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WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT overview Broken April Pedro Paramo Snow Country.

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1 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT overview Broken April Pedro Paramo Snow Country

2 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 4 Stages STAGE 1: Interactive Oral STAGE 2: Reflective Statement STAGE 3: Supervised Writing STAGE 4: Production of Essay

3 STAGE 1: INTERACTIVE ORALS The discussions should address the following cultural and contextual considerations. – In what ways do time and place matter to this work? – What was easy to understand and what was difficult in relation to social and cultural context and issues? – What connections did you find between issues in the work and your own culture(s) and experience? – What aspects of technique are interesting in the work?

4 INTERACTIVE ORALS: What do we need to know about the topic to help us better discuss the construction of the book?  Examples: o Newspaper headlines o Small groups – you lead o Presentation o Lead large groups o Stations o Assign readings o Maps / visuals o Role-playing  Evaluation o Engaging o Informative o Interactive o Personal connection o Clear / organized

5 STAGE 2: REFLECTIVE STATEMENT The reflective statement must be based on the following question. – How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? Typed, words awarded a mark out of 3 using assessment criterion A (A: 3 + B—D: 22 = 25) RS for the work used in essay is sent along with essay

6 STAGE 3: SUPERVISED WRITING In-class writing in response to teacher-created prompts May use book (w/annotations) but no notes or past assignments Must choose 1 prompt & write on 1 of the 3 texts Will use SWs as brainstorming for essay topics ▫Will need to be able to show some connection between SW & final essay

7 STAGE 4: ESSAY 1200 – 1500 words Written on ONE of the three texts Student develops topic from one of the SW Literary analysis ▫Should go beyond class discussion ▫Should keep essay assignment in mind at all times!!!!!!

8 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT: 4 STAGES STAGE 1: Interactive Oral must participate in leading IO for 1 text STAGE 2: Reflective Statement Must write RS after each IO (total of 3 RSs) STAGE 3: Supervised Writing Must complete SW after each text (total of 3 SWs) STAGE 4: Production of Essay Will write on 1 of the 3 texts

9 Broken April Ismail Kadare, Albania, 1978:IO TOPICS A seemingly archaic yet modern tale of a blood feud that controls a young man’s life. The story is clear and chronological but jumps between three primary points of view.  Author Info  Blood Code / Kanun  Tirana vs. Mountain Region (geographical & cultural differences)  Albanian history and politics (published date vs. setting of the story)  Albanian culture (family; religion; gender roles; etc.)

10 Pedro Paramo Juan Rulfo, Mexico, 1955 IO TOPICS A very surreal story of a young man’s attempt to find his father in an eerie Mexican town. The story is told through multiple voices and switches between the past and present. Rulfo was a pioneer of magical realism and inspired many Latin American writers.  Author info  Magical Realism  Gender roles  Marriage / love / sex  Social conventions  Mexican Revolution  Class differences (peasants, landowners, workers, etc.)

11 Snow Country Yasunari Kawabata, Japan, 1956 IO TOPICS The story of a city man’s affair with a country geisha in a mountain spa community. The novel is sparsely written but largely chronological and told through the male protagonist’s limited point of view.  Author background  Geisha – spa vs. city  Dress / clothing  Mountain region / resorts  Role of women / men  Ballet; haiku; arts/culture  Marriage / love / sex  Class differences  Japanese etiquette (social & conversational) / social interaction

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