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Albania By: Jacqueline Osuna. Where is Albania Found??? Albania is found by the coast of the Adriatic sea. It is between Greece, Macedonia, serbia, and.

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1 Albania By: Jacqueline Osuna

2 Where is Albania Found??? Albania is found by the coast of the Adriatic sea. It is between Greece, Macedonia, serbia, and Montenegro.

3 Albania's Landforms... Albania has : More than 75% of it's land area covered in steep hills or mountains with an elevation of 650 feet or higher. A small, mountainous country bordering the Adriatic and Ionian seas. All of the mountains of the Albanian Alps reach as high as 8,900 feet in places and are extremely rugged and heavily forested. Mount Korab, which rises 9,032 feet above sea level, and is the highest point in Albania.

4 Albania's Climate... Albania's climate is Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and cooler, wetter winter months. (Winters are quite a bit colder than the eastern part of the country. Precipitation in the country is fairly heavy in many areas, with 100 inches or more falling annually on the northern mountains. Much of the rainfall occurs in the winter.

5 What Kind Of Resources Does Albania Have? Albania's main natural resources: fuels metals Coal Petroleum (Dont really have the proper equipmet to extract it from the ground) Natural Gas (they dont really use it but they have a lot of it beneath their country) Water (the steep mountains allow for fast-moving streams that can be harnessed for hydroelectric power.) Wood (38% of the land in Albania is forested, with thick oak and pine )

6 What Kind Of Resources Does Albania Have? Minerals that came from mountains: Iron Nickel Copper Cobalt Bauxite Gold Silver Magnesium phosphorus Dolomite Chromium (Is one of most valued minerals in the country.

7 What Kind Of Environment Does Albania Have? Albania holds many Endangered animals, like the Mediterranean monk seal, meadow viper, and the Baltic sturgeon. Albania's coastline is heavily littered with trash, all because residents have historically dumped garbage directly into the sea. Albania contains some of the best timber in the region.

8 History Of Albania... Some of the southern coastal areas of the peninsula were colonized by Greece around the seventh century BC. When the Roman Empire split into eastern and western halves, Albania became part of the eastern Byzantine Empire. For 1,500 years Albania was conquered by Goths, Bulgars, Slavs, and Normans. Byzantine control ended in 1347.

9 History Of Albania... Turkey began its campaign for control of Albania in 1385 but met resistance from a movement led by George Castroita who managed to maintain Albanian independence for about 20 years. In 1478, after the siege of Scutari, regained control of the country and made it part of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey's domination of Albania lasted into the 19th century

10 Albania's Contemporary Issues... Powerful organized crime groups, human and drug trafficking and blood feuds ruled by ancient customs have all contributed to high rates of violent crime in Albania. It is believed that the nation's underground economy accounts for as half of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Run by mafian- style groups.

11 Albania's Contemporary Issues... Throughout many centuries, dating back to 3,000 years, were left without a strong goverment or authority; so they established a system. A system of retribution, formally known as "Kanun", which allows for the murder of anyone who kills another. In 1991, the laws of "Kanun" reemerged!

12 Albania's People... 98% of the people are Albanian, most of the remaining 2% registered as Greek (April 1989) There are small numbers of other minorities in Albania, including Macedonians, Montenegrins and Serbs, Vlachs, Armenians, and there is also a substantial number of Roma. Greek Serbs Roma

13 Alabnia's Food... Along the coast the cuisine has been influenced by the Italians and the inlands by Turks They eat less pork and more lamb, due to both Greek and Islamic influence. Peppers stuffed with meat or other vegetables are also popular in Albania, as are meals of roast duck or chicken. Baklava and ice cream are common desserts. Balkan

14 Holidays & Festivals In Albania... Independence Day- Albanians celebrate the end of a German and Italian invasion in 1944 (They celebrate it on November 29). Republic Day- This holiday is celebrated on January 11.

15 Holidays & Festivals In Albania... Feast of St. Basil- there is a traditional belief that St. Basil travels from house to house blessing each family on New Year's Eve. It is now customary for priests to make similar rounds among their parishioners. On New Year's Day, a cake called St. Basil's Bread is baked in each household. A coin is baked into the cake, and the person who receives the piece holding the coin is considered the luckiest in the house. (They celebrate it on January 1).

16 Albania's Arts & Landmarks The first known written document in Albanian dates from 1462, a Geg baptismal formula. Literature began to become important in the later 19th century. Butrinti, before it was swallowed up by marshes, the city was occupied by the Venetians. Other culturally significant cities include Berat and Gjirokastra, which the communist government declared to be "museum towns" in an effort to preserve them as living communities under the protection of the Institute of Cultural Monuments

17 Albania's Goverment... Albania is, a republic, and parliamentary system of government Their Executives, Legislature and Judiciary are all basically the same as the U.S

18 A Little More About Albania... Total Armed Forces- 14, 295 External Public Debt- $1,550,000,000 Population- 3,659, 616 (estimate) Exported Goods- Fuels, processed foods, asphalt, petroleum products, tobacco, metals and metallic ores, crude oil, vegetables, fruits. Imported Goods- Machinery, machine tools, grains, foodstuffs, fuels, textiles, iron and steel products, chemicals, consumer products.

19 Article's Of Albania's President... Alfred Moisiu was the prsident of Albania from July 2002 to July 2007. He was a in the Socialist Party. Born in Shkoder, Albania, on December 1, 1929, Moisiu is a retired career militarist. He took part in the war for liberation, (1943-1945) He was given the post of deputy defense minister in the Albanian government in 1971 and served in this capacity until 1982.

20 Article's Of Albania's President... in late 1991, Moisiu served as Albania's defense minister in the country's transitional government of 1991–1992 under former president Sali Berisha. He later was reappointed to his second term as deputy defense minister and served in the post from 1994 until 1997 Led by Moisiu as president since its inception in 1994, the Association was designed to help bring stability to the region and has organized numerous workshops and conferences on security and weapons control.

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