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Psychology Mrs. Amy Sefcik Room 2636 Conference: 2B.

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5 Psychology Mrs. Amy Sefcik Room 2636 Conference: 2B

6 Course Goals Introduce students to the fascinating field of psychology in order to help them better understand the human aspect of the world around them. Have fun doing it.

7 Books & Media Textbook: Myers, David G. (2004). Psychology, Seventh Edition, in Modules (7 th ed.). Supplemental Reading: Barron’s Guide to the AP Psychology Exam Passer/Smith Psychology, 3 rd ed. Vocabulary: worksheets and vocab from text Case Studies: Forty Studies That Changed Psychology Film: Zimbardo’s Introductory Psychology series; clips from popular films that accurately illustrate psychological phenomena

8 Vocabulary Vocabulary is half the battle in any new subject. We will use the vocabulary resources provided in the book, and supplement them as needed. You will also build your vocabulary via a daily “Word of the Day” and a “Living Word Wall”

9 Case Studies Because Psychology is a continually developing field, and we have a finite amount of time to work with the material in class, you will be expected to read assigned case studies outside of class. Case studies will be assigned at the beginning of a unit and may be asked about on the Unit Test. Case Study Reviews will be due the day of the unit test.

10 Discussion Board Each week you will be asked a reflective question based on the unit topic. You are required to post: an original response, and two replies to your classmates’ comments (replies must be meaningful) Cite your sources (at least one per original post) using MLA or APA format. Your initial post must be complete no later than Wednesday at midnight to give your classmates time to respond. Replies must be posted no later than Saturday at midnight.

11 Grading-Psyc AP Major: (80%) Unit Test Unit Project Case Study Review Minor: (20%) Vocabulary Study Questions Discussion Board Post

12 Make-up Work Wiki-space When you are absent, the district policy states that you have one day plus the number of days you were absent to turn in any missed daily work. However, if you are absent on the day an assignment is due, it is due the day you return. For long-term, major projects, you receive a five-day window in which to turn in the project whether you are at school or not. If you are absent YOU are responsible for getting your make-up work from our online classroom. If you do not understand any part of the assignment, please ask me. If you are on campus the day an assignment is due, and are not sent home due to illness, the standard late work policy applies.

13 Transfer Students The class wiki is your best resource for keeping up with the class. Higher level of difficulty because of lack of time, but not impossible. Tutorials and extended day: use them! Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays, other days by appointment only. Appointment means a REQUEST, at least 24 hours in advance. I teach night class at ITT, and am taking courses in a Master’s Program. I am Not physically available at certain times, but can always be reached via email.

14 Late Policy Daily Work: may be turned in the day following the due date, for (max. of) half credit. Major grade assignments will be docked 10 points per day. Saturday and Sunday count as two days. The first deduction occurs after the end of your class period on the day the assignment is due. If a five-day window has been given for a long-term, major assignment (ex. Outside Reading) it will not be accepted after the last day of the window. What if… aliens abduct my sister, and I miss my aunt’s wedding trying to save her, getting to campus only five minutes ago and suddenly realizing I left my assignment sitting on the stove, so now it’s bound to be a pile of ashes, but I stayed up until four o’clock working on it! Consider a career in screenwriting. It’s still late. What if… I need extra help with the assignment. Talk to me at least 24 hours in advance of the due time (i.e., the day before, during your class).

15 Discipline & Plagiarism The nature of the Carl Wunsche Sr. High School is professional. Students are expected to act professionally and appropriately in all classroom situations. Plagiarism will result in a loss of credit for the assignment and may result in a referral to the Assistant Principal’s office.

16 Supplies Writing Utensil (pen/pencil) Highlighters Your Laptop

17 Questions?

18 Quote Me! Top: Quote Middle Left: Picture of you! Middle Right: Name, Birthday, 3 Things We Should Know About You Bottom: What the quote means to you

19 “Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” --Yoda Name: Mrs. Amy Sefcik Birthday: December 4 th Dream Career: Teaching/Counseling Things You Should Know About Me: i.I love to draw and write ii.I’m a techie/gamer, once upon I time I played WoW iii.My family is the most important thing in my life The quote represents my feelings on personal effort and responsibility. Everything you do tells others something about you, so you must put your best effort forth. Anything less is worthy of neither you, nor them.

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