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Creative teams integrated salesexcellence innovationswithout limits ahead of our time................................................................................................

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1 creative teams integrated salesexcellence innovationswithout limits ahead of our time................................................................................................

2 2002: Farmalogist was established by pharmacists Mr Miomir Nikolic and Ms Lovorka Nikolic as a privately-owned limited liability company and licensed for wholesale and distribution of pharmaceutical products and consumer healthcare products. As a full-line oriented company, in 2009 Farmalogist Ltd. became associated member of GIRP (European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-Line Wholesalers) In the period 2009-2013 a lot of new projects have been implemented (on-line ordering, directs sales, business package based on software for indepedent pharmacies or small chains up to 3 outlets which includes module for cooperation with Health Insurance Fund, loyalty programme for patients etc) History in brief

3 Today: Farmalogist is 2 nd largest wholesaler in Serbia, covering entire territory of Serbia via 4 distribution centers: Belgrade, Niš, Kraljevo and Novi Sad. Important numbers Farmalogist: has more than 8,000 articles in its porfolio. The product assortment is devided into the following groups: domestic and imported pharmaceuticals (Rx & OTC), domestic and imported medical devices, patient care products, dietetic and health & beauty consumer products developed business relations with more than 250 domestic and foreign suppliers is doing business with 1.319 customers (with 3.095 outlets)-state pharmacy chains, private pharmacies and pharmacy chains, other health institutions (hospitals, healthcare centers, clinical centers) 426 employees has 6 warehouses with more than 10.000 m 2 History in brief

4 Quality Management __________________________________________________________________ Feb 2007- Quality Management System was implemented, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard; received SGS Certificate No. CH7/0142.0 for: Wholesale and distribution of medicinal products, medical devices, dietetic and cosmetic products as well as agency of foreign companies As from July 2009- warehouse operation in compliance with GDP requirements. Dec 2009- Environmental Management System, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 standard; received SGS Certificate No. CH10/0017.00 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 standard; received SGS Certificate No. CH10/0018.00 for: Wholesale and distribution of medicinal products, medical devices, dietetic and cosmetic products as well as agency of foreign companies Jan 2010, Jan 2013- re-certification of Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard.

5 Corporate Objectives 1. Market Leadership & Growth Our goal is to cover the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical trade and pharmaceutical- related services, with clear focus on customers (pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers) and to be positioned as a leading distributor and services provider in the pharmaceutical market. 2. Customer Loyalty 3. Employee Commitment 4. Profit

6 Services to Manufacturers 1. Logistic services 2. Regulatory services 3. Marketing services


8 Every day each 52 seconds we make a delivery to some of our customer Belgrade area is divided into 8 delivery zones; Each zone is covered by 3-4 deliveries per day with defined departures time GPS sys. + HELP DESK => customer gets info about position of the goods in the real time Starting from 2010- on-line ordering was introduced and therefore night shift in warehouse.

9 1. Logistics ON GOING PROJECTS new semiautomatic warehouse in the DC of Belgrade new WMS new ERP

10 2. Regulatory Services Obtaining and maintaining MA’ s for medicines and medical devices Obtaining the maximum wholesale price approval from the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Health Applying for the placement on the Reimbursement List Entry of dietetic supplements into Register at Ministry of Health Business consulting

11 Magazine and Publication “Living to 100” Created by Farmalogist ‘s team of medical doctors and pharmacists (September 2009) Magazine for the Insert-publication for health proffesionals- patients inserted in daily newspapers Circulation 10,000 Circulation 450,000 3 special editions 3.Marketing Services

12 Promotional sales activities Pharmaceutical and Medical Doctors Events Promotions in pharmacies Organizing internal and external education sessions for pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians as a part of Continuing Education for License Renewal (155 sessions in 2012, more than 15 000 certificates issued 262 sessions in 2013, 35000 certificates issued) Media advertising Pharmacies and MD visits (Primary Healthcare Centers, Hospitals, Clinical Centers etc)

13 Performance

14 About Our Partners from Bulgaria Medica AD – manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements and consumer goods Cooperation started at the end of 2010 Total turnover to date – around 1,7 million € Sopharma AD – manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals Cooperation started in 2007 based on the import of non registered drugs Turnover in 2013 to date– 132,000 €

15 Belgrade, Serbia

16 About Us The Owners: MPharm, Spec. Miomir Nikolic MPharm, Spec. Lovorka Nikolic Milestones: 2002 Production Unit within Farmalogist was established and licensed for manufacturing of dietetic suplements and consumer goods 2007 ESENSA d.o.o. was established as private limited liability company by splitting-off the organisational manufacturing unit from the Farmalogist d.o.o. 2008 ISO 9001 and HACCP certified company 2009 Esensa is licenced for manufacturing of medical devices 2010 Establishment of Trading Company Esensa eood Sofia, Bulgaria 2011 ISO 22000 was implemented 2012 New manufacturing site in Pancevo Halal certificate 2013 Introduction of ISO 13485

17 Company Site  In Belgrade, near river Danube Port, just 5 minutes drive from the city center, within the secured grounds of the industrial plant “Free zone”  More then 2.500 m 2 of manufacturing and warehousing areas  500m 2 of office space.  Facilities in Pančevo (around 5000m 2 ) Danube Port

18 Other resources:  Rolling stock of vehicles.  Main distribution and logistics services are used from Farmalogist as partnering company  Complete technical infrastructure (computer network, computerized information system, VPN communications and mobile phones network, high speed internet, etc.) Personnel and Resources Employees: The greatest value of the company are employees. Currently there are total 156 employees. Among them, there are:  University degree 62 (pharmacy, technology, economy, medicine, chemistry, stomatology)

19 Manufacturing capacities Current production capacities are:  Liquid forms Nasal spray: 2.500.000 p.a. Solutions: 500.000 p.a. Syrups: 3.500.000 p.a.  Semi solid forms Creams: 2.500.000 p.a. Ointments: 2.500.000 p.a. Gels: 2.500.000 p.a.  Solid forms Tablets: 1.500.000 blisters p.a. Capsules: 1.300 000 blisters p.a. Pharmaceutical forms covered by production lines are:  Capsules,  Tablets,  Gels,  Sprays (for oral, nasal, external use),  Lozenges,  Powders,  Creams,  Balms,  Lotions,  Drops,  Syrups,  Tea mixtures,  Inhalers.

20 Branding of The Company  More than 20 years of market presence, knowledge and experience built in the grounds of the company and it's products.  A range of as many as 160 products under the common ESENSA brand is offered to the costumers

21 ESENSA’S BRANDS List of own brands and trademarks include: Aqua Ice ® Betavitevit ® Celasa Cranberry, Ginkgo ®, Opstipal, Artichoke and Shiitake, Dr Plant Melem-Balms Intim Care Products Marisol ® Harmony Shape up Dr Plant baby&kids Touch Microlax Oto Aqua ® Propolis line of products Protect Pulmint Quick Apo Derma Adult Syrups Syrups for children TaNaNa ® My baby Hospital products

22 EXPORTS  Today, Esensa exports to many European countries like Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania…  In 2014. Esensa will start exports to countries from Middle East, Asia – Pacific region and Africa.  Esensa providing contract manufacturing services for companies from different industries like Pharmaceutical companies, Pharmacy chains, retail chains, Cosmetics companies etc.

23 EXPORTS  In Bulgaria, 2010., Esensa has established Trading Company Esensa eood Sofia, Bulgaria.  Beside exports of its own brands, Esensa is providing contract manufacturing services to Bulgarian companies.  Esaensa creating partnership relations with several Bulgarian companies like: -‘’D-A’’ Sweetly (Food supplements manufacturer) and -‘’Ilive’’ Ltd.

24 MARISOL® Best of Serbia Brand of the year 2011.

25 Thank you for your attention!

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