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2 Overview of UNIDO Technology Related Programmes in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Newly Independent States (NIS) Grzegorz Donocik Chief Europe and NIS Programme UNIDO-ICSTI Seminar 29 May 2007

3 i. Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)No. of countries The Balkans and South-Eastern Europe - Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria (1), Croatia, TFYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania (1), Serbia,Turkey 9 Central Europe - EU member states - Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia (2), Latvia (2), Lithuania, Hungary,Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia 10 ii. Newly Independent States (NIS) Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan 5 Caucasus - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia 3 The Russian Federation - 88 Regions (Oblasts) and Republics 1 Western CIS (3) - Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine 3 31 Europe and NIS Programme Breakdown by Sub-regions (1) EU Members since January 2007 (2) Estonia and Latvia are not UNIDO member states (3) CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States

4 UNIDO HQ – PCF/RFC/EUR Europe and NIS Programme (Vienna, UNIDO Secretariat) Armenia:UNIDO Desk operating within UNDP Office Hungary:Technology Foresight Visual Centre, Budapest Russian Federation: Moscow Centre for Industrial Development Turkey:UNIDO Centre for Regional Cooperation in Turkey Istanbul (International Centre for Hydrogen Technology) ITPO – Associate Office (Istanbul) Ukraine: Focal point UNIDO Presence in the CIS/NIS Region

5 A.Environment and Energy B.Trade Capacity Building C.Poverty Alleviation through Productive Activities Areas of Focus of UNIDO Technical Co-operation in CEE/NIS Countries as Beneficiaries

6 Area 2002 2003 2004 20052006 Sub-Sah. Africa 13,484 20,414 15,085 22,00122,298 Arab regional 8,616 8,414 10,97716,30815,975 Asia & Pacific 32,760 28,524 30,788 33,29425,964 Latin America & the Caribbean 8,396 15,818 18,459 17,76622,806 Global and interregional projects 12,241 14,636 19,062 19,36519,037 Europe and NIS % of total 6,292 7.7 6,816 7.2 4,432 4.5 4,177 3.7 7,579 6.7 TOTAL81,78994,62298,803 112,911113,659 Expenditures on Technical Cooperation Activities by Geographical Areas from 2002 to 2006 (in thousands - US dollars)

7 CountryNumberSources of FundsTotal Budget $ 1. Albania6MP, XP425,000 2. Armenia2UE, DP265,000 3. Azerbaijan2XP, GF524,000 4. Belarus1XP55,000 5. Bosnia and Herzegovina 4MP631,000 6. Bulgaria1UE758,000 7. Croatia6MP, XP, GF792,000 8. Georgia2MP290,000 9. Hungary1GF489,000 10. Kyrgyzstan1MP50,000 Europe – Ongoing Projects in April 2007

8 CountryNumberSources of FundsTotal Budget $ 11. Lithuania1SF7,000 12. Montenegro2MP70,000 13. Rep. of Moldova2DG, XP91,000 14. Romania13MP, GF, TF, UE8,694,000 15. Russian Fed.8TF, EE, UE, SF, US, XP1,574,000 16. Serbia15MP, UE, TF7,000,000 17. TFY Republic of Macedonia 6MP, GF, UE808,000 18. Turkey3MP, GF2,879,000 19. Ukraine3XP, UE652,000 20. Uzbekistan1US103,000 Subtotal8026,119,000 Regional Europe8TF, EE, UE, US, XP, TE2,701,000 Total8828,820,000 Europe – Ongoing Projects in April 2007

9 Abbreviation Source of Fund GFGlobal Environment Facility (GEF) XPUNIDO Regular Programme DPUNDP TRAC DGUNDP-Govt. Execution SFSelf-financed Trust Funds TFTrust Funds USUS$ IDF Special Purpose Convertible UEEURO IDF - Special Purpose Convertible MPMontreal Protocol EEEURO Trust Fund Financed by EU TEEURO Trust Fund Sources of Funds:

10 A.Energy & Environment Ozone Depleting Substances Phase Out Project under MP/GF Ongoing projects : Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, TRFY Macedonia Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey Pipeline projects:Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) – National Implementation Plan under GEF Ongoing projects : Azerbaijan, Croatia, Hungary, TRFY Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia (Global project), Turkey Cleaner Production Project/Programme Ongoing projects : Armenia, Bulgaria, TRFY Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, The Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan Pipeline Projects: Azerbaijan, Romania, Kazakhstan, Serbia, TRFY Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania GEF/Climate Change – Energy Efficiency / Renewable Sources of Energy Pipeline projects:Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Central Asia Energy Development Project Ongoing Projects:Azerbaijan (completed), Montenegro (financed by Slovenia) Waste Water Management Ongoing project:Ukraine Bio Fuels Ongoing projects: Albania, Croatia Pipeline Projects:Regional project, EGM in Croatia Concentration of UNIDO Activities in CEE/NIS Countries:

11 Montreal Protocol UNIDO: assist in complying with their international obligations, mainly by phasing out their production and consumption of Ozone depleting substances (ODS) Identification, acquisition and application of the state-of-the art non ODS production technologies covering industries such as: aerosol, fumigants, refrigerants, tobacco-fluffing, foam, solvents and halon ODS : chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, carbontetrachloride (CTC), methyl chloroform (TCA), methyl bromide, hydrochlorofluoro-carbons (HCFCs) and their bromide equivalents (HBFCs), and Bromochloromethane (BCM) UNIDO contributed to the elimination of 22,000 ozone-depleting potential (ODP) tones of annual ODS consumption; approx. 1,250 industrial firms employing some 145,000 workers; UNIDO trained more than 150,000 farmers in the use of non- chemical and chemical alternatives in the context of phasing out methyl bromide in fumigation Promotion of liquid carbon dioxide (LCD) blowing technologies as the most advanced alternative solution for flexible polyurethane (PU) foam.

12 CountryNo. Projects Approved Funding plus Adjustments (US$) Disbursement End 2006 Albania4360,71249,244 Bosnia&Herzegovina3455,79319,243 Croatia255,20030,000 Georgia2290,4307,339 Kyrgyzstan150,0001,542 Macedonia3322,218114,950 Romania62,864,08466,680 Turkey22,408,844948,181 Serbia/Macedonia62,438,344208,767 Demonstration project on the replacement of CFC centrifugal chillers (Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia and Montenegro) 11,069,074- Grand Total3010,314,6991,445,946 Montreal Protocol (MP) Financed Projects Implemented by UNIDO in CEE/NIS Region in 2006

13 Montreal Protocol (MP) Business Plan for 2007-2009 Relating to CEE/NIS Countries Potential new activities Russian FederationHCFC phase-out project2008-2009 TurkmenistanMethyl bromide phase-out project2008-2009 Halon bank management KazakhstanMethyl bromide phase-out project2008-2009 CountryNo. Projects2007 Budget (US$)2008 Budget (US$) Albania278,00024,000 Bosnia&Herzegovina4358,000 Croatia255,000 Montenegro3162,000 Romania31,107,0001,447,000 Serbia3165,00075,000 Turkey3774,000 Total201,925,000.002,320,000.00

14 Stockholm Convention – POPs Complying with their international obligations to reduce POP use and emissions from industry including POPs developed and used intentionally (pesticides, insecticides, others) POPs: Aldrin, Chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, toxaphene, PCBs, dioxins and furans (“12 dirties”) UNIDO helps in: Development of the POPs National Implementation Plan (countries who signed Stockholm Convention) Introduce best available techniques (BAT) and best environmental practices (BEP) with the encouragement of technical transfer; demonstration projects

15 Water management UNIDO services - Sustainable usage of water resources (environmental standards) - Artisanal gold mining - Transboundary projects - Industrial fisheries Transfer of best available EST (environmentally sustainable technologies) to prevent discharges of industrial effluents into international waters (rivers, lakes, wetlands and coastal areas) The Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (TEST) Programme in the Danube River Basin,Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, (17 enterprises selected how to use EST, 90 trainees)

16 Cleaner Production Programme Objectives: Promote environmentally sound investment and business cooperation projects, and facilitate development, and demonstrate best practices and transfer of EST by supporting local enterprises Cleaner production projects/centres ongoing and under consideration in CEE and NIS region: Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Serbia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan EST Transfer examples in the CP Programme: The North Western International Cleaner Production and Environmental Management Center in St. Petersburg, Russia assisted the pulp and paper sector

17 Non-combustion technologies Global ongoing GEF-funded UNIDO project in Slovakia co-financed by the Slovak Government: Purpose: Assess a number of non-combustion technologies to destroy persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in terms of process, efficacy, applicability, emissions, concerns, configuration, licensing, and vendors. 1) Gas Phase Chemical Reduction – GPCR Process 2) Sodium Reduction Process 3) Base Catalyzed Dechlorination 4) Solvated electron technology 5) Super-critical water oxidation 6) Mediated electrochemical oxidation 7) Ball milling 8) Molten salt oxidation 9) Catalytic hydrogenation

18 TCB related projects WTO-UNIDO Programme Pipeline projects: Armenia, Azerbaijan, TCB needs assessment in the CIS region Pipeline regional project: 10 CIS countries Testing, quality control laboratories (standardization/certification/accreditation) Pipeline projects: Russia (Primorsky Krai), Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan E4PQ – e-productivity and quality Ongoing regional projects: Poland, Ukraine SPX Pipeline projects: Russia (Khabarovsk) Automotive sector development Ongoing projects: Serbia Pipeline projects: Russia (Samara Oblast) Regional development Ongoing projects: Russia (Bashkortostan) B. Trade Capacity Building

19 Agro-industry development (food-processing, textile, leather and shoe manufacturing) Pipeline projects:Albania, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Ukraine Technology foresight Ongoing projects:Training Programmes: Czech, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey Regional project on Healthy and Safe Food for the Future (EC) (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep. Hungary, Romania, Slovakia) Virtual Technology Foresight Centre – Budapest, 12 CEE/NIS countries Pipeline projects:TF programme for Irkutsk (Russia), Cooperate social responsibilities: Ongoing Regional project:Croatia – Lead country Industrial statistics: Ongoing projects:Belarus, Russia (ICT-Statistics) Pipeline projects:Ukraine (ICT-statistics) C.Poverty Alleviation Through Productive Activities/TCB

20 UNIDO-ICIE (International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs) International Conference on Technology Commercialization, Vienna, 21 March 2007 International Seminar “Central Asia – Powering the Future”, Vienna, 14 May 2007 UNIDO-ICSTI (International Center for Scientific and Technical Information) International Seminar, Vienna, 29-30 May 2007 “Technology Foresight Summit with emphasis on water productivity in industries of the future”, Budapest, 27-29 September 2007 Regional meeting on Bio-Fuels for selected CEE/NIS countries, Cavtat, Croatia tentative 22-23 October 2007 Regional Meetings Organized and Planned in 2007 in the CEE/NIS Region

21 THANK YOU Grzegorz Donocik Chief, Europe and NIS Programme Tel: +43 1 26026 3594 Fax; +43 1 26026 6822

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