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Albania 2010. Elena, Geini, Anisa Gejni, Anisa,Elena,Oselito.

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1 Albania 2010



4 Elena, Geini, Anisa Gejni, Anisa,Elena,Oselito


6 Elena, Marianna, Julietta, Feride, Elena, Anisa, Geini, Ervis, Romeo

7 Elena, Mariana, Amide, Geni

8 FerideAsia

9 Esmeralda ? Esmeralda, Geni

10 Elena, Esmeralda




14 Romeo, Alban, Ervis, Embrao, Demir

15 Piosenka o rybce Nje peshk i vogel erdhi ne plazh. Notonte, notonte ne bregu e detit. Erdhi peshkaqeni dhe donte ta ante. Mniam!

16 THE COUNTRY OF THE RAINBOW We are children from all over the world and we want to change it. We do not like the world as it is. It is full of many beautiful things but too many people suffer from hunger and war; because their skin's a different color; and because the strong want to crush the weak. Our planet is full of beautiful things, but, more and more it is filling up with trash and the air is getting more polluted and the water is getting dirtier. We want a more just and human world; a world without divisions between white, black, yellow, and dark, between rich and poor, between young and old. We want to build a cleaner world, where pollution doesn't make forests yellow and water brown, and where there is room for all colors and all people … We are friends of everybody, even of those that nobody wants near them. We are friends with the elderly because it is not right that they are always alone. We are friends of those children that people call 'different' because they are like us, even if they do not know how to run or talk. We friends of foreigners, of those that people want to send back, even if sometimes they do not have a real house. We are friend of nature, true friends, not those who burn forests and dirty the sea. … This is the Country of the Rainbow.

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