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Regional Conference “THROUGH COOPERATION TOWARDS INTEGRATION” Montenegro, 8-9 th October 2007 Working Group II Instrument of Pre Accession and Cross Border.

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1 Regional Conference “THROUGH COOPERATION TOWARDS INTEGRATION” Montenegro, 8-9 th October 2007 Working Group II Instrument of Pre Accession and Cross Border Cooperation REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA MINISTRY OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION

2 Content Organization and responsibilities Overview of EU funds –Component I – “Institution Building and Transition Support” –Component II – “Cross Border Cooperation” Challenges…

3 EU Assistance Implementing Structures Delegation of the European Commission Central Managing Authority of the EC Assistance Ministry of European Integration National IPA Coordinator on the Albanian Government’s side Department of Donor and Strategy Coordination within the Council of Ministers provides support to the process through the IPS

4 IPA Coordinating Structures Line Ministries and other Government Agencies Ministry of European Integration Council of Ministers Department Strategy and Donor Coordination European Union European Commission CBC Unit Member States IPA Unit EC Delegation in Albania

5 Ministry of European Integration Appointed National IPA Coordinator Two main Sectors: Sector of IPA dealing with Component I Sector of Regional Cooperation dealing with Component II Main Tasks lead the process of programming EU funds co-operation with Line Ministries and central institutions to identify the priorities for funding by IPA Programme and in consultation with the Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination shall submit these priorities for approval to the Strategic Planning Committee coordinate, monitor and report the implementation of EU funded projects between the DEC and Line Institutions

6 Department of Donor and Strategy Coordination The Department is responsible for implementing the Integrated Planning System (IPS) approved by the Government in November 2005 The Department main Tasks are: –To improve consultation process with donor community –To align international assistance with national priorities The Department coordinates all sources of Foreign Assistance In charge of preparing the Strategic Planning Committee agenda

7 European Integration Units Establishment of EIU in each Line Ministry was done by CMD no. 179, dated 22.02.2006 Under direct supervision and responsibility of the Secretary General in each Line Ministry Role: Coordination and support in implementing SAA obligations within the Line Ministry, – contact points for the programming phase Accommodation of SPO’s upon future appointments

8 Overview of EU Financial Assistance to Albania CARDS 2001 – Completed CARDS 2002 – Completed CARDS 2003 – Completed CARDS 2004 – Contracting completed CARDS 2005 – Implementation has started in 2006, contracting to be completed Sept.2008 CARDS 2006 – Approval Procedures have started IPA 2007 – Signature of Financial Agreement expected end of 2007 IPA 2008 – U nder programming phase

9 Overview of EU Assistance under IPA Albania for the period 2007 – 2009 benefits form Component I and II YEARS COMPONENTS 2007200820092007- 2009 COMPONENT I Institution Building and Transition Support 54.361.170.9186 COMPONENT II Cross-Border Cooperation 6.79.610.326.6 TOTAL (in mill Euros) 61.070.781.1212.6

10 IPA 2007 projects Political requirements (16.5 million Euro) –Support for PAMECA –TA to the CFCU –Implementation of the pre-detention system Economic and social requirements (9.5 million Euro) –Contribution to multibeneficiary programs –Support to INSTAT –Support SME policies European Standards (28.3 million Euro) –Rehabilitation of water and sewerage system –Customs and Taxation Support

11 Key lessons from IPA 2007 –National Plan for the implementation of the SAA Basic document for reporting the accomplishment of the Albanian obligations in the European Integration Process Basic reference for programming of IPA assistance –Financial needs from the National Plan reflected to the MTBP and the annual budget as part of the Gov’t Integrated Planning System –Overlapping of CARDS project –Projects under Component of regional development

12 Programming of IPA 2008 IPA '08 Strategic Planning Committee Approval in principle in the SPC / Discussion with ECD Working groups Set up of Internal working groups / discussion with Line Ministries Writing of project fiches After a final approval of the potential project ideas, beneficiaries will write the project fiches Submission of project fiches The deadline to submit IPA project fiches is beginning of February 2008, IPA Committee June 2008 Revision of the NPISAA Identification of priorities for IPA 2008 Discussion with ECD Current stage

13 CBC Component 1. CBC Programmes (bordering countries) 1.1 EU member states –IPA-Adriatic - ~15 mln Euro 2007-2009 –Greece-Albania ~ 4 mln Euro 2007-2009 1.2 Western Balkans –Albania-Montenegro ~ 2,5 Mln Euro 2007-2009 –Macedonia-Albania ~2.7 Mln Euro 2007-2009 –Unilateral programme at the regions bordering Kosovo 2007 – 0.5 Mln Euro ( 2.4 Mln Euro 2007-2009)

14 CBC component (Con’t) Current status: Programming Structures of the CBC Programmes have been established Preparation of the CBC Programme documents –internal borders: fyRoM-AL, AL-MN, unilateral Programme with Kosova –external borders: GR-AL, Adriatic Submission of the CBC Programmes in the European Commission Future activities: Raise the awareness for participation in CBC Programmes (training of local stakeholders, in the framework of the launch of proposal) Preparation on building the JTSs of the CBC Programmes

15 CBC Component (Con’t) 2. Transnational Programmes Southeast Europe – 0.6 Mln Euro for 2007-2009 Programme submitted – To be approved by the end of December 2007 MED 2007 – no participation for 2007, under discussion participation for the coming years 3. Interregional Programmes –No current participation

16 Community Programmes Lead the internal and external consultation and coordination process (Line Ministries and Stakeholder) Preparation and start of the participation procedures Expresion of interest for full participation in 2008 in: - Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) - Competitiveness & Innovation Programme (CIP) - Europe for Citizens - Youth in Action Close cooperation with line Ministries in preparatory/information activities Support for providing the necessary compatible framework conditions for the management of CPs (strengthening administrative capacities)

17 Challenges ahead Enhance capacities to better conduct the programming process and the monitoring of project implementation; Better coordination with member states and IFIs; Completion of the decentralization process

18 Programming and monitoring of project implementation Greater active involvement of the beneficiaries since the programming phase; Enhance administrative capacity to manage the projects ; Conduct independent assessment of the efficiency of projects that are being implemented as well as effectiveness (objectives achievement)

19 Donor coordination Need for better coordination of donor assistance: improvement of consultation process with donor community through donor meetings and working tables; alignment of international assistance with national priorities;

20 Towards decentralization process Council of Ministers Decision on the newly established IPA implementation structures: –Appointment of CAO, NAO, PAO –CFCU – Central Financing and Contracting Unit is established within the Ministry of Finance –SPO – Senior Programme Officer to be appointed within the European Integration Units Close cooperation with the MF and transition from centralized to the DIS: –establishment of effective and efficient management of the tendering and contracting procedures, and –viable technical and financial reporting system

21 Contact Details Ministry of European Integration Department of Institutional Support and the Integration Process Tel 228645/ fax 256267 E-mail: (Head of Department) (IPAUnit) (IPA Unit) (CBC Unit) (CBC Unit)

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