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Mrs. Sutton’s Gifted and Talented Class “Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm”

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1 Mrs. Sutton’s Gifted and Talented Class “Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm”

2 Mrs. Kelly Sutton Masters Degree in Elementary Education specializing in Integrating Technology Endorsed in Gifted and Talented Education

3 Mrs. Kelly Sutton 12 th year at Centerville 8 th year teaching GT

4 Arrival and Dismissal 7:45 School Begins 8:00 Tardy 2:20 Bus Dismissal 2:30 Car Dismissal

5 Dismissal Need to know transportation home. Ride changes must be made in writing. Names listed as emergency contacts are the only other people allowed to pick up student.

6 Dismissal Car riders: Must have sign in window in order to pick up. Keep in window until student is in car. One drop off and pick up point – K/1 st grade hall Leaving School Early: Send note to school with time and name of person picking up.

7 Dismissal/Visiting Leaving School Early: Student can only be dismissed by call from office staff. Visiting: Scan driver’s license at sign-in kiosk. Visitor’s tag will be printed.

8 New Health Room Rules Nurse can only use ice packs, soap and water, and Vaseline. No more ointment, oral gel, itch cream, cough drops, etc. If needed, must supply from home with permission to dispense.

9 New Cafeteria Procedures No more cards Students enter pin number Can pay and monitor lunch account online.

10 Healthy Snack Students may bring a healthy snack and a water bottle. Examples: Fruit Cereal bar/granola bar CrackersCarrots/Celery Do NOT bring candy, chips, cookies, or items that need a utensil. NO PEANUT PRODUCTS!

11 Discipline Classroom Rules Listen carefully. Follow directions. Be prepared. Ask for permission. Be respectful. Strikes 1.Warning 2.No Recess and/or Silent Lunch 3.Conference 4.Office Referral 5.Lose Privileges

12 Homework Daily math and reading assignments. A missed homework assignment automatically equals no recess. Five missed homework assignments equals after school detention.

13 Grading Reports Papers sent home every two weeks. Midterm Reports Report cards every nine weeks Computer Access

14 Contact Easiest and quickest way to contact me is through email. Weekly updates/newsletters are emailed on Friday mornings.

15 Centerville’s Curriculum Focus 21 st Century Skills (The 4C’s) Critical Thinking CollaborationCommunicationCreativity

16 Language Arts Novel Units Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule Wayside School is Falling Down Shiloh Number the Stars Frindle These could change.

17 Mathematics UnitsDecimalsDivisionFractionsAlgebraGeometryMeasurement Data Analysis Probability

18 Science Units and Kits Cells and Ecosystems Forces and Motion Landforms and Oceans Mixtures and Solutions

19 Social Studies U.S. History: 1865 to Present Reconstruction Westward Movement Immigration World War I Roaring Twenties and Great Depression World War II and Post War

20 GT Expectations This is Centerville’s 5 th grade Project Challenge class. It is an accelerated class - slightly faster pace. More in-depth. Required projects throughout the year (small and large). Challenge questions on math test. Work to full potential.

21 Gateway to Middle School Students will have tools to use to develop these skills. Students will focus on the skills of responsibility and organization. For GT students, also time management. Notebook Homework folder Agenda

22 Fifth Grade Field Trip May 29 th – 31 st Participating in Teaching KATE program At Camp Bob Cooper in Summerton, SC Part of Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute

23 Fifth Grade Field Trip Three days of ecological studies dealing with animals, water, soil, and forestry. Approximate cost: $160 More information to come in September.

24 Reminders Pay materials fee Join PTO Buy a class t-shirt Purchase a yearbook


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