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Albania presentation Capital name: Tirana (Tirane) Population:3,600,523 (July 2007 est.) Area total: 28,748 sq km Frosina GJINO Focal Point of European.

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1 Albania presentation Capital name: Tirana (Tirane) Population:3,600,523 (July 2007 est.) Area total: 28,748 sq km Frosina GJINO Focal Point of European Agency for Safety and Health at Work State Labor Inspectorate Director of Occupational safety and Health. Blue eye (Saranda) Needs and challenges in the area of Health and Safety at work in Albania

2 A short presentation of Albania Albania is called in our Albanian language Shqipëria, and it means the country of eagle. We have an eagle also in the state emblem. Albanians are very old nation. Our history starts from the prehistoric stage, with early records of Ilyria in Greco-Roman historiography. My country is a very beautiful country, with sunshine most of the time, large seaside, high mountains, lakes, forests, etc. We say in Albania “the God was prodigal when he created us”. Another thing that makes me proud is that Albanian people are vital, dynamic, friendly, hospitable, with humor sense but they were unlucky for 50 years. The Albanian’s dream is a better life in a new democracy and integrated Europe.

3 The progress in OSH area  Albania has started a closer cooperation with EU, after the communist regime collapse in 1990.  After signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with EU in June 2006, we are included in Stabilization and Association Process.  According to the occupational safety and health area, based in (SAA) is done a good progress.  Albania has adopted the “National Strategy for Occupational Safety and Health” and the action plan for implementing of this strategy.  The Occupational Safety and Health law is drafted according to the European Framework Directive (89/391/EEC) and ILO Conventions, it is in approving process by the Government and parliament.  The consolidation and revitalization of labour inspection is done and we are implementing new labour inspection policies.  Cooperation between SLI, Trade Union and all the institutions that make contribution in the OSH field is realized, following with cooperation platforms.

4 Technical assistance projects, implemented in SLI Albania  An important role for improving development of Labour Inspection Services, comes from International technical assistance projects.  A cycle of trainings for labour inspectors was provided by GIP International two years ago.  The National profile of Occupational Safety and health in Albania, followed by an institutional assessment has been provided by ILO.  A cycle of trainings will be provided next month in Albania with labour inspectors, by ILO experts.  Including Albania into the OSHA Agency network and providing support by the Agency for the Focal Point, is as an open window for Albania, through which we can learn how to work.  Implementation of project under the CARDS program “Strengthening Labour Market and Employment and Support to Labour Inspection Services and Regional Labour Offices in Albania” bring us, a new philosophy of managing and inspection process through many activities such as: Institutional assessment, building of training system, development of SLI website, organization of different workshops, development of posters for campaign, of manuals, etc.

5 How to make the cooperation more fruitful and efficient  Based in my modest experience, we must work in different ways to make the cooperation more fruitful and efficient. For example it is very important to develop the website, but it is very important too, to equip Labor inspectors with computers.  Training of labor inspectors, is good to go with study visits, in developed European countries.  Support for attending of international activities in OSH area, will help for share information and will help for exchange mutual experiences too.  It is important, to realize regional cooperation through common projects in OSH field. This will give impact in some directions; –The political class of Balkan will have chance to understand, that nations are not enemies with which other. –It will help the emigrants, for a better integration in the labor market. –It will effect the Balkan to enjoy European Integration as a region.

6 The needs and expectations from projects  The needs for a country like Albania, left in shadow for 50 years, are in many aspects. Allow me please to mention some of them as following;  Trainings for different topics in OSH field.  Assistance for implementing of new OSH Law. There are many new concepts and methods like “ Preventive Services”, “Risk Assessment”, “Worker’s representatives”, “Council of Safety and Health at Work” etc.  Translations of EU OSH Agency materials.  Continuation of support for National Focal Point.  Organization of national and European campaigns in OSH field.  Strengthening of social dialog.  Development of studies methodologies in OSH field.  Study for surveying of conditions of work in different industries.  Support for creating of regional network.  Developing a database for labour inspections (informatisation of inspection).  General equipments like computers, printers, vehicles etc. for Labour inspectors.  Personal equipments for labour inspectors  Study visits for labour inspectors in European countries.

7 Thank you for your attention TIRANA

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