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The Crises of Morocco and the Balkans

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1 The Crises of Morocco and the Balkans

2 Agenda: Moroccan Crises Algeciras Agadir Balkan Crises Bosnia 1st Balkan War 2nd Balkan War

3 1st Moroccan Crisis 1905-06 Moroccan Crises: France, Britain, Germany
French establishing control: Police Banks German test of new Entente Cordiale Kaiser lands at Tangier Speech for Independent Sultanate of Morocco Demands: Conference Resignation of Delcassé

4 Björko Agreement 1905: Russia/Germany - Failed
Short Lived German Success Algeçiras Conference Overwhelming German Failure French have 9 nations support Germany only has Austria/Morocco Results of the treaty: French/Spanish: Police French: Banks Germany: Equal trading rights

5 Second Moroccan Crisis - 1911
1911 Riots in Fez - French put them down German Foreign Minister Kinderlen-Wachter French violating Algeçiras (1906) Sends the Panther to Agadir French ready to negotiate No Russian support David Lloyd George: Chancellor of the Exchequer "Not be treated where her interests were vitally affected as if she were of no account"

6 Results: British Prevent German from success
French establish Protectorate (Secret Agreement in Entente Cordiale) German get land in French Congo

7 3 Balkan Crises: Lead up: Bosnia Crisis First Balkan War
Second Balkan War Lead up: South Slav Movement in Austria Want an independent state – Serbia Serbian/Bosnians – Eastern Orthodox Croats/Slovenians – Roman Catholic


9 Bosnia Crisis 1908-1909 Young Turks revolt - Take over Ottoman Empire
Establish Parliament Install seats for Bosnia/Bulgaria Bulgaria and Crete win independence from OE Meanwhile.... In Buchlau: Russia agrees to Austrian annexation of Bosnia Austria agrees to help Russian warships through Bosporous/Dardanelles Austria annexes Bosnia/Herzegovina Austria does not help Russia in the Straits Russia moves toward French/English Ententes


11 First Balkan War: 1912 1911-1912 - Italy invades Libya
Embarrasses Ottoman Empire Bulgaria sees an Opportunity Marches down Balkan Peninsula Knocking on Constantinople Armistice with Turkey Treaty of London Albania Set up Turks give up Balkans except Bosporous/Dardanelles

12 Great Power Issues of the First Balkan War
Austria: Fears strong Serbia, which occupies part of Albania Wants to make independent Albania Russia: Opposes independent Albania - Serbian Interests Concerned about the fall of Constantinople Austrian Troops mobilized to Russian Border Alliance System: Germany ready to back Austria Activate alliances British will back France/Russia "Not remain neutral in conflict"

13 Second Balkan Crisis - July 1913
Bulgaria feels cheated - Begins marching west Bulgaria Defeated Serbia threatened - Greece, Romania, and Ottoman Empire Treaty of Bucharest 1913 Treaty of Constantinople Increased territory of Serbia, Greece, Romania Ottoman Empire takes land back from Bulgaria

14 Second Balkan Crisis Results
Austria is the big loser Serbia emerges stronger has the backing of other Balkan nations

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