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Knowledge, dissemination & embodyment WHO WE ARE.

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1 knowledge, dissemination & embodyment WHO WE ARE

2 Mission Help its clients grow profitably and achieve their business objectives, through valuable expertise and applicable knowledge. Concept Marketing & Vanzari

3 We implement very specific measures for all our activities We have a well trained young team We offer value for money expertise We are a principle - based company

4 Concept Marketing & Vanzari We specialized in 3 main fields: 1.Marketing consultancy – assistance in brand management, especially new brands development & introduction. 2.Sales and distribution consultancy (mostly distribution development and support systems for distribution). 3.Organization capacity development – training and human resources projects.

5 Some of Our Clients Rex 2000 Prefabricate Vest Erbasu C&C Ro Group Topbirotica Valrom Vipa International SIRV Titu Fildas Beiersdorf Romania Dufa Romania Elite Romania Eurocafe Romania Fildas Sarels Int. Falcon Electronics Aba Distribution

6 Who are we ? Laurentiu Curca –7 years experience in the sales and trade marketing department in Procter & Gamble in Balkans and headquarters (London), responsible for Oral Care businesses in East & West Europe. –3 years experience as business consultant. –Sales manager for P&G Romania and Yugoslavia. –Key results: –Distribution network and van fleet set up for Interbrands / P&G Romania. –Key accounts team in Bucharest for P&G –Listing of new products in Metro, Schlecker, Rewe. –Sales team set up in Yugoslavia after war for P&G. –Sales teams & sales organizing: Dufa Romania, Eurocafe Romania, Topbirotica, Erbasu Calze & Collant –Product launches: Blend-a-med in Germany, AZ in Italy, Fixodent – dentures in Eastern Europe, Maggi seasoning in Romania, Delis range of snacks, Verblock white bricks –Repositioning of Roberta stockings, Superweiss – Dufa paints, Muntenia – edible oil

7 Who are we ? Cezar Dumitru –8 years experience in marketing in Procter & Gamble Balkans. –Brands: Ariel, Tide, Bonux, Dash, Lenor, Ace, Mr. Proper, Fairy, Pringles. –Countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Moldova, Albania. –Key results: –Ariel – market leader in Romania, Bosnia. –Bonux – market leader in Serbia, Bulgaria. –Lenor – market leader in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia. –Ace – market leader in Romania, Bulgaria. –Fairy – market leader in Serbia, #2 in Romania at 6 months from launch.

8 Who are we ? Lavinia Samoila –3 years experience in the marketing department of Procter & Gamble Balkans. –Brands: Wash&Go, Clairol Herbal Essences. –Countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Moldova, Albania. –Key results: Wash & Go market leader in Bulgaria, Macedonia.

9 Who are we ? Dragan Horatiu –8 years experience in marketing with Pir Impex (Ulker distributor), Excelent, Astese, Comunicatii Nationale Mobile, Romanel. –Brands: Ulker biscuits, Laura, Excelenta, Kandia, Ambasador chocolates, Angeli champaigne, LG electronics, Comunicatii Nationale Mobile (paging). –Key results: –Comunicatii Nationale Mobile – leader on the paging market. –Angeli – market leader for champagne. –Excelent (Laura, Excelenta, Kandia, Ambasador) - #2 on the market.

10 Who are we ? Oana Rengle –5 years experience in qualitative and quantitative research with Mercury Research. –Member of Qualitative Research Consultant Association. –Run quantitative & qualitative research on FMCG (food, alcohoolic and non-alcohoolic beverages, cigarettes, household cleaning products, laundry cleaning, beauty care, oral care, baby care, personal hygiene), Retail&Distribution, Automotive, Banking, Family planning, Social research, Lifestyle, IT and Telecommunications, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Clothing.

11 Who are we ? Bogdan Alexandrescu –5 years experience in advertising as creative / art director with Active Vision, Creative Advertising, Welldone Advertising, Global Media. –Key clients: L’Oreal, Organics, Citroen, Agip, Toshiba, Excelent, Romanian Post, Bucharest Airport, Romanian Railroads (CFR), Romanian Tourism Authority, Dracula Park, Prima TV, Hollywood Multiplex, Astra Insurance, SNTR (Snagov cigarettes).

12 Who are we ? Calin Pop –11 years of experience in sales and marketing with Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Alfasoft (Rank Xerox distributor), Vincon. –Countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova. –Brands launched: Friskies. –Key experiences: –Unit manager for Procter & Gamble in Transilvania. –Distributor Operation Balkans Markets for P&G (developed distributor operations in 7 Balkan countries). –Country Manager – Friskies Romania. –Sales Manager Nestle Romania.

13 Who are we ? Radu Arim –13 years experience in sales with Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Unilever and Atom Plus. –Countries: Romania, Bulgaria. –Key results: –Sales team / distributor set up for Procter & Gamble in Bulgaria after the economic crisis. –Sales records in East Romania area.

14 Who are we ? Daniel Mitru –10 years of experience in sales for Romwest Euro, United Biscuits Romania, A&D Holding (CPN Division), Erbasu Calze & Collant. –2 years experience as business consultant. –Worked on distributing brands from: Wrigley, Master Foods, Henkel, Gallina Blanca, Chupa Chups, Shell, Smithkline Beecham, Danone, Durex, Energiser, 3M, United Biscuits, Erbasu Calze & Collant.

15 Who are we ? Dan Ciobanu –8 years experience in sales with Coca Cola, Edelweiss, Real Invest, Eurocafe, Interbrands Pharma, Reckitt Benckiser, Valrom Industries. –Key results: –Strong business built: 125% for Coca Cola in 4 months, 275% for Eurocafe in 6 months. –Sales network establishment for Edelweiss, Real Invest, Eurocafe.

16 Who are we ? Nicolae Popa –8 years experience in logistics and plant management for Procter & Gamble, Michelin and Salient Romania (PC producer). –Key projects: –Organise P&G plant exports to 7 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. –Create the Romanian Distribution Center for P&G in Timisoara. –Qualify local contract manufacturing for P&G in Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia. –Logistics coordination for P&G distributors in 7 Balkan countries. –Logistics and IT systems design and implementation for Michelin. –Lead plant investment for Michelin Romania. –Logistics coordination for Michelin’s import, export and distribution operations.

17 Who are we ? Cristian Popescu –8 years experience in Human Resources with Procter & Gamble. –Key responsibilities: –Distributor Operations Human Resources Specialist for Balkans – HR consultant for P&G distributors in the Balkans. –Organisation Excellence, Recruiting, Training & Development Manager Balkans – organisation design, recruitment and development for P&G Balkans. –Corporate Recruiting & Training, Sales and Marketing HR for Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa – recruiting & training for the division. –Employee Services Manager Balkans – implementation of outsourcing of Employee Servies to IBM and HP, employment systems in 5 Balkan countries and expatriate services. –HR Manager P&G Bulgaria & Serbia-Montenegro.

18 Who are we ? Gabi Copil –8 years in Information Technology, mostly in the IT department of Interbrands Marketing & Distribution. –Key results: –implementation of new replenishment system. –logistical capability tracking system. –data exchange system with customers.

19 Various projects we’ve worked for In our group are professionals who worked successful projects in the following categories in several Central and Eastern European countries:  detergents;  softeners, bleach, household cleaners, dishwashing;  snacks, chewing gum, biscuits;  shampoos, beauty care, dentifrice;  seasoning;  feminine hygiene, baby care;  alcohoolic and non-alcohoolic drinks;  edible oil, dairy, chocolate, coffee, cigarettes;  stockings, clothing;  pet food  sanitary installations, paints;  pharmaceuticals;  retail & distribution;  automotive, motor oil, tyres;  banking, insurance;  IT and telecommunication;  transportation, tourism;  electronics

20 Our experts led the launch / repositioning of several brands: –Detergents: Ariel, Tide, Bonux (Balkan markets), Dash (Albania) –Bleach: Ace (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia) –Dish Washing Liquid: Fairy (Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Moldova) –Household cleaner: Mr. Proper (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia) –Softener: Lenor (Balkan markets) –Snacks: Pringles (Romania), Delis (Romania) –Shampoos: Wash&Go, Herbal Essences (Balkan markets) –Dentifrice: Blend-a-Med (Europe) –Seasoning: Maggi (Romania) –Edible Oil: Ulei Muntenia (Romania) –Prefabricates: Prefabricate Vest – Verblock (Romania) –Stockings: Erbasu Calze & Collant (Romania) –Paints: Superweiss, Danke (Romania) –Pet food: Friskies (Romania) Various projects we’ve worked for

21 knowledge, dissemination & embodyment Marketing Consultancy

22 Marketing Projects Types Segmentation, target and positioning Concept developing / validation Marketing mix analysis and elaboration Marketing recommendations (objectives, strategies, financial analysis, action plans, budgeting, P/L) Definition and implementation of consumer communication Trade programs design and promotions TV Copy, artwork, outer case, POSM development New brands / category launches from A to Z !

23 knowledge, dissemination & embodyment Consultancy Sales & Distribution Consultancy

24 Sales Projects  Buyer and client research  Distribution set up  Distribution models  IT Support systems for distribution (including data bases, financial administration programs, palms, hand helds)  Evaluation and restructuring of logistic infrastructure, with all the afferent flows  Client and distribution channels marketing  Cost analysis / profit for sales department and distribution network  Selling concepts  Sales techniques and sales management instruction and training  Sales teams: formation, recruitment, evaluation, direction, control tools

25 knowledge, dissemination & embodyment Training

26 Professional training  Basic sales techniques (“The Well Trained Salesman”)  Closing sequences in sales  Trade Marketing (Clients Management / Distribution Channels)  Key Accounts Management (internationals chains)  Brand Management I  Supervisor training  Recruiting and interviewing Personal development  Time management  Positive thinking & mental influence  Presentation skills  Negotiation skills  Memo and e-mail writing Organization building training  Team effectiveness  Communication skills

27 knowledge, dissemination & embodyment HOW WE WORK example

28 Our Typical Client: “I got a problem” –It’s got a productive business, acting in profitable segment –Wants to increase his business –Has been already misled, usually with an advertising firm, jumping from product production to media, or –Faces organization structuring or logistics difficulties because of fast increase –Understands sales, marketing, but he doesn’t uses the positioning, conceptualizing, strategies creation, implementation of standards –I want to enter the market… I don’t know how

29 Symptoms for Distribution Pains I don’t know how to find good distributors I don’t know how to motivate them I don’t know how and how much to pay them in order to retain them I don’t know how to set their objectives

30 Symptoms for Organization- & Logistic Pains I don’t know how to plan my activities I don’t know which are the principles to help me in taking decisions I don’t know how to set my processes and how to measure my performance I want a bigger sale, but I don’t know how I have to many people, who are doing nothing

31 Symptoms for Marketing Pains I did the advertising, but the sale didn’t rise I am often mixed up with the competition The qualities of my product are not known I have to decrease the price in order to sell more If I don’t make promotion, I can’t sell

32 “Hello! I am your family doctor!” 1.Which are your symptoms? 2.Analysis (together) 3.Diagnosis (together) 4.Treatment prescription (expert) 5.Following the treatment (client)

33 Analysis You need to have distinct brands You have to re-think the communication You have to create and implement some new working systems You have to increase / decrease the number of distributors You have to train your people

34 Analysis You have to evaluate business performances You have to implement some policies You have to improve internal communication and informational flow You have to rebuild the organization structures and realloting responsibilities You have to delegate responsibilities

35 The Diagnosis “You (the client) need…: A brand A new positioning A set of procedures A new working system to help you… Increase the sale Increase the profit Increase the productivity / the organization efficiency

36 Increasing the sale: HOW? –Increasing distribution (product) –Increasing clients number –Better presence in the sale place –Flexible and adapted pricing –More focus through an initiative calendar –Standard sales sequences through training

37 Increasing the profits: HOW? –Positioning –Cost model –Product concepts –Better communications –Marketing plans through coherent strategies –Data organization through planning and reporting –Logistic reorganization

38 Increasing the productivity: HOW? –Recruitment, evaluation and selection systems –Communication between departments –Adequate compensation –Goals and objectives –Working processes –Politics and procedures / Measurements for productivity factors – Contracts

39 knowledge, dissemination & embodyment What CONCEPTS mean (theory)

40 Concepts Types Factory Existing Promoting Profit products sale by sales Market Consumer Marketing Profit needs from consumer satisfaction Selling concept Marketing concept

41 ‘The business machine’ Distribution (System, Organized) Product (good product, value for the consumer, new products) Correct Price (adjusted to the market, minimal production prices) Promotions (organized, planned, focus)

42 …! … do you want to know more?!

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