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Overview of Albania. ALBANIA’s beaches ALBANIA also has many high mountains.

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1 Overview of Albania

2 ALBANIA’s beaches

3 ALBANIA also has many high mountains

4 TIRANA (our capital city)

5 Albano was born in ERSEKA city Gramozi, Montain The village of birth

6 Anila was born in Lezha city The village of her birth

7 We got married on October 28,2012

8 Evidence of life with Jesus. Albano I was born in a family of muslim faith I accepted Jesus In May of 2003. In 2003-2007, as a hight scool student I was involved with CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ),in Shkodra city, Albania.

9 Albano : 2008-2011, I was involved with CCC as a student leader. Macedonia, evangelism project with muslim’s students Bosnia, evangelism project, with muslim’s. Student evangelism in our campus

10 Church In January 2011 I became part of the Illyricum church board. In November 2011, I started to serve full time.

11 Evidence of life with Jesus, Anila Anila was born into a Catholic family In November 2009 she has accepted Jesus 2009-2012 she has been involved with CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ) Since 2011 Anila has been serving with the youth in Illyricum church

12 SHKODRA The city where we live now.

13 BIG castle

14 Two interesting things for our city Bicycles & Rain

15 The country where we come from is in Eastern Europe between Italy and Greece. It is a small country which is mentioned in the Bible by apostle Paul who himself had traveled there. Romans 15:19 says: “From Jerusalem all way around until Illyricum (present day ALBANIA) I have fully proclaim the gospel”. This is how the gospel first came to my country. History of Albania ITALY

16 History of Albania Turkish Ottoman Empire invaded Balkans including Albania for more than 500 years. They forbade the Bible to be printed and taxed those citizens who would not convert to muslim faith. More than 75% of the Albanian population become muslims.

17 History of Albania Communism The dictator Enver Hoxha declared Albania the first atheistic state in the world. Even mentioning the name of God could have consequences. All churches and mosques was totally destroyed.

18 History of Albania REVIVAL In 1991 the walls of communism fell and Albania was finally free. The gospel once more visited my country after 560 years of darkness.

19 Our Church In 2009, my Pastor Klodi with his wife Alketa, received the call from God to start a new ministry. “ Illyricum Church”

20 Since 2011 we started our ministry with the youth I and Ani were the leaders of the youth ministry.

21 Our ministry Sharing the Gospel using the Four Spiritual Laws One on one conversations about Christ In the first year

22 Talking with people about the amazing love of God.

23 BUILD through discipleship Bible study groups

24 BUILD through discipleship Conferences

25 BUILD through discipleship Spending time together


27 Evangelism in the City Mission trip in Bosnia

28 Our joy in ministry Kujtim Henri Agim.

29 Our Mission in Illyricum church Our mission was to start and build a youth ministry, and we fill blessed from God that He has done that. Now Ani will continue to lead this ministry together with 4 other young people.

30 Our vision is to raise disciples, that they will understand the call to serve God faithfully, and to understand that the Lord has given to them spiritual gifts, time, finances etc, for His glory. For me and Anila, we are feeling that God is calling us to start a new ministry in Durres. We want to serve for five years only with teenagers and youth. And after 5 years of ministry we want to serve beyond than that. We are praying in the future to serve in a Church many sermons not only in Durres but also in other cities, or in other countries.

31 . Durres is a big city, a population of 200.000 citizens. Is a city in the middle of Albania, and it is a very important city because has the biggest port in Albania. Durres is 70% muslim.

32 We are a small country, we feel like Frodo at the movie “Lord of the Rings”. But as Frodo we want to take over the mission to share the gospel with Muslim world.

33 We are looking for ministry partners! They are our ministry partner. We believe that we will have more success, if we have a partner that will support us. Each ministry partner is involved in tow ways: Prayer and Financially. Prayer: We send out every month a prayer letter to share with you what God is doing in our ministry and you can see throughout this how God is using you, and you can see too that God answers your prayers. Financially. We both, need to set up a financial support of $ 1,000 per month, (including, insurance, tax, finance for various expenses and wages in service) we believe God is for 20 partner who will support us with $ 50 for each month.

34 We are looking for ministry partners! Expense for both: Salary$600 Taxes + Health Insurance $200 Expenses for service (coffee, etc.), $200 TOTAL $ 1000 So we are looking for about 20 people to invest about $50/month for our ministry. you can give to us: you can give to us Raiffeisen Bank Sh.A., Albano Abaz, SWIFT: SGSBALTX AL 54202510020000000010966175 : EUR AL 39202510020000000020966175 : USD THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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