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 I believe in treating each child fairly and as individuals and showing respect for them and especially their talents.  Every child can succeed, and.

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3  I believe in treating each child fairly and as individuals and showing respect for them and especially their talents.  Every child can succeed, and I am here to teach them the material they will need to know to succeed.  I am professional and look out for the children and focus on keeping them safe in the classroom, always.

4 High quality instruction Comprehensive reform strategies and methods that are founded on scientifically based research Strategies and methods to improve teacher quality and professional development Consolidated use of funds Ocean Park Elementary is a Title 1 School. It’s programs serve all the children here at school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall written schoolwide program. The purpose is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core subject areas for all students, especially those students most in need. This purpose is achieved through:

5 This is a favorite quote of mine. I believe I am a good teacher and that your children will be good students!

6  As your child’s teacher, I expect overall, that the class rules to be followed.  I will also expect a positive attitude from the students and a successful year academically overall from the class as a whole. I have high expectations!  I expect the children to read during free time and to ask for help if they ever have any questions.  I expect for work to be turned in on time and for you, as their parents, to make sure homework and projects are completed.

7  Classroom work is aligned with Common Core Standards. Reading & writing is integrated into our social studies and science units so that non-fiction reading increases students’ knowledge base.  You can expect me to teach your children to the best of my abilities everyday in a safe and fun learning environment.  You can expect that I will communicate regularly via classroom newsletters and/or homework packets.

8 If you finish early When given an assignment End of class dismissal Walking to and from specials (Music/PE) Cafeteria expectations Forming a line When a school-wide announcement or classroom page is made Entering the classroom Using the restroom When you are absent Getting materials without disturbing others When you need a writing utensil or paper Recess expectations The Pencil Game These are just a few of our procedures we will be learning starting on the first day of school and following throughout the year.

9  Responding to a fire drill  Listen for the teacher’s instructions  Exit the room to the right  When you get outside, do down the sidewalk to the right  Proceed to the north end of the playground  Once there everyone should check in with the teacher  Responding to a tsunami or earthquake drill  Crouch under tables  Listen for the teacher’s instructions  Be quiet and aware for instructions  Responding to an intruder drill  Crouch under tables away from the door  Teacher will lock the door  Remain silent and listen for the teacher’s instructions.

10  8:00-8:30--Morning Routine/Warm Up Work 8:30-9:00– G.L.A.D. – Language Development 9:05 – 9:55 --Specials (Music, Library, or PE) 10:00 Fresh Fruit and/or Veggie Snack Time 10:15-11:20-- Math 11:25-11:55– Lunch/Recess 12:00-12:15-- Teacher Read-Aloud 12:15-1:20 – Daily Literacy Workshop 1:20- 1:35 – Afternoon Recess 1:40 -2:40– Science and/or Social Studies 2:45--Dismissal

11  I show respect to my school, myself and others  I follow directions when they are given  I demonstrate patience and self control  My work is neat, complete and on time  I follow safety rules Our classroom rules are easy to remember and easy to follow. We show respect, make good decisions, and solve problems. We look forward to a successful classroom and school year!

12  For minor disruptions, or off-task behaviors:  Signal social behavior error has been made  Restate/reteach appropriate behavior  Provide positive reinforce for next display of appropriate behavior.  For serious rule-violating behavior which disrupts teaching and learning, or puts students or others at risk of harm:  Signal social behavior error has been made  Restate/reteach appropriate behavior  Provide time in the planning center  Contact student’s parents  Direct/escort student to office/principal

13  You can always call the school to leave a message 360-665-4815  You can always email me at  Our BEE folders contain a calendar of special events, lunch menus, the weeks homework, newsletters, special announcements, etc…  We have a class website you can check anytime of the day… I will be posting assignments, pictures, projects, etc… 

14  I give homework on Mondays (or the first day of the week), and it will be due Friday.  Student who complete their homework will get to participate in Fun Friday!  Homework should not take longer than 30 minutes each night, and it will include at least 20 minutes of reading. Your child can read from a book, newspaper, magazine, recipe, etc… Read! Read! Read!  Homework is differentiated according to student needs. Students will have choices on spelling words, and subjects to research.

15  Excuses should be called in to the office on the day of your child’s absence.  It is your child’s responsibility to see me or a classmate as soon as they return to school to receive make up assignments and etc. Make up tests will only be given if the absence is excused.  I take role at 8:00 a.m. It is important to get your child to school on time!  Perfect attendance does result in a special reward.  It is important that your child attends school everyday to ensure they are learning as much as possible!

16  Hopefully, we will go on two field trips this year.  1 – Willapa Wildlife Refuge (May 2015)  2 – The 2 nd field trip is TBA and is still in the works  We will need about 5 parent volunteers for both trips.  Details for both trips will be sent home closer to the trip dates.

17  Shifts in ELA/Literacy  Read as much non-fiction as fiction  Learn more about the world by reading  Read more and challenging material closely  Discuss reading using evidence  Write non-fiction using evidence  Increase academic vocabulary  Shifts in Mathematics  Learn more in depth about fewer topics  Develop speed and accuracy  Really know it, really do it  Use real world math  Think fast AND solve problems

18  All schools in Washington State will require students to take the Smarter Balanced online assessment in Spring 2015  Fourth graders will be required to type their answers to questions.  We will be practicing keyboarding skills in class, and students will be producing written assignments on their Neos weekly.

19  Ocean Beach School District has adopted a K-12 Health and Wellness education program.  Fourth Grade is being taught the F.L.A.S.H. curriculum, which is designed to prepare young people to care about themselves, their family, and their community. It consists of lessons on such subjects as friendship, disability, feelings, families, sexual abuse prevention, anger, space, staying healthy, anatomy, babies, and pregnancy.  This is an opportunity for us all to work together to promote positive attitudes and behaviors. Students will be encouraged to discuss these issues at home.  Please feel free to look over the curriculum. If you have concerns, or would like to opt out, please let me or Mrs. Meinhardt know.

20  I am available to meet with you anytime between 7:00 and 7:40 as well as from 3:00 until about 5:00.  I can hold meetings during my planning time if an appointment is made ahead of time. My planning period is between 9:05 and 9:55.  I also can always communicate by phone and e-mail.

21  A little support goes a long way! Please volunteer and help your child succeed!

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