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2014 Danube Water Conference: Water Services: From Challenges to Opportunities Vienna, May 8 and 9, 2014 With the financial support of:

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1 2014 Danube Water Conference: Water Services: From Challenges to Opportunities Vienna, May 8 and 9, 2014 With the financial support of:

2 Simultaneous translation available in... Bulgarian Romania Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin Albania Russian English

3  Discuss challenges and opportunities in the water sector  130 Participants from national and local governments, regulatory agencies, water utilities and professional associations in 16 countries in the Danube Watershed  Organized jointly by the World Bank / IAWD Danube Water Program and the GIZ Open Regional Funds  With funding from Austrian, German and Swiss Governments The 2014 Danube Water Conference

4 Words of Welcome Günther Schönleitner, Austrian Ministry of Finance Ellen Goldstein, The World Bank Vladimir Tausanovic, IAWD Ulrike Pokorski da Cunha, GIZ

5  Reimbursement for Travel  Meals & Drinks  Cocktail and Posters  Conference Dinner  Group Photograph today after this session, here  Questions on logistics?  Katherine Wagner (IAWD)  Petar Jordanovic (ORF) Housekeeping Program pages 34-35

6  Plenary sessions in Gustav Mahler  Parallel Meetings in Sigmund Freud, Kraus-Markus  No translations in Sigmund Freud, Kraus Markus The Venue Gustav Mahler Sigmund Freud Kraus-Markus Foyer and Registration We are here! Program page 36

7  Coordinate place with group facilitator  Meet today 4:30 to 6:00pm (and lunches, informal times)  Agree on key actions, stakeholders as a country group  Return results by tomorrow 1pm Country Group Discussions Program page 27 CountryFacilitator AlbaniaAvni Dervishi Bosnia and Herzegovina Biljana Rajic BulgariaIvaylo Kastchiev CroatiaVladimir Simic KosovoBaton Begolli MacedoniaIgor Spasovski MoldovaSergiu Gutu Montenegro Olivera Bozovic RomaniaAnca Cador Serbia Vladimir Tausanovic UkraineOlga Romanyuk

8 Ensuring a successful conference Participate Time management Productive use of session time Taking discussions further & deeper Please keep questions and responses brief and to the point in the sessions Be on time, stick to time allocations Use the breaks Open Dialogue and active involvement

9  Connect to Internet  SSID: NETGEAR59  Password: luckycurtain267  Open on your tablet, smartphone or laptop  Questions will change through the conference  Let’s try it! Participate! Program page 34





14 1.Presentation: The State of the Water and Sanitation Sector in the Region David Michaud, Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, the World Bank 2.Opening Statement: DG Environment’s perspective on the water sector challenges and opportunities under Water Legislation and Acquis Jeroen Casaer, Team Leader Water Industry, Directorate General for the Environment, European Commission 3.Dialogue and Open Discussion Plenary Session: Transition, Challenges and Opportunities Chair: Michael Jacobsen

15 1.Presentation: Asset Management in practice, the case of Northern Holland Peter Horst, Asset Engineer, PWN 2.Presentation: Asset Management in practice, the case of Hamburg Peter Hoppe, Civil Engineer, Water and Sewerage, Hamburgwasser 3.Panel Discussion: Challenge in communication between Owner and Operator/different stakeholders Perspectives Ivaylo Kastchiev, Bulgarian Regulatory Authority Baton Begolli, Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Kosovo Predrag Bjelobrkovic, Public Enterprise “Regionalni vodovod Crnogorsko primorje”, Montenegro Miodrag Gluscevic, Standing Conference of Town and Municipalities, Serbia Utility Parallel Session: Asset Management Chair: Vladimir Taušanović

16 1.Presentation: EE practices in EU and SEE countries Philipp Feiereisen, Advisor, GIZ 2.Presentation: Energy efficiency measures in Moldovan utilities Sergiu Gutu, Ministry of Environment, Moldova 3.Panel discussion: How to ensure the right incentive structure to achieve energy efficiency in WSS utilities? Dragan Bozic, General Manager, PUC “Vodovod i kanalizacija” Novi Sad, Serbia Silviu Lacatusu, Director, Romanian Water Association (ARA) Argita Totozani, General Director of Integration, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Albania Utility Parallel Session: Energy Efficiency Chair: Ulrike Pokorski da Cunha

17 1.Presentation: Experience on sound commercial practices in Sofia and Bulgaria Radoslav Russev, Senior Advisor, Water and Environment, New Europe Corporate Advisory, Bulgaria 2.Panel discussion: How can good commercial practices (targeted business planning and complementary activities in collection, billing, and customer relationship) improve performance of water utilities in the region? Stefan Vasile, Commercial Director, Apa Nova – Bucharesti, Romania Raimund Paschinger, EVN Wasser, Austria Iulian Bandoiu, National Regulator for Public Utilities, Romania Elisabeta Poci, Deputy Executive Director, Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania Utility Parallel Session: Commercial Practices Chair: Stjepan Gabric

18 1.Presentation: Utility benchmarking, the European Benchmarking Cooperation case Peter Dane, Manager, European Benchmarking Cooperation, Vewin 2.Presentation: Utility benchmarking, the experience of Satu Mare D ă nuțiu Stegerean, General Manager and Darius Bor, Benchmarking Expert, APASERV SATU MARE, Romania 3.Panel discussion: How can benchmarking lead to utility efficiency improvement in concrete terms? Coica Dorel Costel, Mayor of Satu Mare, Romania Aleksandar Krstic, President, IPM, Serbia Sami Hasani, Head of Department, WWRO, Kosovo Benchmarking Parallel Session: Utility Benchmarking Chair: David Michaud and Philip Weller

19 1.Presentation: Overview and Emerging Evidence of Benchmarking as a Regulatory and Policy Tool Rui Cunha Marques, Professor, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal 2.Panel Discussion: Regulatory and Policy Benchmarking in Practice: Perspectives from different Stakeholders Olga Romanyuk, Commissioner, National Regulatory Commission for Communal Services, Ukraine Anca Cador, Director for Monitoring and Data, National Regulatory Authority on Communal Utilities, Romania Igor Spasovski, President of Supervisory Board, Water Utility Association/Utility, FYR Macedonia Benchmarking Parallel Session: Regulation and Policy Making Chair: Reinhard Perfler

20 1.Presentation: The Hungarian water sector reform, an overall perspective Peter Kaderjak, Director, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, Budapest, Hungary 2.Opening Statements: The Hungarian Water Sector Reform, from the perspective of various stakeholders Ferenc Hizo, Deputy State Secretary for Green Economy, Climate Policy and Key Public Services, Ministry of National Development Gabor Kisvardai, Legal Advisor, Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority Csaba Haranghy, CEO, Budapest Waterworks and Secretary General, Hungarian Water Cluster 3.Panel discussion: What can be learned from the Hungarian reform? Plenary Session: Hungary, a Reform Case Study? Chair: Laszlo Lovei

21 1.Opening Statements: Good governance, from the standpoint of the various panelists Ileana Vasilescu, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Romania Vladimir Simic, Council Member, Water Services Council, Croatia Vangjush Dako, Mayor, Durres City, Albania Victor Maslak, President, National Water Association, Ukraine Robert Burtscher, Senior Advisor, Water and Sanitation, Austrian Development Agency 2.Panel discussion: Why and how does governance and institution matter for the performance of the water sector? Policy Parallel Session: Governance Chair: Frank Wiederkehr

22 1.Panel discussion: How to finance water services with the right mix of Tariffs, Taxes and Transfers, in order to create incentives for utilities to perform at their best, for users to use just the amount of water they need, and for external funding (taxes and transfers) to be used to mitigate affordability issue? Alexander Linke, Kommunalkredit Public Consulting, Austria Svetozar Veselinovic, General Manager, Belgrade Waterworks, Serbia Karmen Cerar, Ministry of Agriculture, Croatia Valentin Valkanov, Varna Water Company, Bulgaria Policy Parallel Session: Financing Chair: Michael Jacobsen

23 1.Summary of sessions: Brief summary of take-aways by chairs of the various individual sessions 2.Summary of country group discussions: Brief summary of take-aways from each country discussion Oliver Nachevski, ORF 3.Panel discussion: What have we learned and what can we do better to materialize the sector’s opportunities? Laszlo Lovei, Sustainable Development Director, World Bank Walter Kling, Secretary General, IAWD Đuro Bukvić, President, NALAS Avni Dervishi, Chairman, Albanian Regulatory Authority of the Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal and Treatment Sector Balázs Medgyesy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungary Plenary Closing Session: Where are the Opportunities? Chairs: David Michaud and Philip Weller

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