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EUF General Assembly 2014 Frankfurt, October 3rd 2014 Begin: 20:00 End: 22:00.

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1 EUF General Assembly 2014 Frankfurt, October 3rd 2014 Begin: 20:00 End: 22:00

2 Agenda AGENDA 1. Welcome of the chairman 2. Approval of the Agenda 3. Short personal presentation of the participants (max. 15 min) 4. Check of the participants list and certification of the quorum 5. Report of the President about the EUF Board about activities in (max. 20 mins) 6. Report of the Treasurer about the EUF capital situation (max. 5 mins) 7. Report of the Auditors about the EUF capital situation (max. 5 mins) 8. Discharge of the board from private liability 9. Presentation of Board Candidates and Elections of Board and Auditors for (max. 30 min) 10. Clarification of the role of EFDF and EUF (max. 10 mins) 11. Presentation of EUC 2015 (max. 10 mins) 12. Straw Poll: should U20s just play Worlds on even years, and U17s just play EYUC on odd years, instead of both every year? 13. AOB (max. 10 mins)

3 EUF Board

4  President: Andrea „Oddi“ Furlan (ITA)  Secretary: Alia Ayub (GBR)  Treasurer: Ted Beute (NED)  Open: Klemen Zupancic (SLO)  Women: Jarna Kalpala (FIN)  Master: Marcus Sarnoch (GER)  Youth ( ): Christoph Dehnhardt (GER)  Director at Large: Paul Eriksson (SWE)  Spirit: Dario Lucisano (ITA)  Auditors: David Moser (SUI), Richard Kollar (SVK)

5 EUF Members Census 2014 Member Player s Vote sexp.Country and contactrepresentative (readable)new contact adress (readable) TOTAL Expected voters at EUF GA 2014 Albania-1no Albania Eneida Rista Austria2.2725yesAustria Klaus Auracher Azerbeidja n--noAzerbeidjan Belarus-1noBelarus Andrei Antanovich Belgium10084yes Belgium Jacques Doetsch Croatia1201noCroatia Czech Rep.4373yes Czech Republic Denmark4443yesDenmark Estonia591noEstonia Virge Andre Finland5693yesFinland France2.6965yes France Germany3.6326yes Germany DFV Greece-1no Athens Owls Ultimate Frisbee Jim Parkin Great Britain3.6216yesUK Ultimate Iceland3102noIceland

6 EUF Members Census 2014 Ireland3622noIreland Israel2072noIsrael Tomer Italy6543yes Italy Lithuania-1no Lithuania Tadas Uselis Luxembou rg151noLuxembourg Moldavia-1no Netherlan ds1.1524yesThe Netherlands Norway1.3524noNorway Ultimate Poland1921yesMichal Dul Portugal1001no Portugal Patrick van der Valk Rumenia-1no Russia4093yesRussia George Fedorov Slovakia2052yesSlovak Republic Slovenia801noSlovenia Spain6213yes Spain Board of Directors Sweden9544yesSweden Switzerlan d8504yesSwiss Ultimate Turkey971no mustafa parlaktuna Ukraine1401no Ukraine Dmitry Strelchin

7 Quorum  Number of votes within EUF: 86 Quorum to start assembly:43  Total votes of participants: __ Quorum for simple majority:__ Quorum for 2/3 majority:__  National Associations present:__!

8 President Report EUCS 2014  Bid selection for the EUCF2014  Definition of the ideal division size (O:24, W:12, X:12)  Definition of the formats (12 teams - 3 days)  Active support of the Frankfurt TOC  Selection of new medals supplier  Emission of invitation letters for Shengen Visa EUC 2015  Bid selection for the EUC 2015  Participation Survey  Active support and feedback of the EUC2015 TOC

9 President Report Spirit Committee  Management of the Violation of the EUF/WFDF Code of Conduct during the XEUCF 2013 (2 Issues)  Collection of incomplete Spirit Results after XECUF 2013  Detailed feedback to federations for all (64 letters), with particular attention for teams with low avarage spirit scores.  Implementation of an electronical spirit sheet submission system

10 President Report Youth Committee  decision to hold EYUC14 in Lecco along with WJUC, to facilitate logistics for teams  survey among EUF youth representatives whether to grant the Colombia request to join EYUC  decision to extend to OEYUC in 2014 and subsequent even years  bidding process for EYUC 2015  division names: kicking off an initiative to sychronize EUF and WFDF Junior division names (Junior/U20/U19)  scheduling and managing OEYUC 2014 along with WFDF

11 President Report Youth Committee  bid evaluation / negotiation EYUC 2015  set up standardized event guidance tool for Junior championships  open discussion on event schedule (should we continue as we did, with EYUC/WJUC taking place every year?)  bidding process (O)EYUC 2016 (in cooperation with WFDF)

12 Treasurer Report Budget2012 Budget2013Forecast2014 INOUT INOUTINOUT IN fees EUC fees EUCF€ 1, € 4, € 1, riskloading EUCF 2012€ 1, profit EUCF 2012€ 1, OUT banking costs € € € bank confirmation € administrative tax € construction website € 1, subscription website € travel costs board € € travel costs youth committee € youth committee at EYUC € medals € € 1, € [# of medals EUC] [# of medals EYUC] [150] [300] [150] [# of medals EUCF] [150] [300] [240] transport medals € € 1, totals€ 5,017.00€ 2, € 4,085.00€ 2,880.85€ 1,850.00€ 1, annual result € 2, € 1, € balance per 1st January € 9, € 11, € 13, balance per 31st December € 11, € 13, balance per € 12,066.03

13 Discharge of Board  Auditor Report Good explanation of all items. Reports improves year by year. Everything went correctly. Potential Improvements:  Create a EUF Travel Reimbursment Policy  Add payment Printouts of Invoices in forein currencies  Discharge of the Board from private liability In favourAgainstAbstentions

14 Board Elections Candidates Board (3 Positions):  President: Andrea „Oddi“ Furlan (ITA)  Secretary: Alia Ayub (GBR)  Treasurer: Ted Beute (NED)  Any Other ??? Director at Large (6 Positions):  Dario Lucisano (ITA) – Spirit Chair  Christoph Dehnhardt (GER) – Youth Chair  Jarna Kalpala (FIN) – Women Chair  Klemen Zupancic (SLO) – Bid selection  Marc Michael „Schlumpf“ Huber (AUT) – Sport Professionalization  Gabriele Sani (ITA) – Sport Development  Any other ???

15 Auditor Elections Candidates Auditor (2 Positions):  David Moser (SUI)  Richard Kollar (SVK)  Any others???

16 Voting Results PositionNameYesNoAbstentions PresidentA. Furlan SecretaryA. Ayub TreasurerT. Beute Director#1D. Lucisano Director#2C. Dehnhardt Director#3J. Kalpala Director#4K. Zupancic Director#5M. Huber Director#6G. Sani Director#6??? Auditor #1R. Kollar Auditor #2D. Moser

17 EUF and EFDF

18 EUF and EFDF EFDF Executive Committee and Board of Directors:  Thomas Griesbaum (GER) - President  Andre Kruse (GER) - Vice President  Amandine Constant (FRA) – Secretary  Paul Eriksson (SWE) – Treasurer  Jana Vejmelkova (CZE) - at-Large Board Member. EFDF ex-officio members  Andrea Furlan (AUT) for EUF  Pedro Vargas (POR) for BULA-Europe  Paul Francz (SUI) for EDGF

19 EUF and EFDF EFDF Motivation 1. All International Sport Associations (EOC, EU, …) expect to deal just with one Association representing Disc Sports 2. The IOC put WFDF as precondition for the recongnition of Disc Sport in the Olympic Games, the foundation of Continental Umbrella Federations in all continents. Parallell to EFDF, there is the AFDF (Asia) and PAFDF (Pan-America)

20 EUF and EFDF EFDF  Focus on representating all disc sport towards EU and EOC Introducting Disc Sports into multi-sport competitions: European Games 2019 EUF  Focus on developing Ultimate Promoting and Implementing Spirit of the Game Rules in Ultimate specific Competitions Sanctioning Ultimate specific Championships: EUC, EUCS, OEYUC

21 EUC 2015 in Copenhagen Date: July 27th - August 2nd 2015 Location: Valby Idrætspark – Copenhagen Divisions: Open, Women, Mixed, Open-Masters, Women-Masters Expected Teams: (2011: 50) Fields: 21 all at the same site Accessibility: Copenhagen-Airport, Malmö-Airport, Train and Car from Sweden and Germany Accommodation (all at walking distance): Luxury: 4-Stars Hotels Standard: 5-stars Hostel (primary option) Budget: camping (cooking place)

22 Any Other Business

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