? Analyse both sides of the argument Positively Negatively

18 Plenary NATO is… The Warsaw Pact was… The Korean War was…

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