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Kosovo Albania WHAT IS KOSAVO Adonis Bikliqi’s ILP.

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1 Kosovo Albania WHAT IS KOSAVO Adonis Bikliqi’s ILP

2 KOSOVO KOSOVO has just become an independent country in it was in war with serbia over being independent as Kosovo is small we needed help . The U.S.A and England help the most without the help we would have lost many people got evacuated . This is the Kosovo’s flag.

3 ALBANIA Albania is neighbours to Kosovo we speak the same language and do many of the same things ;traditions are quite similar. Albania is mostly Muslim and some Christian they had war with turkey for a while. This is the Albania flag.

4 The war in Kosovo This is the Albanian and Kosovo army war logo
This person is one of the most famous solders in Kosovo and Albania Liberation Army Years of service 1991–1998 Rank : Commander Commands held : Kosovo Liberation Army

5 Famous from Kosovo These are the famous people few you may now

6 History of Kosovo Kosovo used the Albanian flag for a while as they had no time to come up with one because of the wars going around them. Eventually it included them (Kosovo).As Kosovo were friends with Albania ,they let them use their flag , many people still put up both flags.

7 Rap by adonis Were red and black And I’m gone a e-go home I just love benign an Albanian Got my head up high Flag like that Love living in Albania We keep fighting back Yes its Albania We won the war Now were coming back Cos were red and black So this is us A short rap at the time when Kosavo and Albania were an army (together )

8 Thanks for watching! By Adonis Bikliqi (THE BOSS OF DONS)

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