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Holocaust Remembrance Day: Stories of Freedom: What you do matters.

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1 Holocaust Remembrance Day: Stories of Freedom: What you do matters

2 1933 Hitler comes to power Boycott Jewish businesses Jews can not own land Work camp Dachau opens

3 1934 Jews are banned from work force Jews legal rights are limited Hitler named Fuhrer

4 1935 Jews banned from military Nuremberg Laws (Jews are no longer citizens and explanations of what determines a Jew) A culmination of legislation that has already been in place.

5 1936 Nazis gain full control of Germany Nazi’s combat Homosexuality Olympics held in Germany

6 1937 Nazi officials at the opening of "The Eternal Jew" exhibition in Munich, Nov. 8, 1937. The travelling exhibition promoted stereotypes of Jews and Nazi perceptions of their danger to the world.

7 1938 Invade Austria Jews forced to carry identity cards Jewish passports to be stamped with a large red "J.“ Nov 9 th 10 th Kristallnacht

8 1939 Invasion of Slovakia and Poland Jews turned away by Cuba and United States Forced Labor for Jews Jews must wear yellow stars

9 1940 Auschwitz built Jews live in Ghettos Warsaw ghetto has 400,00 Jews War escalates

10 1941 Concentration camps begin to be used for “The Final Solution” Estimated 200,000 Jews killed 5,000 gypsies were gassed to death Nazi’s declare war on United States

11 1942 NY Times reports that over 1,000,000 Jews have been killed Auschwitz is opened and fully functioning

12 1943 Auschwitz expanded by adding 4 new gas chambers and crematoriums. Exterminations cease at Treblinka after 870,000 deaths

13 1944 9,000 Jews killed in one day between Auschwitz and Birkenau President Roosevelt creates War Refuge Board to help Jews D Day (allies land in France)

14 1945 Death of Jews by country: Africa 526 Albania 200 Austria 65,000 Belgium24,387 Czechoslovakia 277,000 Denmark 77 Estonia 4,000 France 83,000 Germany 160,000 Greece 71,301 Hungary305,000 Italy 8,000 Latvia85,000 Lithuania 135,000 Luxembourg 700 Netherlands 106,000 Norway 728 Poland 3,001,000 Romania364,632 Soviet Union1,500,000 Yugoslavia 67,122 Liberation of Jews War Ends Over 6 million Jews have died

15 Holocaust Remembrance Day: Stories of Freedom: What you do matters

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