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Gmul Investments Company Ltd.

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1 Gmul Investments Company Ltd.
Company overview

2 Residential units in Shoam, Israel, built by the mother-company
Introduction Gmul investments company is one of the leading investments companies in Israel. It was established in 1950 as a major investments group for provident funds and is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Gmul is controlled by the Building & Assets Company, Mishor Hachof Ltd., which has built thousands of housing units throughout the country since the early 1980’s. Residential units in Shoam, Israel, built by the mother-company

3 Financial Data Gmul 31.12.2006 Profit for 12 months 108 Million NIS
1,220 Current Assets 702 Long Term Assets 1,922 Total Assets 678 Short Term Liabilities 804 Long Term Liabilities 440 Equity Profit for 12 months 108 Million NIS

4 Gmul Organizational Structure

5 Residential Real-estate in Israel
Gmul is focusing on developing & building residential neighborhoods in Israel. Gmul owns lands in central Israel and plans to built over 1,421 housing units (re-zoning already approved). 1,396 units are still waiting for re-zoning. Gmul’s activities in this field include acquiring land, designing, developing it for housing, building thorough constructors; as well as marketing and selling the residential units.

6 Residential Real-estate in Israel Main projects
Beit-Hashmonai Phase 1 – 96 residential units were sold during construction and are being populated these days Phase 2 – Beginning of marketing of 60 more residential units is expected during 2007 A commercial center of 950 m2. Photo of the units built by the company in Beit-Hashmonai, Israel

7 Residential Real-estate in Israel Main projects
Netania – Building 160 residential units in 2 buildings. Beginning of marketing & construction is expected during 2007 Demonstration of the buildings in Netania, Israel

8 Residential Real-estate in Israel Main projects
Yahud (70%) – Phase 1 – approved re-zoning for 332 residential units + 8,600 m2 commercial The target is to convert commercial ground into commercial hence creating up to 523 residential units m2 commercial. Phase 2 - Demolition of 154 residential units and construction of 921 residential units instead. Demonstration of the buildings in Yahud, Israel

9 Residential Real-estate in Israel Main projects
Petah Tikva – Building 523 residential units in 8 towers. Beginning of marketing and construction is expected during 2008. Demonstration of a building in Petah-Tikva, Israel

10 Residential Real-estate in Israel Main projects
Rehovot (50%) – Building up to 270 residential units in several buildings. Beginning of marketing and construction is expected during 2008. The project is still subject to re-zoning. Demonstration of the buildings in Rehovot, Israel

11 Residential Real-estate in Israel Main projects
Ramat-Hasharon (40%)– Building, marketing & operating 212 units at the prestigious “Magic Future” retirement community. The project is active since 1.07, about 108 units out of 212 were sold. “Magic Future in Ramat-Hasharon, Israel

12 Commercial Real-estate in Israel
Gmul is constructing and marketing 2 commercial centers in Modiin (50%): 2 floors commercial center of 4600 m2, including about 46 stores, 3,069 m2 have already been sold. Commercial center of 2,428 m2, including about 21 Shops. 1,482 m2 have already been sold.

13 Residential Real-estate Israel
Profit Income Units 10* 66* 156 Beit-Hashmonai 29* 212 160 Netania 53* 376* 332 Yahud (70%) 67* 478 523 Petah Tikva 22* 99* commercial Modiin (50%) Up to 270 Rehovot 1,411 Total Numbers are in Million NIS Expected and subject to the beginning date, construction pace, materials cost etc’ The profit is before Tax and not capitalized.

14 Gmul Hotels Gmul owns a chain of hotels in prime tourist
locations in Israel, including: On the shores of the Dead Sea – 160 rooms hotel, operating in 80% capacity. Eilat – 159 rooms hotel Jerusalem – 96 rooms hotel, some of which are used for the “Hadassah Baby” maternity hospital. Netanya – 155 rooms hotel by the sea. St. Louis, Missuri – 392 rooms hotel near the airport.

15 Gmul Hotels Eilat Natanya Dead Sea St. Louis Jerusalem

16 Gmul Vehicles Gmul holds a long term license and franchise to import, market and service Subaru vehicles in Israel via its substantial stake in Metis Capital. Metis also holds a franchise from Europcar to rent and lease cars, as well as real-estate in high demand areas.


18 Introduction Balkan Capital is a subsidiary of Gmul Ventures.
Balkan Capital has been focusing in the past year on developing business opportunities in eastern Europe. The current activity is in the fields of real-estate.

19 Balkan Capital’s Strategy
Balkan Capital is planning to create a portfolio in Albania and Romania, we will consider other countries as well. The preference: The availability of construction in a short period of time. Local partners. Profitable projects. High probability for pre-sale of about 25% with the beginning of the activity. The target: to examine the possibility of IPO in the future.

20 Current Portfolio – Gmul Ventures
Equity Capital m2 Project 800,000€ 16,094 New Tirana (Albania) 1,800,000 € 10,000 Lake Fundeni Towers (Romania) 9,7000,000 € 135,000 Pipera (Romania) 3,500,000 € 55,000 Otopen (Romania)* 15,800,000 € 216,094 Total * Owned by Gmul Investments company.

21 Real-Estate Tirana, the Albanian capital has tripled its population in the last decade and is a preferred location for purchasing apartments. Respectively there is also a high unanswered demand for commercial property. The demand for apartments stands at 19,000 per year, while the number of apartments built each year is about 4,500. Due to the high demand for residence, people tend to buy apartments immediately at the beginning of the projects. Respectively, most of the equity capital is funded by pre-sales

22 Purchasing Power Population relocation - Albania transformed from an agrarian country into a capitalist country; hence, there was a massive movement of population from the villages into the main cities. This fact created a great demand for purchasing and renting apartments. 2. The new middle class ,000 Albanian citizens work in neighbor countries, their wage is higher then the average in Albania. This new middle class is a new economic force who seeks to improve its accommodation and can finance it. 3. Albanians resident not only in Albania - many Albanian resident in neighbor countries. These residents are patriotic and so they see great importance in doing business with Albanian companies, especially purchasing real-estate in Albania (even if only for investment). 4. Government activities - recently, during 2006, there was a reform in the income tax in all that is related to buying and selling apartments. This was made in order to encourage construction and to ease purchasing.

23 New Tirana and Tirana Heights
Tirana heights and New Tirana are construction projects, located near each other as a part of a new exclusive neighborhood. The complex includes residential buildings, designed to answer the growing demand for accommodation in Tirana.

24 New Tirana Project Simulation Construction site

25 Tirana Heights Construction site Project Simulation

26 Sales The projects has started its pre-sale, the
web site for the sales is:

27 Real Estate Overseas (Romania)
GMUL is intensively active in developing and financing prime residential projects in the Romanian Market. The company is currently owning and Developing 120,000 m2 of land with projected building rights for approx 200,000 m2, for about 2,100 apartments’ portfolio to be built.

28 Real Estate Overseas (Romania)
Lake FUNDENI Towers – 2 residential towers on the lake waterfront in Bucharest, consist of 10,000 m2 for 130 apartments and underground parking. OTOPEN Residential Campus – 61,000 m2 plot of land, consists of 260 units: semi-detached houses, raw-houses and duplexes to be developed in a Campus Style AMERICAN REGENCY, PIPERA – a Quality Campus Style development of 135,000 m2 for 1,700 apartments on 54,000 m2 of land, to be develop in high standard.

29 Real Estate Overseas (Romania)
OTOPEN Residential Campus – project simulation Lake Fundeni Towers – project simulation

30 Real Estate Overseas (France)
Land of 11.3 thousand m2 including an office building of 2,861 m2, a basement and 130 parking spaces.

31 Real-estate Overseas (USA)
Whitestone, Queens NY – promoting Rezoning procedure on a 13.5 Acers land plot along the east river, including 4.5 acres of waterfront rights, aiming to develop an exclusive residential project consisting of 350,000 SF houses and luxury apartments. WHITESTONE Queens, NY

32 Other Investments Polar – 12.3% Nitzba – 4.99%
Tamir Fishman Venture Capital II - 6% Ofir Tech – 15% Shamrock – 5.6% L Capital – 1.8% Proceed – 10.5% Fimi – 2.5% Fimi Opportunity – 1.87% Medica I Funs – 9% Medica II – 9% Milgam – 25%

33 Thank you for the attention!
Gmul Investments Company Ltd.

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