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Kristi Stender-Weessies Borgess Health & Fitness Center February 2013.

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1 Kristi Stender-Weessies Borgess Health & Fitness Center February 2013

2 What causes obesity? Too much sugar? Too much fat? Hormones in our milk and meat? Too much sedentary time? Too many meals away from home? The wrong mix of macronutrients?


4 Caloric Overconsumption Even if it doesn’t tell the whole story, it gives us a starting spot.

5 Food choice is not the same as intake volume decisions. Health Halos – like a get out of jail free cards for eating. When a person eats “healthy”, on average, they eat 34% more calories.

6 Who you eat with Plate size – people consume (on average) 92% of what is on their plate – smaller plates lead to smaller consumption Serving utensil size– nutrition experts served themselves 31% more when using a larger serving spoon Serving dish size – Those serving out of a gallon bowl served 53% more and ate 59% more than those serving out of 2 half gallon bowls.


8 Twenty years ago 500 Calories Today 850 Calories

9 Twenty years ago Coffee with milk and sugar 8 oz. 45 Calories Today Grande café mocha with whip and 2% milk 16 oz. 330 Calories

10 Twenty years ago 5 cups 270 Calories Today Tub 630 Calories

11 Twenty years ago 3 in. diameter 140 Calories Today Noah’s Plain Bagel 5-6 in. diameter 350 Calories

12 Twenty years ago 333 Calories Today 590 Calories

13 Original 8 oz. bottle 97 Calories 12 oz. can 145 Calories 20 oz. bottle 242 Calories

14 According to the National Soft Drink Association (NSDA), consumption of soft drinks is now over 600 12-ounce servings per person per year. Since the late 1970`s the soft drink consumption in the United States has doubled for females and tripled for males. The highest consumption is in the males between the ages of 12 - 29; they average 1/2 gallon a day or 160 gallons a year.

15 Mindless Eating – Brian Wansink Consider the Cupcake: run/2012/12/04/consider-the-cupcake-a-barometer-of-american-taste run/2012/12/04/consider-the-cupcake-a-barometer-of-american-taste Divine Caroline: Portions Sizes: Then vs. Now:

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