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Mrs. Evans’ English IV Information & Expectations.

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2 Mrs. Evans’ English IV Information & Expectations

3 Tardy Bell Be in the room when the tardy bell rings. Detentions will be issued at the tardy station. You should be working on the warm-up as soon as you enter the room. This is not social hour.

4 Supplies for English IV Paper Writing Utensil Spiral Use loose leaf paper for assignments Flash drive.

5 Correct Heading UUse the correct heading on EVERY assignment turned in. NameDate Subject- SectionTeacher name Title NameDate Subject- SectionTeacher name Title

6 No Cheating  Cheating doesn’t help you learn. It isn’t fair to the person who actually did the work.  Consequences: parent notification, grade of zero, 2 days ISS

7 Missing Class?  If you know you’re going to miss class, it would help if you would come by beforehand to get your make up work.  You have the same number of days missed to get your work to me.  Pick up make up work from trays on closet doors as you come in to the classroom.

8 Most Important- Be Respectful Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. Thank you. You’re welcome. Follow my directions by listening. Stay awake.

9 Consequences  1. Warning  2. Parent contact  3. Detention  4. Office Referral

10 Extra Credit  Three points will be added to a daily grade for a box of tissues. I’ll take a maximum of 2 boxes at a time.  Grade of 100 given for signed parent form.  Grade of 100 given for open house, 9-16-13, attendance.

11 How I will communicate with you!  s_name=2012- 2013+English+IV&phone_number=%28424%29+543- 2487&user_signature=Mrs.+Evans s_name=2012- 2013+English+IV&phone_number=%28424%29+543- 2487&user_signature=Mrs.+Evans  Send a text message to (424) 543-2487 with the message @20122013e OR  Send an email to: Leave subject  Facebook page: Evans English IV!/evansenglishiv

12 Scan the QR code and email the information to

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