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Microwaves. Why do we love microwaves? Because they make us feel like this…

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1 Microwaves

2 Why do we love microwaves? Because they make us feel like this…

3 I Microwaves are attracted to fat, sugar, and water molecules.

4 a. Metal Like What?


6 The Megatron? No--Magnetron!

7 Which container cooks more evenly… ROUND or Why?!? Shallow containers cook more evenly because there is more surface area for the microwaves to touch.

8 Which container cooks more evenly… ROUND or Why?!? Because there are no corners, the microwaves enter the food from as many sides as possible. They wont “bounce off” the corners.

9 Waves are emitted from an opening in the metal case. Waves are then reflected off the sides and penetrate food in the process.

10  5.1-The microwave oven generates electromagnetic waves (called microwaves) which makes water move. This motion leads to friction, and friction leads to heating. Motion (or vibration) Friction Heat

11  This heat starts on the outside of the food and moves in.  5.2-The denser the food the longer it will take to cook. ◦ Water will heat faster than a burrito, because a burrito is more dense than water.

12 Microwave cooking time : The time the food needs to cook with microwave energy. Standing time : the time food continues to cook after the microwave has stopped. (think: hot pocket) If you don’t allow for standing time, you will overcook your food.

13 What increases the microwave standing and cooking time? The amount of food you are cooking.

14 Cooking foods evenly in a microwave 1. Stir2. Rotate3. Cover

15 Position Items 1” Apart 2 items 5 or more items4 items 3 items

16 A Turntable

17  Rotate dish(es) ¼ turn once or twice during cooking  Round shapes cook more evenly—corners have more energy passed through them and may overcook  High/tall foods close to the top also receive more energy

18 Cooking / Reheating Defrost and various power levels indicate the auto shutoffs at certain intervals Stir while cooking to prevent uneven cooking Cooking times will differ for every appliance as well as volume of food, size, and cooking utensil

19  Covering while microwaving evokes similar results from conventional cooking-steam is retained to tenderize food and shorten cooking time.  Shield some portions that are particularly sensitive to overcooking.

20 Covering foods… 1.Holds in moisture 2.Helps foods cook more evenly. 3.Prevents splattering. How many of you have ever done this? And then this?

21 And FYI… microwaves do NOT brown foods or give them a crisp crust. This is because they do not have a dry heat source.

22 To prevent burns… 2. Use potholders3. Direct steam away from body. 1. Use only microwave safe dishes

23 Use caution when cooking these foods in the microwave

24 Never _____________an empty microwave oven. Keep it ______with hot soapy_______. clean turn on water

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