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CIHEAM-IAMB CIHEAM-IAMB Lina AL BITAR IAMB Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Network (MOAN) History and scope for a new organisation First meeting November.

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2 CIHEAM-IAMB CIHEAM-IAMB Lina AL BITAR IAMB Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Network (MOAN) History and scope for a new organisation First meeting November 23 – 25, 2006 Bari - Italy

3 Background Organic farming, in the last years, has continuously attracted much interest and consent, and by now it involves quite all the Mediterranean countries. Despite its progressive development, the evolution of the organic sector in the Mediterranean region is constrained by some critical points.

4  Information-training deficiency - Poor technical-scientific knowledge; - Lack of statistics and unreliability of data o Institutional deficiency - Regulations unsuitable for the territorial peculiarities and problems of equivalence - Lack and inadequacy of support policy  Degradation of the natural resources - Fragility of the agroecological system; - Soil desertification; - Simplification and homogenisation of vegetation; - Degradation by salinisation, laterization and erosion; - Water and soil pollution;  Socio-economic and cultural desertification Factors limiting the development of the Mediterranean organic agriculture

5 MOAN launching In 1999, IAMB launched a network of experts with the objective of furthering organic agriculture in the CIHEAM member states. Network on Mediterranean Organic Agriculture

6 STRATEGY “a” Deepening knowledge on Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean Region Data collection Litterature& Research reviews Database Courses for trainers and for students Workshops - seminars Preparation of proposals for new funding Disposal of new funds STRATEGY “c” Support for farmers research & experimentation research & experimentation STRATEGY “b” Institutional strengthening Scientific Network on Organic Agriculture National & International Donors (EC, ….) CIHEAM Funds Input from Strategy “a”

7 Partners AlbaniaUniversity of Tirana AlgeriaUniversity of Blida EgyptAin Shams University FranceGRAB GreeceMAICH ItalyBari University LebanonMinistry of Agriculture MaltaMinistry of Agriculture MoroccoIAV-Hassan II PortugalMinistry of Agriculture Tunisia CTAB TurkeyEge University International Institution: IFOAM ABM

8 2004 2002

9 MOAN evolution Following the Euro-Med Conference recommendation (Venice, 2003) IAMB has decided to re-organize MOAN, by making it an institutional governmental Network and by enlarging it to all Euro-Med countries.

10 European Cyprus France Greece Italy Malta Portugal Spain Slovenia Eastern Adriatic Albania BiH - Federation Bosnia & Herzegovina - Rep. Srpska Croatia Macedonia Serbia Montenegro Mashrek Egypt Jordan Lebanon Palestine Syria Turkey Network on Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Partner Countries Maghreb Algeria Libya Morocco Tunisia

11 Flowchar t CoordinatorIAMB Steeringcommittee PartnersMinistries of Agriculture

12 1. Creating a partnership to discuss at regional level all the problems related to the institutional organization of the sector and look for common strategies for its development. 2. Strengthening the relations among organic communities (especially among official institutions like Ministries) in the Mediterranean region. 3. Valorisation of the potential of organic agriculture in the region. 4. Become a reference point for policy makers at international level. Objectives

13 Organisation of an annual meeting to discuss problems and share common strategies; Organisation of country-specific workshops to encourage national sub-networks, enhance the visibility of the host country and raise its profile in the Mediterranean organic context; Organisation of international conferences and publication of scientific works, periodical reports on the state-of-the-art of OA in the region with the aim to bring the Mediterranean organic perspective in the global debate Creation and management of a website on Mediterranean OA with special sections on country profiles and events. Activities Website presentation

14 CIHEAM-IAMB CIHEAM-IAMB Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean Statistics and main trends

15 Organic agriculture in the Mediterranean Source: SIAB, MOAN, ONAB (IAMB) Total area about 4 000 000 haTotal area about 4 000 000 ha Total number of farms about 114 000Total number of farms about 114 000

16 Organic agriculture in the Mediterranean


18 Serbia 7% Serbia 7%

19 Organic agriculture in the Mediterranean * various sources. MaghrebCountryNational legislation Organic policy Certification bodies Producers’ association Market Financial support Action Plan localexport AlgeriaDraftYesNo2 foreign 1 local 1Yes (very limited) MoroccoDraftNo 2 foreign yesStrongly export- oriented TunisiaYes 4 foreignvarious + national federation YesStrongly export- oriented Mashrek EgyptNo 8growingStrongly export- oriented TurkeyYes Draft7 foreign 3 local 5growingStrongly export- oriented LebanonDraftYesNo2 local2mostly local and regional Very limited SyriaNo DraftNo-LimitedExport-oriented PalestineNo--1 foreign JordanNo Yes1 foreign2Yes Limited Export-oriented Eastern Mediterra nean countries AlbaniaYesNoDraft3 Foreign 1 Local Yes Limited Export-oriented B&HYes (rep. Srpska) No Local & Foreign Yes Limited Export-oriented CroatiaYes Draft5 local 1 Foreign Yes MacedoniaYesNoDraftForeign & Local Yes SerbiaYes No 3Yes MontenegroYes No1 Foreign3 EU countries PortugalYes 2 Foreign 1 Local Yes FranceYes 1 Foreign 5 Local matureYes GreeceYes 3 Local emergingyes ItalyYes matureYes SpainYesNoYes emergingyes MaltaDraftYes 1 LocalNoyeslimited CyprusYes Draft1 Local 1 Foreign 2Yes Limitedyes SloveniaYes 2 Local 1 Foeign 10Yes

20 Critical issues Heterogeneity and unreliability of data Difficulty in finding statistical information Insufficient training and technical know-how Insufficient research and support policies Inadequat regulations and problems of equivalency Perspectives Economic development Economic development Preservation of natural resources Preservation of natural resources Income generating Income generating Strengthening the Euro-Mediterranean relationships Strengthening the Euro-Mediterranean relationships Organic agriculture in the Mediterranean

21 Develop a local culture of organic farming Set up action plans and support policies Harmonization of international rules and norms Different actions should be undertaken such as:  The creation of databases for the collection and diffusion of information;  Institutional capacity building;  Activities of research and experimentation; and  Networking. Conclusions and future prospects

22 Thank you for your attention and welcome at IAMB

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