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Objectives Explain the reasons for Imperialism Describe the effects of Imperialism.

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1 Objectives Explain the reasons for Imperialism Describe the effects of Imperialism.

2 Definition of Imperialism Old vs New The extension of a nation’s power over other lands –Old Imperialism – 16 th Century Colonies Trading ($) –New imperialism – 20 th Century Nothing less than direct CONTROL

3 Imperialism: How & Why What allowed some countries to imperialize others? Reasons for imperialism –Economic –Power / Rivalries –Racism –Religion

4 REASONS Economic –New Markets –Raw Materials –Trade Power –gain an advantage – over rivalries –National Prestige – can’t be great w/o colonies Nationalism

5 REASONS Racism –Social Darwinism – fit are victorious –Race determines capabilities Our right & duty They can’t take care of themselves –led to military force against other nations Religion –Moral responsibility to “civilize” “white man’s burden” –Bring benefits of Christianity

6 Who do the people in the cartoon represent? –Carried & carriers imperialists The colonized people What did “the white man’s burden” means to supporters of imperialism? –Moral responsibility to civilize “primitive “ people –Bring Christianity What does it mean in the cartoon? –Colonized people “carry” the burden of the white man –Referring to the exploitation of the colonies by the Imperialist powers

7 THE WHITE MANS’ BURDEN (a poem by Rudyard Kipling) Take up the White Man’s burden – Send forth the best ye breed Go bind your sons to exile To serve your captive’s need, To wait in heavy harness On fluttered folk and wild – Your new-caught, sullen peoples Half-devil and half child

8 Indirect vs Direct Indirect: – local rulers –allowed to keep their authority and status Direct: –Local elites were replaced –with Imperialist officials

9 Effects of Imperialism Resistance –Peasant revolts –Nationalist Resistance Buildup of militaries – especially the Navy. –Troops placed across the globe to protect interests Development of international trade –Interdependence Wars

10 To Do: Exit Question: How does your answer from the beginning of class connect to the reasons for Imperialism? –List those connections now Go over Chapter 12 test Homework: Chapter 14-15 Summaries –Read the summaries and answer the questions below each.

11 Bell Work Name the 4 Reasons for Imperialism What are some reactions to / effects of Imperialism Your teacher will put you into groups –Fill out the chart for the area you are assigned –When you are ready- Add your info to the chart on the board.

12 Empire Building in AFRICA

13 Imperialism in Africa Who & Reasons GB, France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands Reasons: –Rivalries - Claims to land just for status Britain - Suez Canal for Trade Belgium – Congo Germany – E & W Africa –Resources & Religion Livingstone - Navigable river –For trade & spread Christianity Reaction / Effect Nationalist movements Wars b/t Rivals –Boer War – Dutch vs British

14 British Rule in India

15 Imperialism in India Who & Reasons Britain Reasons: –Trade –Resources Reactions / Effects Order & stability – gov’t –Built railroads –Education system Sepoy Mutiny –Sepoy – soldier hired by GB –Disrespected Indian Culture Rifle cartridges/cow fat story Indian Nationalism –Gandhi Destruction of local industries –GB made them grow cotton instead of food = famine

16 Nation Building in Latin America

17 Imperialism in Latin America Who & Reasons Originally –Spain & Portugal Later –GB & US Reasons: –Trade –Raw materials –investments Reactions / Effects Independence –Success of Amer & French Rev gave them ideas Hidalgo in Mexico San Martin in SA Threat of monarchs being restored –Monroe Doctrine –No experience with self rule –Now depend on US & GB

18 East Asia Under Challenge

19 Decline of the Qing Dynasty China preferred to keep free of the WestChina preferred to keep free of the West The Qing Dynasty became unstableThe Qing Dynasty became unstable –Leads to civil war for years Foreign countries used this for their own gainForeign countries used this for their own gain –Created spheres of influence in China –Open Door Policy Gave all western nationsGave all western nations trading privileges in China trading privileges in China

20 Rise of Modern Japan US forced Japan to open its doors to tradeUS forced Japan to open its doors to trade Meiji RestorationMeiji Restoration –Tries to westernize –Industrial & social reforms Taxes, education, etcTaxes, education, etc Japan emerges as an industrial nationJapan emerges as an industrial nation –What does it need? –Where can it get these things? Think:Think: –What does Japan become? –An Imperialist nation

21 Causes of WWI 1914-1918

22 Alliances Both sides are guided by self-interest and would use war if needed

23 The Forming of Alliances Triple Alliance members: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy Defensive alliance An attack on one is considered an attack on all Triple Entente members: Great Britain, France, Russia

24 How do alliances lead to world war?

25 Nationalism Pride in your country Ethnic groups- people with same language/culture/rituals Groups wanted an independent nation Poles want Poland put back on the map Slavic people (Balkan nations) wanted independence How does nationalism lead to world war? Desire for freedom was so strong that they were willing to risk war Feelings of racial superiority

26 Militarism Aggressive preparation for war Growth of armies  ready to attack Military draft Western armies doubled between 1890-1914 Mobilization Build large armies and supplies in time of war Mobilization itself was considered an act of war

27 Imperialism Extension of nation’s power over other lands Reasons: Remember?? We discussed 4 of them Competition for: control of resources, markets & territories How does Imperialism lead to war? This caused competition & many conflicts b/w the major powers

28 Emergence of new technologies How does militarism lead to world war? Submarines Air planes - Zeppelins Grenades Machine Guns Tanks Poison Gas

29 Portugal Spain France Lux Belgium Great Britain Netherlands Denmark Norway Sweden Russia Germany Switzerland Italy Austria-Hungary Romania Bulgaria Ottoman Empire Greece Serbia Montenegro Albania

30 How to remember some North/South: Norway/Sweden Down from Sweden is: Denmark Never eat soggy Waffles: Netherlands/Belgium & waffles are a luxury: Luxenburg Always neutral in the middle: Switzerland Balkan States: “Really Silly Monkeys Always Grow Beards” – Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria Romania #1 foam finger, goes first A-H the big fish eating


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