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1 SEE-GRID-2 The SEE-GRID-2 initiative is co-funded by the European Commission under the FP6 Research Infrastructures contract no. 031775 WP1 report Ognjen Prnjat Greek Research & Technology Network

2 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.20072 WP1 Activities A1.1 Organize meetings  GRNET/Ognjen-Valia A1.2 Establish and maintain project management information system  GRNET/Valia A1.3 Establish and maintain contractual relationships  GRNET/Valia-Ognjen A1.4 Participate in liaison activities with other projects  GRNET/Ognjen A1.5 Prepare 3-monthly, yearly and final progress reports  GRNET/Valia-Ognjen A1.6 Prepare costs statements and transfer advance/interim payments  GRNET/Valia-Ognjen A1.7 Assess the project deliverables and conformance to requirements  UKIM – Margita A1.8 Coordinate national and regional activities towards sustainability  GRNET/Ognjen-Ioannis

3 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.20073 WP1 Timeline - Milestones D1.1 is a living document. Partners should send updates whenever they happen Q5 report submitted, Q6 in preparation There will be a cost optimisation exercise coming up.

4 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.20074 WP1 Deliverables/Reports - Editors D1.1 Project management information system and contractual relationships  M01 (GRNET/Valia) D1.2 3-Monthly progress report  M03/06/09/12/15/18/21/24 (GRNET/Valia-Ognjen) D1.3 First period progress reports  M13 (GRNET/Valia-Ognjen) D1.4 Final period progress reports  M24 (GRNET/Valia-Ognjen)

5 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.20075 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.1) A1.1: Organization of the kick-off meeting, regular coordination (management/technical) meetings (one every quarter during the first year and one every semester in the second year), review preparation meetings, project reviews/audits, conference calls, etc.

6 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.20076 Meetings PSC06 - Nov 2007 Sarajevo 4 big events left: Albania  How does current situation influence this?  April, together with review preparation Policy-makers event (GRNET: Athens, week 18-22 Feb – or earlier?) Regional admin training (IPP: Sofia March): invite AM and GE Review: (UoB: Belgrade, combine with SEE-GRID-SCI kick-off, 1 st May + Eurovision)

7 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.20077 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.2) A1.2: Preparation and maintenance of the project handbook/notebook, including the project definition (project concept, description of work, project objectives, project results), contractors coordinates, staff coordinates, work breakdown structure, responsibility matrix, deliverables schedule and workplans, WPs definitions and planned effort per partner/activity/month.

8 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.20078 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.3) A1.3: This activity deals with the preparation of any third-party agreements, preparation and signing of NDAs, preparation of any necessary contract amendments, etc.

9 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.20079 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.3) Contract amendment Albanian issue – not clear yet

10 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200710 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.3) EAB composition:  Fabrizio Gagliardi (Microsoft), Vasilis Maglaris (NRN PC), Luciano Milanesi (BioInfoGrid) EAB review should be received now.

11 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200711 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.4) A1.4: This activity will oversee the liaison activities with other eInfrastructure and regional projects.

12 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200712 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.4) MoUs signed with:  EGEE-II, EUMEDGRID, EUCHINAGRID, EELA, Belief  Baltic: cancelled Pending common actions:  Concertation workshop – Budapest  WP2: guidelines immediately to other projects  WP4 applications  WP4 send guidelines to related projects: action on Zorko?

13 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200713 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.5) A1.5: Preparation of interim (quarterly) and periodic (yearly) progress reports covering the status of project major achievements, workpackage progress (including any deviations and corrective actions taken), use and dissemination of project results, monitoring of milestones, ongoing tasks and resource consumption.

14 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200714 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.5) Important points: still not followed  Assessment of work performed by 3 rd party and 1- paragraph justification of work by the contractor  If *issue* is reported then it must be followed up  NGI metrics

15 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200715 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.6) A1.6: Cost statement preparation and the transferring of pre-financing to contractors as per EC contract and Project consortium agreement guidelines

16 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200716 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.7) A1.7: ensure that all produced project deliverables and reports comply with pre-agreed quality criteria, project templates and guidelines. The project results will be continually measured against the objectives it has set and the work it has committed to perform.

17 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200717 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.7) Lead: Margita External reviewer of project deliverables Implement and perform appropriate quality control on project deliverables in order to ensure that they conform to the high quality and standards of the project goals QC effectively helps to double-check the quality of the work of the project

18 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200718 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.8) A1.8: This cross-WorkPackage activity will oversee in a coordinated way all undertaken actions of the project to ensure that they contribute to the sustainability plan and vision at regional and national level.

19 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200719 Progress of WP1 activities (A1.8) sustainability Bosnia and Albania highlighted again at review Other WP2 actions must be pursued – WP2 overview

20 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200720 R1 “The consortium must continue to make every effort to ensure grid uptake in those partners who only started this activity in SEE-GRID-2.” Moldova:  Original site: certification stage  3 new sites with 29 CPUs: ongoing. All sites must be installed by end of project.  Technical University of Moldova (RENAM 3rd party) will deploy the “Patterns restoration using neuron networks simulation” application: ongoing. Not satisfactory progress Montenegro  Deploy Eilenberger in production mode. Ongoing  MREN CA: Ongoing  Increase the NGI membership: already done.

21 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200721 R1 Bosnia-Herzegovina  Expanding current NGI with 3 new members: 2 meteo institutes and SARNET  3 sites expanded  2 new applications will be continued  2 potential new applications have been identified  PARSIMLOC, PFE for CBIR and ETFIS. Another one from UoBL abandoned. Albania:  Establishment of NGI with new members: delayed due to situation. Event in March/April?  Status of all the sites: INIMA inactive, FIEE, FECO and FNS only 3 extra new nodes each?  Gate + 1 new application: 2 candidates – should investigate.

22 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200722 R2 “Meetings in Albania and Bosnia” Albania pending

23 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200723 R3 “All deliverable reports should include a concise executive summary that is to the point and describes the report, its key findings, along with conclusions and recommendations” Deliverable editors please keep in mind.

24 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200724 R4 “Underspend issue” Clarified Partners should carry out work as explained Events in Albania and Bosnia are part of this Re-distribution will be done in Q7.

25 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200725 R5 “Amendment regarding Albania” Pending

26 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200726 R6 “The project is interacting with a number of Framework 6 projects. Deliverable 1.3b (final progress report) should include a description of these interactions, focusing particularly on what the interactions comprised of, what was achieved in concrete terms, and the benefits to the SEE-GRID-2 project and the other projects concerned.” OK

27 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200727 R7 “Deliverable 1.3b (final progress report) should include a concise summary of what the SEEGRID-2 infrastructure comprises: e.g., CPUs per installation, machine configurations, disk storage, memory, bandwidth availability, which user communities are using it, for what applications, and what its utilisation is. As part of this, the use by member countries should also be described.” Action on WP3 to establish metrics. Status?

28 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200728 R8 “High quality presentational material (presentations and glossy handouts) for the three flagship applications needs to be developed. This should describe the problem being tackled and why it is important, why grid computing is appropriate, what has been achieved, and why it is significant. The primary target groups should be national representatives from research funding bodies, politicians and industry.” Done

29 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200729 R9 “The industry day in Thessalonica in September 2007 is important. Key drivers for the meeting should be to show why eInfrastructures and grid R&D can be of significant importance to the long term scientific and economic development of SEE countries. A short report on the impact and outcomes of the meeting should be prepared for the Commission and included in the following 3-monthly progress report (deliverable 1.2) as well as the deliverable 1.3b.” Done

30 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200730 R10 “The project is advised to do more in terms of dissemination of knowledge targeting policymakers from research funding bodies, since this is a very clear and efficient way to achieving sustainability of the SEE grid infrastructure.” A10: This will be carried out as part of national-level dissemination activities and is also related to the answer to recommendation number 8. All must do this; WP5

31 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200731 R11 “The consortium partners should capitalise on the community they have developed. Together, they potentially have a critical mass to jointly influence decision making in areas such as the European Grid Initiative. The collective team spirit is of value beyond the project deliverables, and mechanism should be sought to sustain the team beyond the SEE-GRID-2 project. This could possibly be in the form of a SEE regional grid initiative similar to those seen in other regions of Europe.” A11: The longer-term possibility of forming the regional grid initiative or similar mechanism will be considered during and after the project; also EGI developments will be followed.

32 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200732 R12 R12. For the future, the consortium is advised to analyse the possibilities of buying hardware (within or beyond the SEE-GRID-2 project) at a consortium level since significant cost reductions could be obtained. A12: Since the purchases have been already carried out in large majority of countries, this will be considered for the future.

33 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200733 R13 R13. Though the recommendations from the final SEE-GRID review have been well addressed by the consortium, the recommendations are still relevant and it would be prudent to ensure that they are acknowledged and pursued even further. A13: This will be done.

34 SEEGRID PSC 06 Meeting – Sarajevo, 22.11.200734 WP1 Actions Events finalise Moldova, BiH, Albania actions Contract amendment needed, especially for Albania? WP2 and WP4 dissemination Review recommendations’ implementation must be followed by the WP leaders (Consortium Agreement for SEEGRIDSCI)

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