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1 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima


3 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima CHALLENGE PODRAVKA GROUP

4 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Grupa Podravka Podravka is one of the leading food companies Belupo is the second largest pharmaceutical company in Croatia Two core businesses: food & beverages and pharmaceuticals Companies and representative offices in 20 countries Production capacities in 4 countries Distribution network from the Adriatic to the Baltic Sea Podravka and Vegeta among leading food brands in the region Producing about 800 different products Products sold on points of sale around the world Podravka Group abroad Companies and representative offices in 20 countries about 1,000 employees Podravka Group in Croatia 7 companies 5,500 employees Podravka Group 6,500 employees

5 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Podravka history 1934 Wolf brothers establish food processing plant 1949 The company gets the name Podravka 1958 prof. Zlata Bartl’s team launches Vegeta; Soup production 1970s Lino baby food; Belupo founded; Vegeta exported to Hungary and Russia 1990 – 2000 Privatization; Restructuring and investment cycle (105 mln EUR) – new factories Vegeta, Belupo, SAP R/ – 2010 Strategic alliance with Nestle in SEE; Acquisitions: Eva, Lagris, Farmavita, Lero, Warzywko; New production plants of Belupo Expansion to Western Europe, overseas countries 5

6 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima 6 Vision and Mission To be the leading food company in knowledge, consumer relations and revenues among companies headquartered in the region of SouthEast, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the pharmaceutical company which achieves more through a distinctive partnership approach. To create high-quality branded products that acquire the trust of clients and consumers. Vision Mission

7 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Podravka d.d. Moskva, Russia Predstavništvo Podravka Kijev, Ukraine Predstavništvo Podravka Bukurešt, Romania Podravka Bulgaria INC Sofija, Bulgaria Podravka sh.a. Priština, Kosovo 7 Podravka abroad Podravka d.d. Koprivnica, Croatia Podravka, trgovačko poduzeće d.o.o. Ljubljana, Slovenia Podravka d.o.o. Sarajevo, BiH Podravka d.o.o. Beograd, Serbia Podravka d.o.o. Podgorica, Montenegro DTU Podravka d.o.o.e.l. Skopje, Macedonia Podravka Polska Sp.z.o.o. Varšava, Poland Podravka Lagris a.s., Dolni Lhota u Luhačovic, Czech Republic Podravka International, s.r.o. Zvolen, Slovakia Podravka International Kft. Budimpešta, Hungary Podravka International Deutschland - 'KONAR', München, Germany Podravka d.d. Riga, Latvia Podravka International Pty. Ltd. – Sydney, Australia Podravka International USA Inc. New York, USA Podravka International Gida Sanayi ve Diş Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Istanbul, Turkey Own distribution in 10 countries

8 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima 8 Albania Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belgium B&H Belarus Bulgaria Montenegro Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Greece Ireland Italy Israel Jordan South Corea South African Republic Canada Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Kosovo Latvia Liberia Lithuania Luxembourg Hungary Macedonia Moldavia Holland New Zealand Germany Poland Romania Russia USA Slovakia Slovenia Serbia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Arab Emirates Ukraine Uzbekistan Great Britain Podravka exports to more than 50 countries

9 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Strategic Business Areas (SBA) Podravka dishes Baby food Sweets and snack Fruit and vegetable Condiments Fish products Frozen food Food Seasonin gs Meat Beverage s RXOTC Drugstor es BUSINESS PROGRAM Food and beveragesPharmaceuticals Universal Special Meal makers Mineral water Spring water Ice tea Juices Syrups Instant beverages Tea Canned meals Meat sauces Pates Luncheon meat OTC medicines Diethetic products Natural medications Digestion and metabolism Blood and blood forming organs Heart and vessels Dermatics Urinary system and reproductive hormons Systemic infections Bones and muscular system Infections caused by parasites Respiratory system BUSINESS PROGRAM 9

10 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Production facilities Vegeta and soups factory – Koprivnica Vegeta factory – Kostrzyn, Poland Danica factory – Koprivnica Studenac factory – Lipik Baby food and cream spreads factory – Koprivnica Fruit factory – Koprivnica Mill and bakery products factory – Koprivnica Snacks factory – Koprivnica Kalnik factory – Varaždin Vegetable factory – Umag Lero factory – Rijeka Frozen food factory, Ital-Ice d.o.o., Poreč Lagris factory – Luhačovic, Czech Republic Belupo Factory– Koprivnica and Ludbreg Farmavita Factory– Sarajevo

11 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima TRAINEE AT PODRAVKA GROUP

12 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima What is ? Specialist training program General training program Educational training program Gaining expert knowledge to be able to work independently. Getting to know other departments, their functions/learning about the company and its international markets Development of a trainee Development of a mentor Development of a trainee Development of a mentor Systematic development of young employees from the very beginning Quicker gaining of independence and taking over work responsibilities Development and adoption of company culture Standardization and skills of young employees Adoption of company values: Focus on consumer; Focus on results High product quality; Team work; innovation structureresult Why? Consists of ---? learn, learn, learn Purpose Your first 10 months at Podravka Group

13 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Who is in ? Mentor Trainee HR department Carriers:

14 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Associate to the trainee = he learns and advances together with the trainee Responsibilities Introduces the trainee with the department and its function within the company Transfers knowledge and experience Introduces and teaches about methods and with the work technique, theory, practice, production, technical-technological and business tasks, depending on the function of the department Creates a specialist trainee program Focuses and supports the trainee Monitors up-to-date and quality of the tasks performed, providing trainee with feedback Monitors and encourages cooperation of the trainee with team members Trains the trainees to be able to perform tasks on his own Mentor Teacher to the trainee = transfers business knowledge and experience Supervisor to the trainee = guides and tracks trainee development

15 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Responsibilities Creates and implements general trainee program Prepares and implements an Educational program for trainees and mentors Supports mentors and traineesduring their trainee program Monitors and evaluates the carriers of the trainee program Prepares documentation necessary to implement the program Responsible for implementation of the trainee program Always ready to help and support the trainee, next to his mentor Carries out development talks with the trainee and mentor HR department Associate and support to the mentor Associate and support to the trainee

16 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Trainee Responsibilities What is important is that you are a responsible young person... You will learn about other responsibilities and tasks in due time

17 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima I want to know I am creative I want to learn I ask questions, I am curious I respect my associates and company values I want to be an expert I wish to prove myself I respect and build team cooperation I am highly motivated I am proactive Trainee

18 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima timeline Mentor and HR department – welcome and introducing the program Specialis training program – focus on the unit you come to, depending on your education General training program Getting to know other departments and people working there Visiting factories – production facilities at Podravka Group Education program Developing communication and presentation skills Developing proactive and creative relations to work and associates e-learning Development evaluation center Final exam Shape your future through: 1st month 2nd month 3rd month 4th month 5th month 6th month 7th month 8th month 9th month 10th month 1st month 2nd month 3rd month 4th month 5th month 6th month 7th month 8th month 9th month 10th month Selection of the best trainee of the generation Getting to know international markets

19 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima Why ? We know! Straight from the student benches! Training period is exceptionally important for further professional development of any young person being employed for the first time!! “Anyone with a work experience remembers their first day at work and his training period!" Ask and confirm the claim! To Expect a lot from yourself! Expect a lot from us!

20 Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima

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