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Charisma Enterprise The best solution for Leasing Liviu Dan Dragan, General Manager Vlad Cristutiu, Charisma Enterprise Product Manager October 23, 2008.

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1 Charisma Enterprise The best solution for Leasing Liviu Dan Dragan, General Manager Vlad Cristutiu, Charisma Enterprise Product Manager October 23, 2008

2 Agenda  TotalSoft – initiative, experience, successes!  References – our business card  Financial & Banking - references!  CHARISMA – the operational leasing solution  New functionalities in Charisma Leasing  New modules connected

3 TotalSoft - initiative! WE DARED TO WE DARED TO AT PREZENT … develop the first Romanian ERP system … the system is used in 8 European countries: Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Albania and Serbia … promote the project management concept in Romania … Primavera is used by more than 550 companies and has more than 5000 certified trained users … develop medical software solutions … Medicover, the largest chain of private clinics & laboratories in CEE uses our solutions … develop complex e-business solutions … Romanian public institutions as well as private companies like Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Siemens AG use our e-procurement solutions

4 TotalSoft - experience!  Microsoft Certified Gold Partner  We were the second Romanian software company to become ISO 9001-2001 certified  Primavera Sole Authorized Representative for Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary (in Romania we got more than 90% market share for Project Management software)  Regional software supplier with implementations in Greece, Poland,Hungary, Czech Rep, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Moldova  14 years of continuous presence on the Romanian and international markets; 400 employees  Total Revenues for 2007 reached 15 million Euros

5  Enterprise Software (ERP) – Totalsoft is the leading vendor in the “2 nd tier” segment for the last 3 years in Romania  Project Management – TotalSoft is the main promoter of completely integrated Project Management solutions in Romania  Customized Software / Outsourcing Services – TotalSoft offers turnkey solutions to the public and private sectors  Software solutions for mobile devices – solutions for accessing and displaying enterprise data on smart phones / PDA  HR & Payroll outsourcing services Business lines

6  Over 300 implementations in Romania and other East European countries ( 50 of them, just in Financial services sector);  An ERP solution that includes specialized modules for: leasing, retail, fleet management, service, insurances, human resources and many others;  In 2006, Microsoft nominated Charisma as the most complex ERP system in Romania developed on Microsoft technology;  According to the KPMG study “ Software systems for the leasing industry. An international overview” written by Eelco Wolters and Marc Peeters, IT consultants and leasing specialists, TotalSoft is presented among the main world providers of IT systems for the Automotive Leasing and Equipment and Finance Lease. Charisma Enterprise … at a glance

7 Starting with 2004, Charisma went regional – TotalSoft followed its customers’ regional expansion, at their request:  Albania – Raiffeisen Leasing & Tirana Leasing (Piraeus Bank)  Greece – BMW Bank & BMW Leasing  Bulgaria – Raiffeisen Leasing, Scania Credit, Balkan Star (Mercedes), NLB Leasing  Rusia – BMW Bank  Ukraine – Raiffeisen Leasing Charisma Enterprise … at a glance

8 References are our business card!

9 References important clients! DistributionServicesFinancialRetailPharmaConstructionsProduction Public

10  BCR (Erste) Leasing  BMW Bank Greece  BMW Leasing Greece  BMW Russia  Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria  Raiffeisen Leasing Romania  Raiffeisen Leasing Albania  BNP Paribas Leasing  Deutsche Leasing  Eurobank Leasing Main customers - Banks owned Financial & Banking References  Piraeus Leasing  Tirana (Piraeus) Leasing Albania  Fortis Leasing  Eurial ( NBG) Leasing  Romexterra Leasing  BT Leasing  Marfin Leasing  Italo-Romena Leasing  NLB Leasing Bulgaria

11  RCI Leasing  Ţiriac Leasing  Premium Leasing  Volvo Leasing Romania  Scania Credit Romania  Scania Credit Bulgaria  Autoitalia Leasing Main customers - Captive companies Financial & Banking References

12  TBI Leasing  Balkan Star Bulgaria  Bavaria Leasing  Radacini Invest  Meridian Leasing  Medicredit Leasing  Cardinal Leasing  ETRA  Net Consult  Millenium Leasing  Transpec Main customers – Independent companies Financial & Banking References

13 Main customers - Credit & inssurance  RCI Inssurance Broker  Raiffeisen Inssurance Broker  TBI Inssurance Broker  BTWC - Broker de Asigurări  Gif Finantare IFN  RALFI(GE Money) Credit  TBI Credit  RCI Finantare  Romcom Oradea  FNGCIMM Financial & Banking References

14 Charisma Architecture

15 Operational Leasing in Charisma

16 Operational Leasing Back-office Module Description:  All company functionalities using a single application and a single data base.  Powerful security system that allows restrictions, even at data base field level.  Multi-company and multi-location system, allowing on-line and off-line operating from any connecting point;  Multi-currency system that allows the tracking of all data, in multiple currencies simultaneously, with positive effects in reporting;  High configurable application – can be adapted to all types of business models;  Fully operational leasing control

17 Operational Leasing Back-office Module General presentation:  Definable Work-flow: actions and documents  Configurable payment schedule  Configurable services  Financing product fully configurable

18 Operational Leasing Back-office Module Contract  Contract multiple validations  Full additional addendums  Tracking all real expenses per car, making possible the comparison with invoiced expenses  Electronic archiving interface

19 Fleet Management Module  Web based module  Natural integration with Leasing BO and Fixed Assets  Collects all real expenses done by car  Assure planning for maintenance and repairs

20 New important functionalities  Fully configurable payment schedule  Configurable actions on Document Type  Web Scoring configurable  Work-flow configurable  Special interface for expenses allocation on contracts  Insurance and refinancing additional functionalities

21 New modules CRM & Call Center Document Management

22 CRM & Call Center module  Based on Microsoft CRM  Automatic recognition of input calls  Levels of decision  History of input calls  Fully integration with Charisma Data and Reports

23 Document Management  Facilitates the process of working with documents: saving, archiving, finding, history, control of versions, reporting;  Connects directly to documents within Charisma  Allows customized graphic presentation  Settings of public and private sections  Implements the document workflow systems  Easy to use system for document updates  Allows fast document tracking  Manages access rights  Creates workflows

24 Thank you!

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